Imperfect inspired me to make my own wishlist for things I'd like to see in Friends Forever. If you haven't seen his yet, please do! It's awesome! Anyways, if you don't know what My Little Pony: Friends Forever is, it's about how two unlikely pairs of characters end up working together to solve a friendship problem of their own. Here's my own:

  • Cheese Sandwich and Coloratura: When Cheese Sandwich and Rara are both chosen to sing for a Vanhoover fundraiser, ponies start to argue on who's music is better.
  • Sassy Saddles and Coco Pommel: Rarity needs help for the biggest order of her life, so she calls in two of her friends in fashion to assist her. However, when Rarity gets the Pony Flu, the two of them have to rely on making the order themselves.
  • Big McIntosh and Shining Armor: When Ponyville has the first ever Brotherhooves Social, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle try their hardest to prove they have the best brothers. But when they push their brothers to the limit, Big Mac and Shining become too tired to go continue on, but at the same time, they're too afraid to tell their sisters the truth, thinking it would hurt them.
  • Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders: When the CMCs find out Spike never had a real childhood, they try to help him feel like a real kid. Although, the CMCs had no clue on how much responsibilities Spike actually had.
  • Discord and Starlight Glimmer: Discord gets jealous when he finds out Starlight is also a reformed pony, but Twilight and her friends pay more attention to her than to him, so to make himself feel special, Discord tries to make Starlight evil again. Although, the spell gets backfired on the Mane Six, so now Discord and Starlight both have to do what the Mane Six taught them to break the curse.
  • Snips and Snails: When Snips and Snails are getting tired of ponies not taking them seriously, and only think of them as dimwitted idiots, they both think the other is holding them back.

I might think of more later. If I do, I'll add them in. What do y'all think?