Thunderlane: Rumble, while you were out at school today, Flitter and I... we ate your Nightmare Night candy.
Rumble: What?
Thunderlane: I ate it. (shows Rumble an empty basket)
Rumble: No, you... you... you're a monster! (breaks down crying) I hope they send you to Tartaraus, you monster!
Rarity: Hey, Sweetie Belle. I hope you're not too upset, but I ate your Nightmare Night candy.
Sweetie Belle: (begins to tear up)
Rarity: I'm so sorry, darling!
Sweetie Belle: (sniffles) It's okay.
Rarity: You're... you're okay with it?
Sweetie Belle: Yeah... (sniffles) ...because you're going to ruin your figure over all the weight you gain!
Rarity: WHAT?!
Rainbow Dash: I hope this doesn't ruin my image, but... I ate all of your Nightmare Night, Scoots.
Scootaloo: (looks at her mischievously) Good! I took yours too! Even the little gummy phoenixes you like so much!
Rainbow Dash: Good, cause I ate your Peanut Butter Chocolates that you like so much!
Scootaloo: Good! Because I ate your cider caps!
Rainbow Dash: Nooooo! Scoots!
Apple Bloom: Oh Applejack!
Applejack: What's going on, Apple Bloom? Why do you have a video camera?
Apple Bloom: Ah just wanted to let you know, that Big Mac and ah, we ate all your Nightmare Night candy!
Applejack: No, you're jokin'!
Apple Bloom: It's no joke! Ain't that right, Big Mac?
Big Mac: Eeyup!
Applejack: (she inhales, then exhales) Ah'm not sad. Ah'm not mad either. Just... give me a minute. (whimpers) Excuse me for a second. (runs off)
(Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are already crying)
Pinkie Pie: I am so sorry, my friends! I just couldn't help myself! Please don't hate me for this!
Mr. Cake: Uh, Pinkie Pie? You weren't actually supposed to eat their candy.
Pinkie Pie: What do you mean?
Mr. Cake: You were supposed to joke with them, and then tell them you were kidding, and then give it back to them.
Pinkie Pie: Ooooooh! (burps) Woopsy-doopsy! I can get them back! Do you have a wooden stick anyway?
Twilight Sparkle: Last night, after you went to bed, Starlight and I were hungry, and we were only in the mood for candy, so we ate all of your Nightmare Night candy!
Spike: (glares) Are you seriously pulling that Jimmy Kimmel nonsense on me, Twilight?
(Princess Cadance and Shining Armor stand outside Flurry Heart's bedroom door, noticing her destroying the castle from the inside)
Princess Cadance: What were you thinking, Shining Armor?! You can't just joke around with an alicorn baby like that!
Shining Armor: It was a harmless prank, honey! The candy was even under her crib! I was going to give it right back to her before she started destroying everything!