FANMADE EG-bingomega

Spike singing: You KNOW I've been wanting this for a long time. It's no big surprise to you. :) Even though it's mostly dog Spike in Friendship Games, that doesn't mean he's not going to talk at all. Ah haaaaa! Clever one I am! Sound like Yoda I do! :3

Wonderbolts: Whether it's Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, or any other, it would be nice to see them finally! They don't need to speak, just appear.

Discord: To be honest, I'm surprised Discord hasn't appeared yet, nor mentioned. I have yet to know what he does in this universe. I have the feeling he's the janitor.

Flash Sentry having a better role: None of this "Brad" nonsense. His character shouldn't be wasted as Twilight's attraction. Let's have him do a better role than that. That one FG short he was in - Bannah Day; something like that!

Merry May human form: She's my favorite BG pony. They did Derpy and Vinyl in the first movie, then Bonnie, Octy, and Lyra in the second movie, and then Amethyst Star and Rose on Life is a Runway, there's no doubt they'll be adding more BG ponies in Canterlot High!

Cheese Sandwich human form: Because who WOULDN'T want this? ;) He doesn't have to have dialogue. Hey, he doesn't even have to physically appear! I'll even take a music video or a poster ad!

Pony version meets human version: This hasn't happened yet. It would be nice seeing Twilight meet Twilight or Sunset meet Sunset or something like that. Let's see how they'd react, it would probably be hilarious! XD

Song that's either jazz, polka, swing, or country: Haven't had these yet. They're some of my favorite genres. I mean rock is in here already, but we had rock alot. Had alot of pop too. Let's try something new!

Apple Fritter human form: She's another one of my favorite BG ponies! Be glad to see her whenever we have an Apple family reunion or something in an EG movie!

Zecora human form: Same as Discord's. Except... not being a janitor. Probably the school councilor or an eko-kid.

Mayor Mare human form: Yeah, ditto.

Babs Seed human form: Yeah, this is pretty much half of the bingo list.

Side character playing heroic role: Yeah I did this for the season 5 bingo list, because I'm hoping a character that's not a main character help save the day against the evils of disharmony at CHS! >:)

A Mane Six Pet that's not Angel and has to be alive: Angel's the only Mane Six pet to appear in EG, and even though Gummy appeared, he only appeared as a plushy, so I guess Pinkie doesn't really have a Gummy? Do the other Mane Six have pets? Does Twilight have her owl, does AppleJack have her dog, or Rarity her cat, or something?

All three CMCs have dialogue: It was only Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle that spoke in the first movie believe it or not, and only AB in the second movie. There gonna be a movie where all three of them talk? Maybe have more of a role than just being minor characters?

Granny Smith dialogue in movie: Grandma didn't speak in any of the movies, only the shorts.

Mr. Cake dialogue: Mrs. Cake spoke, I dunno what's wrong with Mr. Cake that makes him so mute?

BG human reference: Not really talking about Dr. Hooves, more like a BG human that references something else. We've been seeing alot of references in season 5, so yeah, something like that.

No ponies appear at all: So we know this and the human meeting their pony form won't be marked at the same time, but I wonder if there's gonna be any EG movie that has NO ponies, like... AT ALL. Not even a prologue.

Coco Pommel human form: I mean, if she has time. She's already going to appear in the MLP episode on the same day. :P

Another characters appears in the human world and is not human: So basically, this is saying, is there going to be another character that appears in Equestria and also appears in the human world but not as a human? Is it just gonna be Spike? I hope not. Seeing how the mirror works, it would seem all dragons turn into dogs when they're in the human world. Wouldn't hurt seeing dog Spike face other dogs that resembles Garble and them.

Each of the Mane Six has their own solo song: Yeah, Twilight had her own songs, and even Rainbow! No other Mane Six had their own songs. I could've sworn each Mane Six would have their own song in Rainbow Rocks, but that wasn't the case, and I was a bit disappointed at that. Let's see it change in the future!

Big Mac saying something other than "eeeyup" or "nnnope": This rule only applies to human Big Mac, not pony Big Mac.

CHS' location revealed: In which part of the world is CHS located in? I mean I know it's not in the Middle-East, and probably not Europe. It's gotta be either America or Canada. Probably Canada because that's where the show is made, plus Fluttershy says sorry alot so she's obviously Canadian.

Hope to get some of these marked in the next movie! This bingo is legit for every EG movie, not just the next one! However, in between movies, some of these might change, because I might commence a bingo reset. It depends though. Feel free to join me on this! Friendship Games is only a -inserts random Pinkie song here- away! :D