I know season 6 is not even close to over yet, but I got a head-start on the bingo for next season! Now just to let you know, this is NOT the final draft! I might change it once this season is over. Anyways, let me explain to you about this bingo!

  • Babs Seed dialogue: This one is self-explanatory. It's been so long since we had Babs other than BG appearances and a mention.
  • Daring Do: The Movie: Wouldn't this make a very interesting episode? I wanna see Rainbow Dash, Daring Do, Twilight, and possibly Quibble Pants react to the news of a Daring Do Movie being in development, and how they react after seeing it! This replaced the Apple Fritter dialogue spot, since she was pretty much forgotten after season 1.
  • Spike singing again, but this time with somepony else: I don't care who he sings with - Twilight, Rarity, Starlight, or even sings along with a crowd! Spike sang amazing this season, and I wanna see him in a duet!
  • Spike's origin revealed: Now that Spike has come into good terms with the dragons, perhaps it is time to finally reveal where Spike comes from!
  • Zecora's backstory: I've had this since my season 5 bingo, and it still hasn't happened yet. What gives?
  • Any Florida city mentioned in horse: It's not just Mareami anymore. I can take any Florida city being mentioned now! I'll even accept a horse-punned Disney World (like the comics)!
  • Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle episodes: Apple Bloom's been having alot of episodes for herself lately, and Scoots and Sweetie only had two episodes for themselves in the whole series, and that's not much.
  • Scootaloo learns to fly (with or without wings), or meets another flightless pegasus: If we do get another Scoots episode this season, we need a little more development on Scootaloo's lack of flying. Does she lack pegasus magic? Does she not have enough feathers? Is she a late bloomer? Or can she never fly? If she isn't going to fly at all, I want to make sure that she isn't the only one, so how about she meets another pegasus with the same exact problem? It would really help Scoots feel much better about herself!
  • Spike shares an episode with Fluttershy, Rainbow, CMCs, or Starlight (and Pinkie): Spike has shared many episodes with Twilight and Rarity, and had one with Applejack and Discord. I wanna see Spike's relationship with the Remane Three be taken to the test! If not them, then how about the Cutie Mark Crusaders? I've always wanted to see Spike and CMC episode! An episode with Starlight might do well too, but if Spike is going to spend a majority of the finale with Starlight, then maybe I'll take that out. I know Pinkie's name isn't on here, I forgot her, but she'll count too!
  • Rara returns: To add to that, why not her and Cheese share an episode? :D
  • Free hugs!: -hugs-
  • Merry May dialogue: I'm not giving this one up!
  • Meet the Manehattan CMCs: Seriously, I'm surprised that we didn't get to this story alot sooner! Babs could've had so many different story opportunities before she got her cutie mark! Why not see her progress in Manehattan before she got it? Well, her story's not over yet! We still need to know what Babs' cutie mark actually means, plus we never got to meet the Manehattan CMCs yet, and how they're doing with or without Babs, depending if she's still with them. Make this happen, DHX!
  • Princess Ember returns: If Spike is going to find out his origin, then obviously we'll see Ember again! She can be to Spike like Coco Pommel is to Rarity, or Maud Pie is to Pinkie! Ember needs to come back again!
  • Mr. Cake appears without Mrs. Cake: Mrs. Cake has appeared so much more than Mr. Cake has, but whenever Mr. Cake appears, Mrs. Cake does. I wanna see him appear by himself for once!
  • An episode that teaches me a good friendship moral: This is an ongoing bingo slot that's pretty much gonna stay.
  • Princess Celestia episode or Royal sisters episode: Celestia is loooooong overdo for her own episode! Luna has had a couple of episodes for herself, so why not have Celestia learn a lesson for a change? I can take that, or both of the sisters have an episode together!
  • Spike no longer has a crush on Rarity: Continuing on from the previous bingo! It's either Spike and Rarity finally go together, or just stop the crush in general. It's no longer cute. It's gone to the point now where Spike is just in denial and doing favors for Rarity relentlessly.
  • Discord and Zephyr Breeze meet: Admit it! You want to see this too! ;) Don't deny it!
  • Wind Rider returns: This goes along with Lightning Dust returning. They both got humiliated by Rainbow Dash, and they both had their ranks stripped by Spitfire. Let's see them both work together to get their revenge! >:)
  • Snips having some time to shine!: Snails had his change in Buckball Season, so let's see Snips be useful as well!
  • Little Strongheart returns: Didn't we all feel cheated that Little Strongheart didn't appear in Buckball Season when we were told that she would? Maybe the writers will make it up to us! :3

Let me know how you feel about this bingo, and feel free to join me! I forgot to add Sassy Saddles having another appearance to the bingo because I want her too, but maybe if I change the bingo when the season ends, I could add it.

(Edit: I replaced Babs having dialogue to Sassy Saddles returning. If Babs is ever coming back, then her Manehattan CMCs will probably appear too!)

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