So I watched all of season five (except for the finale and Pinkie Pie Knows because I'm saving those for the day before the premiere), so after seeing it again, I wanna give y'all a short opinion of each episode, and the order from least to greatest on how I felt about them.

  • 24 - Party Pooped: Yaks were annoying, ponies didn't seem to have the guts to kick them out for the way the yaks treated them, Pinkie's quest seemed pointless (except she saves Cherry Jubilee and her stallion's lives so that's something), at least Merry May and Apple Fritter were seen in the same scene (fanfic reasons).
  • 22 - Princess Spike: Started off good, Spike seemed to be the voice of reason, but then it gets ruined later after Princess Cadance reminded him about how he can abuse Twilight's name. Spike gets blamed for everypony else's stupidity.
  • 19 - The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: Pretty funny episode! Nice seeing Gilda again, even though she being reformed was too expecting. Nice seeing more backstory of the griffons even though I'm not that interested in that.
  • 18 - The Cutie Map: Interesting story and moral! Everything although seemed too expecting compared to other season premieres.
  • 16 - Castle Sweet Castle: Twilight and Spike miss their old home. Bulk Biceps' entrance! Pinkie's hidden confetti cannon gags! Even though Spike was okay with taking Twilight out to the spa and waiting until sunset to keep Twilight from the castle, he seemed to be forced to do it instead of being asked if he was interested.
  • 10 - Slice of Life: Background ponies, even though I'm not that into them, it's nice to see the writers thank the fandom this way! So many returning characters in one episode! "Allons-y!"
  • 6 - Brotherhooves Social: Big Mac character-development! He's not afraid to wear a dress for his sister to make her happy! Touching episode. Big Mac talks in full sentences! Big Mac / Apple Bloom duet!
  • 3 - Amending Fences: Twilight tries to reconnect with her old friends, finally meet Moon Dancer who looks like how Twilight would look if she stayed in Canterlot. Spike gives a gift to a pony and she gets tears of joy from it! Touching episode!

How about you? What were your favorite episodes this season from least to greatest?