Somebody on the MLP Forums was asking us what do we expect the season 6 finale to be, and I gave them this answer pretty much. I've actually been thinking about it lately, probably a little too hard!

Yeah, like, this how I think it's gonna go down: I expect the Changelings to attack the Crystal Empire along with an alliance with other evil creatures, the Mane Six want to try to reason with them, and Twilight doesn't want Starlight to come because Twilight thinks she would go straight to the battle without even reasoning. So the Mane Six and the princesses and an army of Royal guards go to the empire without her, but Spike offers to stay behind cause he feels bad for her.

In the Mane Six's side of things, negotiations don't go well anyway, so of course they get captured and this is when they realize Queen Chrysalis has sided with other other creatures, so everypony gets incapacitated. Chrysalis plans to drain the crystal heart, and the love within Flurry Heart.

In Starlight and Spike's side of things, Starlight starts to feel betrayed because she thinks Twilight doesn't trust her enough to handle negotiations as well, saying she's not yet ready for that kind of commitment. Spike tries to tell her that this isn't Twilight's intention to hurt her like that; so Starlight thinks about running away, but Spike tries to stop her, and Starlight thinks he's only saying that because that's what Twilight might want, but he says no that's not true, he's stopping her cause HE needs her. Saying he's never had a friend he's had more in common with, like putting others in risk for their own selfish benefits.

So after a tearworthy, personal conversation, Starlight decides to stay, but not just that, she gets an idea of the both of them getting together with the friends they made this season, like Trixie, Ember, and Spike's changeling friend (who's already in the empire at the time, disguised as Flurry Heart to trick Chrysalis), along with Sunburst who actually returns to the castle to tell Starlight what has happened in the empire, so them along with an army of dragons try to take back control of the empire! Twilight and the Mane Six join in to help out. When Chrysalis finds out her side is losing, desperate times called for desperate measures, so she immediately decides to completely drain Flurry Heart's magic, but of course this Flurry Heart is the good changeling! Chrysalis gets super-mad so she decides to punish him by using her magic on him; until Spike steps in the way and pushes him aside, causing Chrysalis' magic to hit him instead, and then Spike gets completely vaporized! Ooooo, can this happen in a kid's show? Only if it's a trick, it can! ;) Turns out Spike just got teleported to the captured princesses inside the castle. The only one not trapped is the real Flurry Heart, so she was pretty much their only hope of finding out so they can get rescued, but of course Shining and Cadance would disagree at first, but realize they have no choice.

Everypony else outside feel sorrow since they thought Spike was gone for good. Twilight breaks down in tears, Rarity faints, and Starlight becomes enraged! Her magic becomes stronger with her anger, so she starts having an epic battle with Chrysalis! The Mane Six decide to join in the battle again, but after seeing Flurry Heart, Pinkie realizes Flurry is trying to tell them where the others are captured (since Pinkie speaks baby it seems ;) ). So Twilight sends the Mane Five to rescue them, while she tries to stop Starlight from overusing her magic. When Chrysalis gets struck down by Starlight, she wants to end her once and for all, but Twilight comes to save the day. Twilight's last friendship lesson to Starlight: the loss of a friend doesn't mean she should let her emotions take control of her to things she might regret later, much like a reference to the season 5 finale! That's when Starlight decides to stop, and the suddenly free princesses and royal guards come to arrest Chrysalis, and the remaining changelings and evil creatures in the empire that did not flee or decide to join the ponies against Chrysalis.

After a personal tearful moment with Twilight and Starlight after they thought they lost Spike, he shows up which makes them feel so relieved! Starlight gets concerned to what her next friendship lesson might be, but it turns out there was nothing more Twilight could teach her. She already showed true friendship, and knows she could use her magic for good now! Starlight wonders what's next for her then, but luckily Trixie was around to offer her a full-time job as her assistant, and perhaps teach her what Twilight has taught her! Twilight knows that she made a big impact in Equestria, because now everypony is asking for friendship lessons! Which leads to season 7! ;) Of course Starlight will return with her own episodes, much like Discord is now!

Wow, I had no clue I was typing down a whole story! XD Well this is sometimes what I do in my freetime, think about the future of MLP, or the future of other shows and games I like! ^_^