I don't spend all my time here (even though I haven't been lately). I have other hobbies. One of them is making YouTube videos! Have any of you even seen them? I make classic Garry's Mod machinimas and some hilarious game walkthroughs! My best work: Scanner-Life! I'm actually making an episode right now as we speak! I could use some voices though, so if any of you are VAs and want to help, feel free to let me know! Otherwise, why not check them out? I even mentioned Big Jim's name multiple times on my I am Matthew Kane mini-series!

If you don't like hearing cuss words or not into gaming, then this isn't the place for you, but otherwise, I think you'll enjoy these! Feel free to check them out on MegaSean45! No spaces! :3 Lemme know whatcha think, and stay tuned for Scanner Life Movie - Part 36, as well as the Scanner-Livestream! Time and date: unknown. Not making a date yet cause Iunno when this is gonna be done.