Sup brahs? It's really too bad Where the Apple Lies didn't come on, I would've liked to watch one more episode before the storm comes, but that's ok, I'll watch it Saturday if I still have power! :O No matter what, I'm not watching the early release of the finale until Monday when Top Bolt comes out too. Like I kept saying, it wouldn't feel right to me watching the finale and then a regular episode. Y'all do what you want, but just save me some room in the stats page to add stuff, alright? :3

Anyways, Hurricane Matthew is coming, and if I wasn't gonna be inactive before, I probably would now. It's a Category 3 right now, and I'm hoping for it to stay that way, or get weaker before it reaches us. My prayers go out for the other victims of the storm! I am feeling a bit nervous over this storm, but I'm sure I'll be ok! I dunno how inactive I'll be though. I'll come on as soon as I can to make a new blog post saying I'm okay! Even though... still don't expect me here till Monday to avoid spoilers of the finale.

I hope everyone else is ok, and please don't feel too nervous for me! I'll be fine! I'll be posting a vlog with more details on my YouTube page later today, and then a returning blog when I get the chance. But for now, I gotta put up shutters and stuff. I'll talk to you dudes and dudets later! Enjoy the finale! :D