For the season 7 bingo list, check out: User blog:Mega Sean 45/Flare's MLP Season 7 Bingo (final draft)

Now the rules in this bingo are a little different. Obviously, these rules only apply for the Equestria Girls shorts this year, but what are the odds of having five in a row? So, this time, it's a bingo whenever 5 slots are filled at any position (free space not included). So if any five slots, or in this case six including the free space, it's a bingo! I'm only making it a little easier because these shorts aren't as long as a full season, but it's still going to be challenging, because the odds of having five slots filled with a bingo like this isn't excellent, but I might have a chance! Ok, let's get explaining the different slots, shall we?

FANMADE MLP-EG2016bingomega
  • Spike singing: Dog Spike never got a chance to sing yet. Now I doubt he'll sing in the EG movies, but with these shorts, it's possible! Now that he sung on the show, Spike will probably get to sing more often! So let's see if his dog counterpart will have a chance! I'll even include if it's only his mouth moving during a group musical number this time! Gotta be a real song though, not one of those fake sings like the Cloudsdale Anthem.
  • Wonderbolts: I don't mean the Canterlot Wondercolts, I mean the former students at this school possibly returning to a reunion if one of the shorts is like that! Any character that's a Wonderbolt in Equestria can count, whether it's Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Misty Fly, or even Fire Streak! No, none of the cadets count, and obviously, Rainbow Dash doesn't count! :P
  • Discord: Whether he's a graduated student, the janitor, the school board director, I really don't care what position he's in, he's gotta just appear in general for this slot to count. No, not a plushie of him, a real character.
  • Flash Sentry having a better part: Like him being something other than a plot toy to Twilight, like something that makes him not a Brad-like character. Remember in EG1 where Flash saved Twilight from the sabotage that Sunset created? He was useful at that time! Let's see something like that again!
  • Merry May: The odds of this happening are pretty slim, but what the heck? :3
  • Dazzlings return: I got the feeling that these gals are returning in one of the shorts! So this one is pretty likely to get filled!
  • Spike plays role in a short as useful as EG1: In Equestria Girls 1, Spike was the most useful in that one! Let's see Spike play a heroic role in one of the shorts! Maybe if we have a pet show kind of short, he and the rest of the pets might team up against the evil magic forces!
  • A Character in the Humane Five plays leading role in a short: Basically, I'd like to see these episodes have a member of the Humane Five play a leading role, whether it's Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and/or Rainbow. Sunset and Twilight play leading roles in all of the EG movies, so it would be nice having the Humane Five play the leading roles with Sunset and Twilight playing the super supportive roles! That would be nice to see!

Sorry, this of the bingo is pretty sloppy, I had limited space! :3

  • Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon dialogue: Neither one of these characters had the chance to talk in any of the movies, so how about a speaking cameo in one of the shorts? It could be either one, or both!
  • Zecora human form: Well, I don't care what form she's in really, but she just has to appear as a character in EG. I coulda sworn she would've appeared in Legend of Everfree!
  • Mayor Mare: I got a good feeling about her appearing in one of the shorts, depending on a city event happening at the school, or the school going to a city event!
  • Babs Seed: I'm just pushing my luck here, aren't I? :P
  • FREE HUGS: Free space! :3
  • Side character plays a heroic role: Doesn't have to be the main heroic role, but just plays a supportive enough role where they make a difference!
  • Mane Six pets: Any pet will do, except for Angel cause he appeared in nearly every EG movie, and can't be a plushie like that Gummy doll, and of course, Spike don't count either. Basically, I think the only chance of a Mane Six pet appearing is that if it's Opal or Winona.
  • All three CMCs have dialogue: They all talked in just EG1, and just Apple Bloom talked in EG2, then they just had a BG role in EG3, and haven't appeared at all in EG4! So they can't resort to any lower! :P At least one EG short, I'm sure we'll have the CMCs, or whatever crusaders they are appearing!
  • Granny Smith dialogue: She only talked in some of the EG shorts in Rainbow Rocks. Let's see her talk just once in one of these episodes!
  • Mr. Cake dialogue: Mrs. Cake got a chance to talk, but her husband hasn't in this universe.
  • BG human reference: Remember in the show we had alot of BG ponies make references to certain cultural figures we know in real life? Let's see an EG character do that! :D
  • Cinch returns: Pretty self-explanatory! She could come back, and tells the school board about strange disturbances in the school; she doesn't have to say the word "magic", but if she tells them that the school might be hiding something, the board might want to take a chance to investigate! That would be an interesting episode!
  • Coco Pommel: Do I have to explain this? :P
  • Another character from Equestria in non-human form: I don't wanna see Spike being the only non-human character from Equestria being in the EG universe. Let's see Garble and Ember as dogs! Make it happen! Pets who are pets in Equestria doesn't count in this slot.
  • Each Mane Six has their own solo song: Ok, it doesn't have to be all of them having a solo, just anyone that's not Twilight, Sunset, or Rainbow. This will count towards either Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and/or AJ.
  • Big Mac says something other than "eeyup" or "nnope": Pony Big Mac got a chance to talk in full sentences alot, but human Big Mac hasn't.
  • CHS location revealed: I doubt the country would be revealed, but let's just say the city's name. It's probably Canterlot, the city's name, but they haven't mentioned it in any of the movies, so if we hear it in a short, this slot will be filled!

Ok, so like I said, any five slots are filled, it's a bingo! Doesn't have to be in a row this time. That rule will only apply in the season 7 bingo! ;) If any of you want to join me, feel free to download this picture! It's all in good fhun! :D