For the season 7 bingo list, check out: User blog:Mega Sean 45/Flare's Equestria Girls Specials Bingo!

Another season, come and gone! I was able to get a bingo then, let's see if I can get a bingo this time! Rules are the same: five in a row is a bingo, free space gets marked right after the first slot is filled! I say it that way because so we don't have to waste a file name by just crossing out the free space. ;) I posted this bingo on a different post before, but I made just a couple changes. I'll mention it below!

FANMADE MLP-Season7bingomega1
  • Sassy Saddles: It's been a while since we seen her! Let's see how she's doing in the Canterlot Boutique! Bonus points if she interacts with Coco Pommel! :D
  • Daring Do: The Movie: Now usually the Daring Do episodes only happen every two seasons, so perhaps I should've added this in next season's bingo. But who knows? We might get lucky this time! I'd like to see how Rainbow, Twilight, and the other Daring Do fans react on a Daring Do film! Now that the Daring Do Movie might appear in one of the EG episodes this year, this one gets replaced by the one down below.
  • Spike befriending ANOTHER non-pony, or his destiny is revealed or hinted: I know the bingo says "ambassador" destiny, but any destiny will do! But then again, if Spike befriends ANOTHER non-pony species to help Equestria gain an alliance with them, it'll count as this bingo too!
  • Spike singing again, but this time with someone: I really enjoyed Spike's singing this season! I know not everyone did, but he still has a chance! Everybody seemed to enjoy his Jolly Ol St. Nick song, so I say he has the makings of making an awesome song this incoming season! Only this time, he has to sing with somebody, and there's a catch: it can't be Twilight! :3 But since there's only 5 songs this season, Spike singing PERIOD will mark this bingo slot!
  • Spike's origin revealed: I think it's about time we seen this! Now that Spike is in good terms with the Dragon's leader, Ember can help him find out where he's from!
  • Zecora's backstory: This slot hasn't changed. I still wanna see this! Whether it's just mentioned, or just going to the Zebra lands, this slot will be filled!
  • Any Florida city mentioned in pony: Since the odds of Mareami being mentioned are pretty slim, I'll say any Florida city will do! Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Laudadale, Tallahassee, etc.
  • Sweetie Belle and/or Scootaloo episode: Apple Bloom's been hogging the spotlight for too long. Now I don't wish for not an episode for AB, but Sweetie and Scoots deserve episodes too to themselves.
  • Scootaloo learning how to fly and/or meeting another flightless pegasus: Either or will do! Either Scoots learns to fly, or she meets another flightless pegasus. I don't want Scoots to be the only pegasus not capable of flight.
  • Pinkie and Fluttershy episode: Buckball Season was okay, but it also had AJ and Rainbow in it as well. Let's see a Pinkie and Fluttershy episode with them by themselves, like a map episode for example!
  • Spike sharing an episode with Rainbow, Starlight, CMCs, and/or Fluttershy: Spike has too many episodes with Twilight, and he had a couple with Rarity, one with AJ, and even though he didn't have any with Pinkie, they did interact alot. I just wanna see episodes focusing on Spike's relationship with mostly Starlight or the CMCs, but as a nod to the series premiere, it wouldn't hurt seeing an episode with him and Fluttershy! Rainbow, not too thrilled, but I'll count it.
  • Cheese Sandwich and/or Rara: Originally, both were bingo slots! Now, I'm just gonna do one or the other so the bingo will be a little bit easier.
  • Scorpan appearing physically: I dunno if it's happening this season or not, but please let it happen in a future season! I really wanna see Scorpan in person! I wanna know how he feels about abandoning Tirek. He knew what he had to do, but was he proud of it? Bonus points if he becomes close friends with Spike, as a nod to G1!
  • Merry May dialogue: Nope, I'm not giving up! Focused shot and talking! Just one time!
  • Meet the Manehattan CMCs: THIS, I want this the most this season! Babs Seed is loooooong overdo with another appearance, and I really wanna meet the Manehattan CMCs! This has got to happen this season! Please! I've been wanting this since season 4! XD
  • Ember returns: Obviously, if Spike is going to look for his origins, he'll need Ember's help! But just Ember appearing will satisfy me! I'm sure we'll be seeing her again! Bonus points for Spike and Ember duet, and more bonus points if Ember hugs Spike back! :D
  • Mr. Cake appears without Mrs. Cake: So many episodes we seen them together, and alot more we seen Mrs. Cake by herself, but never Mr. Cake by himself.
  • Lightning Dust returns: What's she been up to since Wonderbolts Academy? Hmmm. Bonus points if she returns with Wind Rider!
  • An episode that teaches me a good friendship moral: This has been ongoing since my first bingo in season 5! We come to the show for the friendship lessons! Let's see if the writers have any that I might have either forgotten about, or never knew.
  • Celestia episode, or a royal sisters episode: Either way, Celestia needs a bigger role. NO, I don't mean bigger physically, LARSON! :P
  • Spike gives up on his crush on Rarity: Face it, this crush ain't going anywhere. I wanna see Spike get tired of her. I mean, they're still friends, obviously! I just mean, maybe Spike should move on, and be immune to Rarity's charms, so she doesn't have to get him to do stuff he doesn't want to do.
  • Discord and Zephyr Breeze meet: Prepare for trouble... make it double! >:)
  • Wind Rider returns: Same as Lightning Dust!
  • Snips having a chance to shine: Snails got a chance to shine in Buckball Season! How about we get Snips a chance to prove himself? :D
  • Twilight sharing an episode with either AJ or Rarity: Twilight has never shared an episode with just Rarity, or just AJ. I wanna see her relationship with them on an individual level!

Ok, so that's the bingo! Looks easy enough! I should've added "No Rarity/AJ episode", and maybe I should've put Lightning and Wind Rider's slots together, but oh well, the bingo has been made. I ain't changing it again. The only bingo slot I deleted from the original season 7 bingo was Little Strongheart returning. I do love it, don't get me wrong! But I can live without seeing her again, since I feel closure with her. These characters that I really want to return (other than Rara and Cheese), I feel like they haven't had a fair closure, and need to return.

So feel free to join me! Go ahead and download the bingo slot, and I'll see y'all at season 7! :D