I dunno if I should make a poll for the movie just yet since the movie is still so far off, so with the amount of details we got on the movie, here are just some speculations I made, as well as some new season 7 speculations, so I'll start off with that.

For season 7, I believe:

  • The musical episode this season is an Applejack episode, cause I really think that Romeo and Juliet-like flashback episode might be a musical! I was hoping for a Spike musical, but that's being saved for Spike's origins, and I think we might see that in season 8, when Scorpan might be around!
  • I still think Babs Seed is coming back and we'll be meeting the Manehattan CMCs! That still stands! It has to happen sooner or later, and this time might be the time!
  • I do not believe Scorpan is coming this season anymore. I think he's coming in season 8! If Meghan's gonna be in charge of the show again next season, she might continue with the Scorpan/Tirek arc! But this time, perhaps a new villain!
  • I still believe Lightning Dust and Wind Rider might both come back for this season's Wonderbolt episode.
  • William Shatner is gonna guest star a Discord episode, and play as another Draconequus!
  • I believe we'll get either a Sweetie Belle or a Scootaloo episode! Maybe both, or maybe just one of them. Regardless, I don't wanna see just Apple Bloom solos next season.
  • The map episodes this season are: Pinkie/Fluttershy, Applejack/Rainbow, Twilight/Rarity.
  • A Celestia episode will be shown (Celestial Advice).
  • Starlight's sharing an episode with the CMCs, and one with Spike, and the other with Twilight.
  • Fluttershy, Pinkie, and CMCs having four episodes each.
  • Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow, Twilight, and Spike having three episodes each.
  • Spike's ambassador destiny being revealed, or at least hinted - Spike's probably gonna befriend another non-pony species and help Equestria gain an alliance with them! If not that, then he might help the Dragons and/or Changelings out in getting along with the ponies!
  • Starlight's role is going to become a subplot to Twilight's main plot role.
  • Star Swirl's spirit!
  • The Cake babies growing up a little bit.
  • Trixie and Sunburst meeting!
  • Either Spike's friendship with Fluttershy being explored a bit, or Spike's relationship with Rarity taking a change in some way.
  • Sassy Saddles coming back!

Now for the movie's speculation, I believe:

  • Twilight may have the leading role, but she's not going to do all the work. The rest of the Mane Six are going to have an important part too, having it be an actual team effort to solve the problem.
  • The seaponies, pirates, and villain would each have a musical number!
  • The Mane Six will get to sing at least twice in the movie, and also Celestia, Spike, and Luna would get a chance to sing at least once!
  • ALOT of side characters will have a cameo either in the beginning or the end, or both! This includes the CMCs, Big Mac, Granny, Cheerilee, Mayor, Zecora, the Cakes, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Snails, Snips, Starlight Glimmer, Discord, and of course Photo Finish taking the final picture of them all! As well as certain BG ponies would appear too (hopefully Merry May is one of them)! Some of them might have a speaking role, such as Big Mac, CMCs, and Starlight!
  • Pinkie and Princess Skystar would really get along well!
  • Applejack would really interact with Capper, as she knows how conponies, or in this case conkitties are, judging from her past!
  • Fluttershy would use her kindness to persuade Tempest Shadow to talking about her past, making special use for Fluttershy in the movie!
  • Following from the last three stuff I made, each Mane Six would have a chance to interact with a character in a special way, making great use for each of them in the movie!
  • Same goes with Spike! As Grubber is going to be the Storm King's minion, Spike would compare himself to him teaching him what it really means to be an assistant, which would help Grubber change his ways! So basically, Spike's gonna reform Grubber, while the Mane Six take care of the Storm King himself!
  • The Mane Six use Rainbow power to defeat the Storm King!

So what do you think about these speculations, do you agree with these? What are your speculations of season 7 and the movie?