I hope this blog post doesn't cover over Opinion on Cutie Re-Mark. Check it out if you haven't yet! :D Anyways, I know it's too soon, and season 6 ain't coming for another 8 to 10 months, but I really felt that I should get started it on it! This is the bingo I'm going to be using next season! Some of them seem familiar, but some are also different! I took out some of the bingo slots I successfully got last season, but I also got rid of some that I find not so useful, and I also left some that I really want, and I also left a couple that I got last season that I wanna see again.

Here it is:

FANMADE MLP-Season6bingomega1

Babs dialogue: Well I got what I wanted last season. Babs has appeared, both in photos and waaaaaay in the distance. I guess I should've been more specific. XD We need another episode where Babs actually appears in focus, and talks. Let's see her reaction after she notices her friends' new cutie marks. ;) Let's see how jealous she'll be knowing that her cutie mark looks nothing like that. Ooooo that won't end well. Anyways, I miss Babs. It would be nice seeing her again.

Apple Fritter dialogue or mention: Apple Fritter is an interesting BG pony! She doesn't appear often, but she has been notified of her existence here and there. I think alongside Sweetie Drops, she might be a secret agent. Probably a partner. I just have that feeling. Anyways, it would be nice to see her have dialogue. If not dialogue, then maybe just mentioned by name. Along side Merry May, Apple Fritter is one of my favorite BG ponies!

Spike real musical number: Yeah, I don't think I need to explain too much of this one. This bingo was part of the season 5 bingo. There was no Spike song last season, and in season 4 there was that Cloudsdale Anthem attempt that didn't even count as a real song. So now I'm still waiting for one to appear on the show. Hey be lucky Jolly Ol' St. Nick made me satisfied for this season. It didn't stop me from exploding, it just delayed the timing. >:)

Cheerilee episode: Big Mac had another episode this season, and quite frankly, I haven't seen Cheerliee do much lately. She needs some character development. She's just like Spike (and kinda Zecora, but the season 5 finale kinda fixed that) - she lacks character development. I'd like to see an episode starring her again. Maybe something like Cheerilee is getting overworked and tired, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders want to help her fix that. I don't really care what the episode is about. I just want to see an episode starring her.

Zecora's backstory: Another bingo slot from last bingo that didn't get picked and I still want to happen. We barely know who Zecora is other than someone to go to for help. Is that all Zecora is to ponies? Someone go to for help? Why doesn't anyone go over there just to say hi? Zecora deserves friends too. She's so alone in Everfree Forest with nothing but her memories of home. She needs her own episode.

Mareami mentioned: If you know me well, you know how I feel about Mareami. You see, I live near that city and it's barely used. The only thing Florida related in MLP is Whinny World, but that isn't even canon. I can accept Mareami being used in a comic, but until then, I'm keeping this slot in case it does happen. Mareami could still exist but just doesn't appear on the map. Trottingham doesn't appear on the map, and a bunch of other Equestria towns. It's still possible.

Pinkie Pie and Rarity episode: Another slot I kept from last season. These two still need to appear in an episode together. It'll be hilarious!

Side character saves the day: Something from last bingo that was filled in, but I wanted to use it again. Any side character will do, whether it's the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Big McIntosh, Cheerilee, Mr. or Mrs. Cake, Zecora, any of the school ponies, etc. and they have to save Equestria, not just one little location like Sweet Apple Acres.

Pinkie and Fluttershy episode: These two also need an episode together. Twilight and Rarity should also have an episode together, but I didn't put that in yet. I couldn't find room.

Spike episode along with another main character that's not Twilight or Rarity: Spike had way too many episodes with Twilight and Rarity. We know the relationship between them pretty well. I wanna see Spike with another Mane Six character. I know Applejack was used already, but I'll still count that. What I really wanna see is Spike with Fluttershy! That might be an interesting episode! I'll also count Spike with the Cutie Mark Crusaders to fill this bingo if that happens. Spike with Princess Cadance, however, won't count though, cause that already happened twice.

Cheese Sandwich: This one is self explanatory. XD

Rara returns: I loved Rara! She should come back again! <3 I'll give bonus points if Rara and Cheese Sandwich both appear in the same episode! Wait, there's a point system?

Free hugs: Huggles! :3

Merry May dialogue: If you know me well, you know Merry May is my favorite BG pony! If she finally has dialogue, even for a second, I'll be jumping with joy! Oh, but the dialogue has to be noticable. The dialogue cannot blend in with a crowd like in Griffon the Brush Off and The Mane Attraction, it has to be heard fully by herself.

Rainbow Dash becomes a Wonderbolt: Ok, for realsies, why hasn't Rainbow become a Wonderbolt yet? Really, why? She saved the Wonderbolts' lives in Cloudsdale, she shows Spitfire that she has awesome leadership skills and never wants to give up, she showed her soldiering skills quite useful in the Wonderbolts Academy and she even taught Spitfire a lesson, she taught Spitfire and Fleetfoot a lesson in loyalty at Rainbow Falls, and let's not forget being a useful backup flyer and being respectful to those who don't respect her back. I'm dead serious, brahs! She should've been a Wonderbolt a long time ago! It's About Time she officially becomes one.

Trixie returns: It's been a while since we seen her. I mean actually seen her. I don't mean a far away BG appearance or a human appearance. I want to see pony Trixie back, and play a part in the episode.

A Spike episode where he doesn't mess things up: Yeah, this is self-explanatory too. I wanna see Spike have the upper hand on his future episodes. Let's see him teach others some friendship lessons. I mean, c'mon! He watches Twilight do it all the time! He can do it! It's the character development he needs! It'll make him a more lovable character towards the fandom!

BG pony references of content I know and like: Ok, I did a BG pony reference thing on the last bingo, but I'm going to make this a bit harder. Now I want BG pony references of content that I've seen before, and I also like. I'll know it when I see it. If you've seen me how I worked the season 5 bingo, you'd know I don't cheat. I'm quite specific every time I fill in a spot.

An episode that teaches me a good friendship moral: Every season there's always that one episode that teaches me a lesson on friendship! Season 1 did the best job at it! Let's see them do it again this season! :D

Princess Celestia episode: Last season I asked for Princess Celestia learning a lesson on friendship, but how is that going to happen if she doesn't have her own episode? Let's see Celestia actually have her own episode! We've seen Luna had like two episodes on her own. Celestia didn't have any. Let's see how Celestia is and prove that she's not perfect. ;) It would give her so much more character!

Spike no longer has a crush on Rarity: If by any chance Spike does have an episode with Rarity again, let it be the last. I wanna see Spike have the upper hand for once. I want Spike to realize that Rarity is not interested in him. They are friends, yes, but there are also times when Rarity takes advantage over Spike's generosity. Asking him to do chores and whatnot. I know Spike doesn't mind but I feel bad for the little guy. If by any chance there is an episode where he's no longer interested in Rarity, let Spike be the one to get tired of her by himself, and not Rarity confessing the truth to him.

Shining Armor and Big McIntosh interact: I wanted to recycle this picture, and for a while I've been wanting these two to interact. I would've thought Brotherhooves Social was going to be a Shining vs. Big Mac episode, but I guess not. I'd like to see how these two would meet.

Two recurring antagonists or former antagonists meeting: Just like how the rule was last season. Both of the antagonists have to have had an antagonizing role in a past episode. It can't be an old antagonist and a new antagonist. Although if it's a current antagonist meeting a former antagonist, then that rule applies. Both antagonists also have to be interacting.

Snips and Snails have dialogue: Ok, they're obviously not going to be helpful, but I miss them being their goofball like selves. Let's see them do it again next season! (Note: this slot may be replaced with a Twilight and Rarity episode slot later on before the season begins.)

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and/or Spike story-arc: By story-arc, I mean something that causes their lives to change. Twilight is a princess, has a castle, and is now Starlight Glimmer's teacher, she has the most changes in her life. Rarity now has a boutique in Canterlot, Rainbow Dash is slowly becoming a Wonderbolt, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally have their cutie marks. Now let's see Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Spike have episodes that cause their lives to change dramatically. No, Spike moving into a new castle doesn't count because the castle is more of an impact on Twilight's life than Spike's. The castle is just a new home to him. And no, the map doesn't count for the Mane Six either. It has to be something changing in their personal lives - something they really want. Get what I'm saying?

Anyways, that's the bingo for next season! It's a little more difficult than last bingo, but knowing the MLP staff - ha ha ha, no problemo! Now this bingo isn't final. I might change it before the season starts. The rule is: I cannot change the bingo board once the season starts, and I can only mark bingo slots once an episode that confirms that has aired. Don't worry, I'm fair when it comes to this. Feel free to join me! I know User:Cutie Mark Crusader Craver will! ;)