Been watching MLP for a long time, and I've been thinking of some episodes that the writers I think have to make before they cancel it. First off, I got a couple of CMC episodes in mind, because to me, CMC episodes are pretty easy to think of.

First off, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have a huge fight, and they decide to go their separate ways, but the truth is, Silver Spoon never wanted to be a bully, she was only trying to not be lonely, so she befriends the CMCs, but Diamond Tiara realizes how much she is lonely, so she asks the CMCs for help. The rest will be up to the writers.

Next CMC episode is, Applejack and Rarity take the CMCs and themselves to Manehatten to visit Babs Seed, and see how her personal life is. I don't really know of a type of friendship lesson should be made in here. I suppose it would have something to do with Bab's bullies, but I guess the writers will have to decide that if they use this idea. Now, I know a writer said Babs will come back, but later on another writer said she won't, and most of you are thinking she won't, but writers like to kid around, either that or she might come back still regardless, like they brought back Derpy.

Next CMC episode is, Cheerilee has been living a busy life, and has no fun in her life anymore, so the CMCs decide to help her unleash her wild side like what she did in the 80s, it gets a little carried away though, but I suppose you'd know how it turns out. Cheerilee didn't really have any appearances in Season 3, other than a couple of cameos, so she deserves her own episode.

Alright, now I got only a couple of Mane Six episode ideas. Flim-Flam brothers return to get revenge on the Apple Family, and try to run them out of business by making a big apple company near Ponyville, but I don't really know of a friendship lesson for this though, but the writers are pretty creative.

An episode for Twilight. After the attack of Canterlot, the changelings have been trying to gain love in order to survive, but now everypony is on to their tricks, and their kingdom is dying, so Twilight has to find a way to help them, without putting all of Equestria at risk; like helping find an alternative food source for the changelings. The rest of the Mane Six ideas I have aren't really worth talking about. I'm only saying the episodes that are most likely to happen.

I thought of a few episodes for Spike, but I only have a couple worth talking about. Spike has been Twilight's assistant for a very long time, but do you think he might need a life? He can't be there for Twilight forever, he needs his own friends. He does hang with the Mane Six alot, but maybe friends his own age. Plus, there are adventures that the Mane Six do without him, and how do you think he feels about that? For example: Spike was left out during the Sonic Rainboom event, the cake trip in the Mystery Express episode, visiting Rainbow Dash at Wonderbolts Academy, Gummy's birthday party in Party of One, not getting what he desired at Best Night Ever, he wasn't invited to the Crystal Empire for the welcoming this in Just for Sidekicks, and he complained about not going, even though he helped Princess Cadance save her precious empire, and this is how she thanks him? and the most important one: he wasn't invited to Twilight's party in Sweet and Elite, and THAT was pretty questioning! Why didn't she invite Spike? He didn't want to go? I don't think that's the case, because Rarity was at Canterlot, and this is TWILIGHT'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! He should've gone! So this episode will explain how lonely he really is, and maybe he's deciding that he should also meet more ponies to hang with, but he thinks they don't want to hang with him. I mean, he is a dragon, but after Dragon Quest, he feels more pony than ever, so how do you think he feels about all this? So they should make an episode like that.

Another Spike episode, he needs another heroic moment, and gets appreciated for it, unlike the Season 3 premiere. Only Twilight and Celestia actually congratulated him. Everypony else just congratulated Twilight! So I was thinking, maybe after Shining Armor and Cadance's foal Princess Skyla gets kidnapped, maybe he's the one that should save her when the Mane Six run into trouble? I dunno, it's the best I can come up with.

Now I have one episode for Zecora, it should discuss her backstory, and maybe we can meet her relatives, and know where's she's actually from.

Alright, that's the episodes. Now there's content I wanna see or hear in the future seasons.

  • 1. Big Mac and Shining Armor should have a hoof-wrestle! I wanna see who's the better brother!
  • 2. Spike and the CMCs socialize more. Spike needs to hang with his own age ponies, and the CMCs are a good start.
  • 3. Another zebra character.
  • 4. Another dragon sidekick to another pony / unicorn student.
  • 5. Lightning Dust and Gilda uniting to get revenge on Rainbow Dash.
  • 6. The ponified version of Miami, 'Mareami', gets mentioned at least once! I'd love that city to be canon. Just mentioned is find by me!
  • 7. RD's, Fluttershy's, and / or Scootaloo's parents / family being revealed, or at least their fate.
  • 8. Discord and Trixie having some supportive appearances, supporting the characters.
  • 9. King Sombra returns from the dead.
  • 10. Pizza being canon.
  • 11. Gummy growing up, or at least new teeth.
  • 12. More background ponies that make references to certain TV shows or movies. Like I've been thinking of a yellow pony, with a red mane and red shirt, is overweight, and has a honey pot for a cutie mark. Know who I'm talking about?
  • 13. Diamond Tiara hugging Apple Bloom.

Alright, I think that's pretty much all I can think of for now that are more likely to happen in the show then anything else I can think of. Tell me what you think of them, and I'd love to hear your ideas for the show as well!