My pony YouTube page, which differs from my primary and secondary YouTube pages, I can't do much when it comes to story, but I've been making alot of parodies MLP music. So far I made a parody for Babs Seed, Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know), Cutie Mark Crusaders Song, and as for Battle of the Bands and Art of the Dress they are in development right now. Art of the Dress, script not done, and Battle of the Bands, I cannot find an instrumental to. These parodies aren't ordinary parodies, these are parodies that Weird Al could make if he were making pony music. Anyways, this is the link to my pony YouTube page: Flare Gun. If you wanna see my machinimas though, the links to my primary and secondary pages are in the 'other channels' slot.