You are awesome! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! You are important, every single one of you! And coming from me, that means something! You all are special to me. You're all my friends, all of you. Everyone's my friend, everyone! There ain't nothing that gonna change that! :) No matter what happens, you matter to me, and I believe in you. Take my word for it. Thank you so much for just being around, and you have a lemontastic day! :D Basically, anything with 'astic' in the end automatically means 'fantastic', only it's now a ridiculous pun that makes you cringe, also where did 'lemon' come from? But this is me, and I don't make anyone cringe, cause everyone's my friend, and that there's gonna stay! Just be happy, keep on smiling. Alright, alright, I made my point. ;)