Ok, I know my buddy Herculine wanted me to make a post about my ideas for MLP G4.5 if it ever happens, and I would like to share them with you! :3

  • The majority of the show takes place in Mareami in a Cheesecake Factory.
  • Merry May is the main protagonist, and it's about her running a Cheesecake Factory successfully. Like, I have this idea for an episode about Merry mopping the floors! It is super amazing! The friendship moral of the episode: mopping sucks!
  • Then there's this other episode where Merry hires Gabby as a waitress, and Merry gets jealous because everypony likes her better, so she fires her, but then she feels bad, and hires her back!
  • The Apple Cobbler owns a rival restaurant across the street called Applebees, and she's the main antagonist in the series.
  • There's another episode about Merry mopping the floors, and she finds out that the floors are a marble tile instead of the rock tile she wanted, so Maud Pie comes to give Merry the materials she needs, and she offers to replace the floors for free!
  • The princess of Manehattan, Princess Babs Seed comes to Cheesecake Factory and starts blabbering about her horn and wings, which causes Merry to kick a princess out of her restaurant because she was disturbing her customers. It almost ruins her reputation, but it turns out ponies didn't like her.
  • Turns out Princess Babs Seed was an impostor the whole time, and it was just Apple Cobbler, and turns out she was an evil Changeling this whole time!
  • Merry becomes the biggest chef in Equestria, after Demigod Spike comes in and blesses her with the ability to grow into a giant, giving Merry May the bigger role on the show she deserves!

I hope you like my ideas, and I have a really good feeling that these are gonna happen once in G4.5 comes! If you have any ideas at all, please let me know in the comments below! :D

And in case you didn't know... APRIL FOOLS! :D I can't believe people actually fell for this joke! Look at the comments section! They all thought I was serious when I made this! XD Guess I made a clever joke! :3