This is just starring episodes, not episodes they're going to appear in total this season, cause that's gonna be hard to guess! So 26 episodes, we got Twilight episodes, Applejack episodes, Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Starlight, Spike, the CMCs, Discord, and of course that one Celestia episode we all crave! Including duet episodes, how many episodes do think we're gonna get this season for each character?

Now of course we got the premiere and finale, which I believe Twilight's gonna have the leading role again in them, plus three episodes for her this season, one by herself, two with another Mane Six - hoping for one for AJ and one for Rarity, cause Twilight hasn't had an episode with JUST Rarity or JUST Applejack yet. I'm guessing her map episode might be with Rarity this season, but that's just me. I'd like to see those two go on a map adventure!

Applejack, I think she might have three episodes this season, one with her family, and two with another Mane Six. One with Twilight, like I mentioned above, and maybe a map one with Rainbow. Hopefully all her episodes will be good this season!

Rainbow Dash, since she hogged alot of screentime last season, I think she's just gonna have three episodes this time. One by herself (which might be the Wonderbolt episode of the season), and two with another character. One map episode with AJ, and it would be nice for her to have one with Scootaloo! No more Mare Do Well-like episodes this season, please! Have some episodes with her being smart!

Rarity, since she too had alot of screentime last season, she might have just three as well. One by herself, one map one with Twilight, and I dunno who should be the other one.

Pinkie Pie, since she really lacked appearances last season, this season might make up for it a bit by giving her either 3 or 4 episodes, depending on other episode slots. One episode by herself, and the others starring along side her friends. Hopefully one of them will be along side Fluttershy!

Fluttershy, out of all the Mane Six, she's the one who always lacks appearances in seasons, so I think to make it up, she should have four episodes this season - one by herself, and three with friends.

For Spike, now it depends, if this season is going to star Scorpan, Spike might have a major role this season, but one way or another, I'm sure he's going to have just three starring episodes again, one by himself, and two with friends; hopefully one with Starlight!

Now the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I'm hoping for them to have four episodes this season like they did every full season except for 6. Two episodes with the full CMCs, one for Sweetie Belle, and one for Scootaloo, and give Apple Bloom her episode with AJ and the family.

Discord, probably two. Hopefully a surprise duet episode between him and Trixie!

Starlight Glimmer, since season 6 was her season to shine, she might just have three starring episodes this season. The most she might do this season is a supporting role in the premiere and finale, and perhaps a couple more just supporting roles, or cameos.

And of course there's the one Celestia episode! ;) Alright your turn!