Flare Gun

Flare Gun is my OC. He's just an average everyday unicorn that owns a pizza shop. But what everypony has to know is that he's no ordinary pony. He's no mary-sue, but he is epic in his own way. Flare is from the town of Mareami (the pony version of Miami), a very sunny city with beautiful beaches, neon lights, stores, restaurants, theme parks, swamps, and the Lunar Space Center. Flare's cutie mark is a computer mouse. He started playing on the computer when he was young and got it by playing video games. Flare loves video games. He owns a P-BOX 360, and lots of other video games systems. Ponies usually don't wear clothes, but in Mareami they usually like to be in style. Flare uses slangs alot. He usually calls the colts 'brah', and the mares 'sister'. He usually likes to talk in 1337 speak too. When something's funny, he says 'LOLOLOL', 'LOL', 'ROFL', 'ROFLMAO', etc. and says BRB for 'Be right back', and all those others. He even likes to say his emotions like 'happy face', 'sad face', 'angry face', 'forty-five degree angle mouth face', etc. Flare is very friendly, and loves helping others. If he offends somepony, he gets offended himself, if he's ignored it's an insult to him, but usually it takes alot to annoy him. Flare knows alot of cool magics, most of them are there because they're funny. His first spell was the flare spell, then came the water squirted that his sister Water Gun taught him, there's Psychokinesis of course, and there's hornsaber. Hornsaber is like a glowing sword on his horn, except it doesn't cut or slice, it's more like a glowing baseball bat. And there's Flare's favorite spell: the SHOOP DA WHOOP! It's a giant laser that can break through anything that's not as powerful as metal. It can't really hurt ponies, but it can stun them for a few minutes, it also needs a couple of minutes to recharge before firing it again. While Flare was in Ponyville he also learned several other spells. Most of them is what Twilight taught him, and some he learned by himself, like the bubble shield, and the blaster, and the railshot, and his second favorite: Armor Lock.

While Flare was living in Mareami, he was picked on, and ignored. The only friends he ever had was the Mare in the Moon, and his fish. Ever since Flare was in his pre-teens, he went to the beach at night alone, and talked to the Mare in the Moon. He told her his secrets, some walkthroughs from games, how his day was, or even sang a song. He's been a fan of Princess Luna ever since, even if she was Nightmare Moon. His other true friends were his fish. Darrel, Pearl, Rainbow, Dorthey, Yoyo, and Piddles. Darrel is a black molly that swims to anypony that comes near the tank, and he's always the happy one. Pearl is a white molly that's the prettiest in the tank, likes to pose, and make sure the tank stays clean. Rainbow is a rainbow fish, and the leader of the tank, and usually likes to be left alone. Dorthey is another rainbow fish who's slightly smaller than Rainbow, she attempts to splash anypony near the fish tank if the lid is opened, and usually likes to stick with Rainbow. Yoyo is a yoyo loach that never stops searching for food, unless he's sleeping. Piddles is an albino catfish that loves to sleep, and chase his reflection. Other than them and his family, nopony really cared much for Flare. Soon he couldn't take anymore of the stress, so he left Mareami and moved to Ponyville. He started getting lots of friends pretty fast.

While he was moving to Ponyville, he had a trailer with him with all his stuff, including his video games, and his fish. Flare wasn't used to a town that didn't have much technology, so he introduced pretty advanced stuff. Flare has a great relationship with the Mane Six. Twilight thinks of Flare as some friendly outsider that knows magic like her. Pinkie Pie thinks of Flare as a super fun pony to hang with. Rainbow Dash thinks of Flare as some weird but friendly pony, sometimes is annoyed by she likes him. Fluttershy really likes Flare, because she suffered the same problems as he did in the past. Rarity thinks of Flare as a really stylish pony. Flare got along with Spike pretty well too. In fact, him and Spike are bros 4 life he says. Flare feels bad that the Mane Six don't include Spike in all their events, and he plays video games and does stuff with him all the time. Bon Bon and Lyra are Flare's employees. They get along with him well, but when Bonnie and Lyra fought, they started to feel something for Flare when he was supporting them. The crush continued until Flare bought them back together. Derpy also works for Flare as a pizza delivery mare as her second job. Flare has a big connection with Princess Luna. Flare supported Luna at times she needed it most, and even stayed up late so he can talk to her, so she wouldn't feel lonely anymore.

During the time when Flare was in Ponyville he also made friends with other OCs. Red Engineer is an orange pony with the same outfit as the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, and is in fact the same as him, except he's a pony. Crystal Iceblast is a pegasus pony with ice powers. Blaze Goldheart is a member of the Wonderbolts, and is half-pony, half-dragon, with phoenix powers and is very loyal. Psyche is an astronomer that studies space, and is very friendly but has a foal temper. And Aquatic Armor is a unicorn that knows how to control water very well, and is very sensitive. The six of them made a group known as the Noble Six. If the Mane Six isn't around to save the day, the Noble Six will be there to take over, and keep the peace.

Flare opened up a restaurant known as Flare's Pizza Parlor. The princesses say that it's the best pizza in Equestria. Flare works there along with Bon Bon, Lyra, Derpy, and eventually Spike. Flare sells pizzas, salads, soups, and pastas at the shop. it's pretty popular, so popular a pizza shop in Canterlot went out of business because of it. Even though Flare was actually unaware of it, and felt bad.

Flare's personality is random at times. He tries to be silly, but friendly. Sometimes he acts weird, like when the ponies in Canterlot kept calling him a child, he started acting like one, and even went to school. Flare usually likes to make ridiculous puns, and just can't stop joking around, he's almost never serious. Sometimes when someone is being too serious, he says; "Why so serious?" Flare sometimes teases but isn't aware if they're offensive, or if the other ponies don't get it. When Flare called Big Macintosh 'A Big Mac with fries on the side', he didn't get it. Sometimes Flare doesn't know when to stop, even when he's in danger, like he kept being smart with Queen Chrysalis during the royal wedding.

Flare had many adventures, like finding treasures, being Jeff Gorspeed's crew chief, and even fighting Changelings at Canterlot. Flare just doesn't know what to expect next. Flare is happy in Ponyville now, and soon he'll be greater than anypony could ever imagine, so he says.

Flare isn't an inappropriate pony, he's very entertaining, and child-friendly. But if there are things that might need changing on him if he's decided to be on the main show if Hasbro decides to add OCs on it, then the 1337 speak will go, and some of the copyrighted stuff like SHOOP DA WHOOP. But it ain't really likely if he's gonna appear, but I'm just saying if he does, the odds are pretty slim. And if the computer cutie mark isn't acceptable, then change it into a pizza, or pizza box or something. At least add Mareami to the main show, and pizza.

For a complete story on Flare, here's the fanfic he's in: Friendship is Epic