This is my own version of Imperfect's Episode Ratings list, and it's going to work the same way as his. Him and I's opinions on the show aren't that different really, I can see some similar opinions we both have! But some are different, and therefore, I wanna make my own list! Also I'm bored. Expect this list to update frequently throughout the seasons and EG content!

My ratings are from 1-5 stars.

Season one

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Friendship is Magic - Part 15A very nice intro to the show! Getting to know the main cast! Cool and dramatic storyline and cliffhanger! Has a nice Disney feel to it! Twilight's scenerio is relatable!A pretty cliché opening. Celestia should've appeared - don't care for a character I never met, so Celestia's disappearance wasn't very strong for me. Also Spike and Fluttershy's close bond was never really shown in the future, at least not yet!
Friendship is Magic - Part 24An AWESOME ending to a 2-parter! Mane Six team effort, and all likable! Awesome plottwist in the middle with the Elements being destroyed! How the pieces came together is very clever! Nightmare Moon!Not a big fan of The Laughter Song; liked the message and the lyrics, but the way it was sung didn't really appeal to me. Felt like a cringeworthy song, actually, in my opinion.
The Ticket Master5Loved getting to know the characters' negative sides! Very humorous! Benny-Hill chase! XD Awesome use for all the seven main characters! Spike's feelings are relatable in the end! Very inspiring climax with Twilight giving up her ticket! Merry May's first episode! :DAs much as I liked the ending, it felt pretty unrealistic for Celestia to give them all tickets.
Applebuck Season5The first MLP episode I actually watched, and it made me like the show and love Applejack! Funny episode! Loved the conflict and the resolution! Big Mac! Applejack's interaction with her friends, and the ways she acted when she was tired!The scenes where Twilight keeps telling AJ that she needs help just kept being repeated, and was getting pretty tiring seeing the same thing repeatedly; felt bad for the story, and felt like AK Rogers was just doing that to fill time.
Griffon the Brush Off5Pinkie and Rainbow's interactions, and how their friendship progressed! Pinkie's cartoony side really shined in here! Loved the story and the climax! I also liked Gilda, not as a person / griffon, but as a character! Granny Smith's scene! XD Merry May dialogue, even though it wasn't clearly heard.Nothing! :3
Boast Busters5The story and the resolution! Spike being an awesome voice of reason, but at the same time showing his comic relief side (also that mustache XD); just the way he should be threated! Humorous episode (especially with the green hair)! Trixie being a very interesting comparison to Twilight!I like Snips and Snails, but they really show a stereotypical male side in the show.
Dragonshy4A nice debut episode giving us a deeper perspective into Fluttershy's bravery! The Tic-Tac-Toe scene! Rarity's way of trying to charm the dragon out! The way Fluttershy had her bravery revealed when her friends were in danger!Twilight should've considered having Spike come along, because a dragon to dragon communication. The dragon crying was a bit too much. The Hop Skip and Jump song. AJ offering to get Fluttershy around the mountain seemed unnecessary even though it was sweet.
Look Before You Sleep5AJ and Rarity's interaction and how to compare them, and how they got along and made compromises for Twilight and to solve the problems. Adorkable Twilight! :3 Loved the humor! Loved the storm setting!Nothing! :3
Bridle Gossip5Getting to know Apple Bloom, as well as getting to know her relationship with AJ! The humor behind the poison joke! The names Spike thought of for the Mane Six! The moral behind the episode! Zecora being an interesting new addition to the show! Flutterguy! The Evil Enchantress song! XDZecora being both a zebra and have an African accent seemed stereotypical, but didn't bother me a bit!
Swarm of the Century5An awesome tribute to one of the best Star Trek episodes! The humor! Twilight's meltdown! XD Pinkie being the solution to the problem, and the moral behind the episode! "Fillydelphia"! Polka music!Nothing! :3
Winter Wrap Up3Twilight being curious and wanting to learn new things, as well as her hilarious screw ups in here! The song was really catchy!The first Spikeabuse episode in the series; made him look like a jerk, he was left out of the song, and everyone just laughed as he slept on an ice cube, awaiting his deep freeze.
Call of the Cutie5An awesome new story-arc for the show! Getting to know the cutie marks! The Cupcake Song (Pinkie's best song in the season)! Getting to know Apple Bloom some more, and meeting Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!Snails appearing without Snips.
Fall Weather Friends4Rainbow and AJ's interaction, making them an awesome pair, and also comparing their difference! The way karma got them in the race, but also teaching them an honest lesson! Twilight being adorkable in the race! Pinkie was hilarious!Too much Spikeabuse during the Iron Pony Contest, even though it did get better for him in the second half! Celestia's sudden appearance in the end seemed too random.
Suited for Success3Rarity's singing voice! Pinkie's crazy catpony joke! The 20% cooler joke! The moral of the story!Not a big fan of Hoity Toity. Not too keen on fashion, or fashion shows. Rarity's drama queen side was a bit too obnoxious. The song's beginning was an obvious recycle from the Laughter Song.
Feeling Pinkie Keen3Pretty humorous! Spike's part! The "just go with it" moral! Derpy's first focused shot! Pinkie and Spike's explosion gag! The Hydra!Way too much Twilightabuse! Pinkie was a little too cartoony in this episode. As much as the moral was good, the overall execution of it seemed odd.
Sonic Rainboom5Rainbow was awesome in this episode, and her feelings are understandable! Loved how she rescued Rarity and the Wonderbolts and performed her Sonic Rainboom! Fluttershy's yay! Cloudsdale's debut! As much as Rarity was a bit of a jerk in this episode, it really gave a conflict for Rainbow in here, as well as the Boy Bullies!There were certain parts where Rarity was too much of a jerk.
Stare Master3Fluttershy's stares and aggression! It's nice seeing the CMCs having more episodes! Sweetie Belle's song! Sweetie Belle confirmed as Rarity's sister!The CMCs were pretty annoying on certain parts, making this their worst episode in the series. Fluttershy got a little too aggressive too early in the series; this episode and Putting Your Hoof Down should switch places.
The Show Stoppers5Getting to know the CMCs more! The CMC song, especially with its 80s rock rhythm! The humor, especially in the end when the CMCs got the wrong ideas about their talents! The montague song!It was a bit odd that these talents the CMCs were supposed to have as shown in this episode didn't turn out the way it was planned, and were pretty much scrapped, except for Sweetie's singing.
A Dog and Pony Show5Rarity was hilarious, and overall awesome! Spike's interaction with her! Spike's part! Spike almost kissing Applejack! The Diamond Dogs resembling Gollum from Lord of the Rings! The overall moral of the story! Sapphire Shores!Rarity did seem to be a bit of a jerk to Spike in the beginning with bossing him around, but it got sweet shortly after when Rarity gave him the gem!
Green Isn't Your Color5Rarity and Fluttershy's interactions, and their conflicts with their individual problems and how they relate! Pinkie and Spike's humor! Photo Finish!Nothing! :3
Over a Barrel5New western town! Love all the new characters! Each of the Mane Six and Spike played an important role in here! War setting! The story and the solution to the conflict! The humor from Pinkie!You Got to Share, You Got to Care had waaaaay too much corny dialogue.
A Bird in the Hoof4Trollestia! Philomena was pretty funny, she takes after her owner! :3 Fluttershy's inner rebel side! >:3 Twilight's freak-outs! The Benny-Hill chase, which was much better than the last one! The Royal Guards!Philomena's "death" felt way too much for a kid's show.
The Cutie Mark Chronicles5Backstory of the Mane Six and Spike! Scootaloo being a fan of Rainbow Dash gets introduced! The CMCs' interactions with the Mane Six! So Many Wonders!Nothing! :3
Owl's Well That Ends Well5Getting to know Spike independently, and seeing a more emotional side of him! Spike's humor, including his evil hat, mustache, and cape part! Getting to know more of Twilight and Spike's relationship! The CMCs being included in the episode!The ketchup blood felt a little too much for a kid's show, and the "hoo / who" joke got old pretty fast!
Party of One5Pinkie's telegram song and overall humor! Pinkamena Diane Pie! Gummy! Spike's interrogation!Spike being left out of Gummy's party. Despite Spike's crush on Rarity, it seems like Rarity takes advantage of him, and he doesn't even notice it.
The Best Night Ever5The Mane Six having their own independent stories and how everything gets backfired on them! So many Disney references, and how they get changed for the lulz, like Rarity's glass slipper scene, and how Prince Blueblood wasn't as he seemed! Spike's scene with Donut Joe! The Best Night Ever song, and the Pony Pokey song! Getting to know the Wonderbolts!The fact that this episode was a season finale felt way out of place; it didn't feel like a finale, more like a regular slice of life episode. Why wasn't Luna there? Prince Blueblood. Spike not being included in the song.
Overall season total5It was a really good starter season! Got to know the characters well! Best season when it comes to friendship morals! Awesome premiere!Wasn't a big fan of most of the songs. Underwhelming finale. Some parts seemed too sappy for me.

Season two

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
The Return of Harmony - Part 15Awesome new villain; much better than Nightmare Moon! Very humorous! Nice way to re-introduce all the main characters! Fluttershy trolling with Discord unintentionally! Awesome story!Celestia says "you'll never get away with this". The CMCs seemed too OOC, and quite annoying.
The Return of Harmony - Part 25Awesome story continues! Lots of emotional moments! Spike's the new Rainbow Dash! "That big... dumb... MEANIE!" Star Wars ending! Screwball! The chaos!Nothing! :3
Lesson Zero5Crazy Twilight even crazier! Big Mac with Smarty Pants! Spike's best use of character in the earlier seasons! Celestia saving the day! "Hiiii girrrls!" Rarity's drama queen couch moments!Nothing! :3
Luna Eclipsed5Luna is back after so long (automatic 5)! Equestria's version of Halloween! Luna's interaction with the Mane Cast! Derpy's moment! Pipsqueak!Where was Rarity? Too many Twilight episodes close together.
Sisterhooves Social5Rarity/Sweetie Belle moments! Alot of touching moments! The twist in the race! Granny Smith's part! Sweetie Belle's burnt scene! Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents!Scootaloo being left out of the episode. Rarity was too much of a jerk at times, but regardless it paid off in the end!
The Cutie Pox5Apple Bloom was hilarious in her scenes! So many side characters in one episode! The humor from Spike! The moral! The ending! Twilight's hair change!Zecora's rhymes seemed a little corny at times.
May the Best Pet Win!4All the pets together for the first time! Rainbow Dash's humor and irony! Tank's just plain awesome! The Find A Pet Song!The tortoise won, like I didn't see that coming! XD
The Mysterious Mare Do Well3Scootaloo's fan club! Spike completely burning Rainbow Dash! "Have no fear! Your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash is here!"The Mane Five seemed to be a little too harsh on Rainbow Dash. Ponyville has too many disasters going on at once; concidence, I THINK NOT! Obviously sabotage, either that or the ponies are just stupid.
Sweet and Elite2Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)Rarity lies and gets away with it. Strongly dislike the Canterlot ponies. Spike being left out of TWILIGHT'S party out of all parties!
Secret of My Excess5Rarity/Spike moments! Spike interacting with alot of side characters! Spike's species development! The freefalling scene!Nothing! :3
Hearth's Warming Eve5Equestria's origins! Equestria's version of the Holidays! The Heart Carol - with all the main cast (including Spike) singing! Lots of heartwarming moments, and humor coming from Pinkie and Rarity!Only explains Hearth's Warming Eve, but what about Hearth's Warming Day? The argument in the end felt too cliché.
Family Appreciation Day4Granny Smith's story! "Old people are the greatest! They're full of wisdom and experience!" How things really bit AB in the bum with her plans!I know Granny Smith acts cookie sometimes, but some parts made her look too stupid. Too many Apple Bloom episodes in one season, and not a Scootaloo one yet.
Baby Cakes4The Cakes' full names! The Cake babies are pretty cute! Sweet ending! The flour gag!Didn't like the Piggy Dance that much. This kind of story was used many times in the past. The Cake babies became too OP with their wings and magic.
The Last Roundup4AJ showed alot of new character development in here! Lots of heart warming moments! Derpy's scene (before it was changed)! Cherry Jubilee! Pinkie's moments! The I Love Lucy reference!Derpy's scene being changed. Spike being left out of AJ's party.
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 60005The Flim Flam Brothers (song)! Rainbow Dash's cider moments! Fluttershy's tease in the beginning! ;) AJ thinking the Mane Six as family, and the amount of team work they all did! AJ's friendship lesson!Spike could've helped out with the cider making.
Read It and Weep5Rainbow showed alot of character growth in here! Everything about the Daring Do story! Screw Loose! "Stealing slippers!"Rainbow seemed to get off a little too lightly for breaking into the hospital. She acted pretty ridiculous towards her friends when she wanted them to leave.
Hearts and Hooves Day5Big Mac's and Cheerilee's first major role in an episode! Love the pairing between the two, and the dialogue is pretty silly! The Perfect Stallion! Possible romantic pairing between the two even without the potion!I was hoping none of the Mane Six would appear, but Twilight did.
A Friend in Deed4Cranky seemed like a huge Eeyore reference! Loved the pairing between him and Matilda! Smile Song! Pinkie's randomness made me laugh, and the way she handled Cranky!Thought the moral was going to be that not everyone can be somepony's friend, but the episode unrealisticly says it is possible. Out of all the BG cameos in this episode, Spike didn't get one.
Putting Your Hoof Down5Loved Iron Will's character! The catch-phrases! Fluttershy's assertiveness! The way that there were only three main characters instead of all of them appearing felt so natural! Origin of the stare! The rudeness of the BG ponies felt more realistic for Ponyville! Overall realistic response from Fluttershy in some ways!This episode should've switched places with Stare Master, cause chronologically it seemed this one came before that other one. Fluttershy did go a little too far at certain times. Too much sappiness from Pinkie and Rarity.
It's About Time5Metal Gear-style future Twilight! Love the twist in the end! The dream in the beginning! Twilight, Spike, and Pinkie make an excellent comedic trio! The overall comedy and irony! Celestia near the end! More horse-city puns!Nothing! :3
Dragon Quest4Spike wanting to know his origins! The ending! Showing a bit of the relationship between Spike and Rainbow which hasn't really been looked into. Peewee! Fluttershy in the opening!Spike only hung out with one group of dragons and immediately judged the entire race. Spike's questions from the beginning really haven't been answered.
Hurricane Fluttershy5Rainbow/Fluttershy's bond! The new pegasus characters such as Bulk, Cloud Chaser, Flitter, and Thunderlane! Small Spitfire role! Spike being Twilight's translator! Angel showing sympathy for Fluttershy! Fluttershy's overall feelings and backstory, and the whole moral of the story! Rainbow being an awesome leader and friend, and learning to make compromises!Nothing! :3
Ponyville Confidential5Oldie storyline but a goody! The amount of characters that appeared! Featherweight! The way the CMCs handled the conflict! Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in the beginning!Diamond Tiara at her worst, showing no sympathy for anypony. Diamond Tiara acting alone without Silver Spoon.
MMMystery on the Friendship Express5Classic detective-like story! The overall story and moral! Pinkie's humor! Seeing how some of the answers were hidden in plain sight!Applejack could've done something other than just being there.
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 15B.B.B.F.F.! Classic not-believing story! The sunshine, sunshine dance! Celestia mad at Twilight for the first time! The cliffhanger! Spike playing with the cake dolls (even better when Pinkie played along)! Getting to know Shining! Luna returning!Since when did Twilight have a bro-bro?
A Canterlot Wedding - Part 25Cadance and Twilight's bond! Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings were overall an awesome species! The overall story! The epic battles! The humor in between epic moments! both the songs! Twilight and Shining's parents having a cameo! Gave a bit of a Little Mermaid feeling to it!A bit of corny dialogue with the "my love will give you strength" and all that. Spike was just standing there, not helping but not being trapped either, it's like nopony noticed he was there. It's nice seeing Luna, but where was she during the wedding?
Overall season total5More side characters got to shine! Awesome new characters! Every main character got a chance in character development! Luna's return! Some fan references! Both premiere and finale were awesome!Underwhelming amount of Applejack. Spike seemed to be left out in places he should've been in. Adding a third alicorn to the show. Shining Armor coming out of nowhere. The worst Rarity episode in the show, and a giant gap until her next episode. AJ episodes too close together, Twilight having too many episodes in the beginning of the season.

Season three

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
The Crystal Empire - Part 15Adorkable Twilight! Things are getting a bit more darker! The return of Shining and Cadance! Spike now clearly singing! The librarian! Cool new villain! Luna's back again! Awesome new story about a mysterious city!Out of all of Luna's role, she's been glaring at Twilight the whole time. Why was Jet Set with another pony instead of Upper Crust?
The Crystal Empire - Part 25Cliffhanger twist, false alarm! The first season premiere without the Elements of Harmony being the key, and yet all the Mane Six prove themselves useful! Spike plays key role in the story, and thus begins his Brave and Glorious arc! Cool ending song!King Sombra was an awesome villain, but got defeated way too easily, and he didn't seem to do enough.
Too Many Pinkie Pies3Nana Pinkie Pie! Frog orange! Awesome Apple family herding skills! AJ throwing her hat down on the ground (ooo, it just got real :O)! G3 reference!The Pinkie clones were quite annoying. The solution of watching paint dry seemed very stupid; the solution should've been asking the Pinkies trivia questions that only the real Pinkie would know.
One Bad Apple5Babs Seed being an awesome new character! The overall story and the moral! The song itself; being my second favorite CMC song in the series! Silver Spoon seems to be a more clever bully than Diamond Tiara! Pinkie's "leaf me" pun!Nothing! :3
Magic Duel5Trixie's epic return! Zecora being a good mentor to Twilight! Zecora having much more clever rhymes than The Cutie Pox! The past-episode references such as the Rock Farm and the Parasprites! All the Mane Six and Spike being super helpful to Twilight! The ironic ending!AB and Sweetie appearing but Scoots being left out again. Trixie's sudden reformation out of nowhere (even though I was hoping for her to be reformed). Mayor Mare's dialogue being cut, leaving her with no dialogue at all this season.
Sleepless in Ponyville5Scootaloo's long-awaited episode! Rainbow/Scoots interaction! Sisters episode! Luna's awesome role! 99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall!Rarity making Sweetie Belle carry her things.
Wonderbolts Academy5Rainbow finally having a chance to be a Wonderbolt! Spitfire's assertive side! Spitfire's "academy record" quotes! Lightning Dust! Rainbow Dash sacrificing her dream for her mortality! Pinkie's humor! The return of Bulk, Cloud Chaser, and Thunderlane!Some questions about Lightning Dust left unanswered.
Apple Family Reunion4The return of Babs, Braeburn, and every Apple family member in the past episodes! Knowing about what Babs has been doing since One Bad Apple! Raise This Barn! Like what Imperfect says, "overeager Applejack is funniest Applejack!" Granny Smith proving to be a pretty smart character, compared to Family Appreciation Day! The fruit bats!Since when was Cloud Chaser, Bonnie, Meadow Song, and certain others part of the Apple family? Big Mac's only vocal role in the entire season. He was also never mentioned by name at all this season. Plothole: Granny mentioned it's been 100 moons since the last reunion, so that's how long it's been since the series premiere?
Spike at Your Service3Applejack/Spike episode and interaction! Spike saving AJ's life! Spike completely owning Rainbow Dash with the rock mountain!This episode really made Spike look like a complete moron. I understand the dragon code thing, and Spike owing AJ a live-debt, which is okay in my book! It just wouldn't be so bad if Spike didn't completely make a mess of things; he's usually good at doing chores and cooking! Also the to-do list thing in the beginning made it seem like he has no life outside of Twilight.
Keep Calm and Flutter On6The return of Discord! Still love Discord's humor; as funny as he was, he showed alot of emotion in here which is sweet! Fluttershy's best episode in the series so far, and giving her the best character development! Discord: "Friendship is Magic!" Peter Griffin: "He said it! He said it!" Great start-up for Discord's season 4 role!Nothing! :3
Just for Sidekicks4Spike and pets episode as well as his interactions with the pets! Spike's interaction with Zecora and the CMCs! The CMCs' role in the episode! Ginger Snap! Rainbow and Tank's part! Screw Loose as well as Cheerimac in the BG! How Spike learned his lesson! It's connection with Games Ponies Play!Peewee getting returned to his parents should've been an episode itself, what a wasted opportunity. The "hoo / who" joke returns. Spike not getting invited to the Crystal Empire welcoming after all he did in the season premiere.
Games Ponies Play3It's connection to Just for Sidekicks! Pinkie's "noooooooo!" Loved Ms. Peachbottoms! Rainbow's flashback! More Crystal Empire!Felt like a pretty bland episode. Pinkie was kinda stupid at times. Should've aired before Just for Sidekicks. Started off as a Mane Six episode, felt like it turned into a Rainbow episode; so Rarity being left out of the group for a majority of the episode.
Magical Mystery Cure4Awesome musical numbers! Celestia song! Awesome story all-together and an amazing conflict for Twilight! Twilight achieved her destiny! All of the Mane Six proved useful, and Spike even had a little time to help Twilight snap out of her depression! The amount of side characters that appeared! Return of Pinkamena hairstyle!Episode felt really rushed, should've been a 2-parter. Ending got spoiled in teasers. Not a very satisfying end to a season, despite that I am happy for Twilight at achieving her goal!
Overall season total4Better songs than previous seasons; this is when Daniel really got the hang of his musical numbers for the show! A chance for Spike to truly shine! Best Fluttershy episode! Twilight achieving her goal! Awesome season premiere! Trixie and Discord's reformation!No Rarity episode, as well as an underwhelming amount of her. 13-episode season, which felt like I didn't have enough. Rushed finale, made me say "what just happened?"

Equestria Girls

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Equestria Girls4New world for Twilight to explore! Sunset Shimmer! Spike's role! Most of the songs! Flash's most helpful role! The climax! The amount of side character cameos! Trixie's Peanut Butter Crackers part! Re-meeting Fluttershy!As much as I love Sunset Shimmer as a character, she made a pretty cliché villain. Seemed like a typical high school drama with MLP elements added in. A few plotholes here and there (especially the sledgehammer to the portal part, wouldn't the hammer go through the portal, not break it?). Most of the songs were crammed together in the end.

Season four

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 15An awesome intro to Twilight's princesshood! Twilight and Celestia bonding! Summersun Celebration returns, and referencing the first episode! Nightmare Moon flashback! The amount of side characters that appeared! Big Mac's part! Zecora and Discord's parts! Winter Wrap Up!Twilight suddenly doesn't know how to fly after flying in season 3 finale. Scootaloo once again being the only CMC not to appear.
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 25Nightmare Moon and Discord backstory! Plot-twist of an ending! The start-up of a promising arc! The amount of useful of the Mane Six, and Spike being a very supportive friend to Twilight! Sonic Twi-boom! Discord in a maid outfit!Seems like Spike could've done a little more.
Castle Mane-ia3Pony of Shadows! Scooby Doo-like story! The way the Remane Four misunderstood what was happening! Angel! AJ and Rainbow competing against eachother again!Spikeabuse. Very cliché elements. Pinkie being the pony on the piano was pretty obvious.
Daring Don't5Daring Do returns! Dr. Caballeron! I know other people didn't seem to like this, but I enjoyed Daring being real and how she was handled! The Pinkie Pie Adventure Line™! The overall story and moral!The Remane Five seemed to be forced in.
Flight to the Finish5Scootaloo flight episode! The Equestria Games arc continues! Hearts as Strong as Horses! Cheerilee's return after so long! "Professionalism!"The blank-flank joke that DT and SS use all the time overstayed it's welcome in this episode.
Power Ponies4Spike liking comic books! Spike's interactions with the Mane Six! Spike's heroic role in the end! The Power Ponies! Flutterhulk!I never knew Spike was just a comedic sidekick before this episode. I always thought he was pretty useful, and a cool character! But after this episode, the writers really misunderstood what his character is actually about. Also, the Mane-iac's puns. Bleh!
Bats!3Flutterbat! "Stakeout!" AJ/Fluttershy episode! The moral of the story!Spike could've been a part of the song. Everypony teaming up against Fluttershy; at least Twilight could've stood up for her. Main cast other than Fluttershy seemed OOC.
Rarity Takes Manehattan4Generosity song, and reprise! Getting to know Manehattan! Awesome story, and new characters! "Isn't friendship magic?" Ah she said it! She said it! The moral!Babs and the Manehattan CMCs could've had a BG cameo. Spikeabuse, especially from Rarity, I dunno what Spike sees in her. Ponies forgot that Twilight is a princess.
Pinkie Apple Pie5We're Apples to the Core! Big Mac singing for the first time! Pinkie's interactions with the Apple family! The humor! The moral and story itself!Nothing! :3
Rainbow Falls5Bulk Biceps having a major role! Wonderbolts Academy being referenced! Soarin returning, and his bonding with Rainbow! Fleetfoot has a major role! Derpy returns! Thunderlane dialogue! Equestria Games arc continues!Soarin just taking the fall from his team, and the way Spitfire and Fleetfoot treated him - why did he just forgive them just like that?
Three's A Crowd5Twilight/Discord/Cadance episode! Crystal Empire train! Discord's song! The fainting couch joke! The overall episode and moral! The fight with the worm!Nothing! :3
Pinkie Pride10WEIRD AL! The songs, especially The Goof Off! Matilda! WEIRD AL! Cheese Sandwich, and his backstory, as well as his interactions with Pinkie! WEIRD AL! Mr. and Mrs. Cake and Diamond Tiara singing! Past episode references! Real-life footage!Absolutely nothing, cause it's Weird Al! :D
Simple Ways5Rarity and AJ's interactions in this episode! The love triangle (or love straight line more like)! Spike's part was much better in here! "Ah lurve being covered in mud!" The story and the moral! The way AJ and Rarity switched roles! Mayor Mare's return after so long!None that I can think of! :3
Filli Vanilli4Fluttershy's singing! A chortler with Fluttershy, Rarity, and Big Mac! Zecora's role! The amount of side characters that appeared! Big Mac singing again! Understandable story and moral!What's with all the Spikeabuse this season? Pinkie was too mean in here.
Twilight Time5Twilight/CMC interaction! Twilight/school pony interactions! Hayburger! Pipsqueak! A CMC episode that doesn't have to do with cutie marks! New talents for the CMCs! Sweetie Belle using magic! Diamond Tiara's house! The nachos part was funny, I wouldn't consider this Spikeabuse! :3None that I can think of! :3
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies3Fluttershy's part! The Breezies are cute! Flitter! The heartwarming ending of the breezies returning home! The moral!The Mane Six turning into breezies didn't appeal to me. The Spikeabuse was the WORST in this episode this season! Episode seemed a little rushed.
Somepony to Watch Over Me5Apple Bloom's role! The song being cut off in the middle! The swamp town! AJ being an overprotective sis! I didn't consider AJ to be that annoying in here, I actually enjoyed this episode! The creature! The story and an understanding moral!None that I can think of! I found this episode underrated! :3
Maud Pie5Maud Pie was really enjoyable! The pets appearing! Maud's poetry! How the Mane Six interacted with her! Pinkie's funtime thingy! The Pie family farm!Where was Spike? Well him not appearing beats the abuse by a longshot!
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils5Sweetie Belle episode and development! Luna referencing her sister's greater success! Luna dreams returns! Sweetie and Rarity's relationship! Sapphire Shores! Spike was a good friend to the crusaders, probably being the only one who actually enjoyed their show! Scootaloo's lack of flight referenced!Nothing! :3
Leap of Faith5Awesome return of the Flim-Flam bro-bros! Apple family episode! Granny's role! The song was much better than the one in Super Speedy! Flim and Flam not being reformed in the end! Silver Shill! The episode I fell in-love with Merry May!Nothing! :3
Testing Testing 1, 2, 35Twilight and Rainbow episode! The pets! BEST moral in the show! Filthy Rich returns after so long! Rainbow ranks up in the Wonderbolts!Why was Spike silent in the whole episode?
Trade Ya!2The amount of BG ponies that appeared! The references in the BG! Steller Eclipse! Discord lamps!The most boring episode in the season. All characters were OOC. Rainbow sold Fluttershy to slavery! Corny dialogue.
Inspiration Manifestation5Spike/Rarity episode and interaction! Spike stands up to Rarity! Owlowiscious! The amount of side characters that appeared in the BG! A great end to a Spikeabuse season by giving him a cool episode where he's an awesome friend! The ending! The moral!Spike can be a little too blushy at times. Rarity can be too much of a drama queen.
Equestria Games5ANOTHER awesome Spike episode! Spike interacting with certain characters for the first time! The Cloudsdale Anthem (I applaud Cathy for completely improving it)! Spike's interactions with the CMCs, Cadance, and Shining Armor! "Mr. The Dragon!" The unicorn shut-down machine! The amazing ending! Epic Spike firebreath!This could've been an episode for the beginning of the games, and we could've had an episode after that's about the games itself.
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 15Princess song! Twilight wondering what's next! Discord's part! Spike interacting with Discord for the first time! Lord Tirek! The backstory with Tirek and Scorpan! How the keys come together!Flash Sentry seemed forced in.
Twilight's Kingdom - Part 25EPIC battle! How Discord was truly reformed! Rainbow power! Surprising plot-twist with destroying the library! The amount of side characters that appeared!Nothing! :3
Overall season total5Best season arc! Weird Al! Best Pinkie episode! Exploring new places! Great use for most characters! Awesome Spike episodes that star him! Best Twilight episode!Worst Fluttershy episode. Worst AJ episode. Too much Spikeabuse.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks5Sunset Shimmer's character development! Most of the songs (especially Welcome to the Show)! Sunset got to sing! The Dazzlings (especially Sonata Dusk)! Taco Tuesday! New side characters and BG characters in human forms! Say what you want about Flash, I don't have a problem with him! Trixie having a bigger role and getting to sing! Maud Pie cameo! Big Mac's sudden "nope"! Vinyl's supportive role!Sunset saying "you'll never get away with this", and that entire scene in general seemed unnecessary. Spike looked like he was left out of Welcome to the Show, he could've sang in the BG at least. AJ seemed to have started most of the arguing among the Humane Five. Twilight seemed unnecessary in the movie, only seemed as a plot tool for Sunset. The overuse of referencing Sunset's past and then "no offense". Trixie interrupted Flash and Twilight's kiss! >:(

Season five

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
The Cutie Map - Part 15Awesome new element that is the Cutie Map! Awesome story! Awesome cliffhanger! Starlight's an awesome villain! Saying awesome so much feels awesome! Spike and Big Mac confirmed as buddies that hang out while the Mane Six is out! Our Town!Spike could've came along.
The Cutie Map - Part 25Awesome moral and an awesome continued story! Townsfolk save the day! Fluttershy's most useful role in a 2-parter! Nice propaganda setting!Well I already mentioned Spike could've came along, so no use complaining about that twice!
Castle Sweet Castle4Awesome story for Twilight after losing her library! "I'm pancake!" Bulk Biceps! The heartwarming ending!Spike being ordered to look after Twilight, they could've asked. The episode I got tired of Spike's crush on Rarity; I think it made it's point and overstayed it's welcome.
Bloom & Gloom4A what if scenario? Apple Bloom's turn for a Luna dream! Scootaloo flew (even though it was just a dream)! Big Mac! Babs Seed being mentioned!Pretty cliché elements. Babs Seed just gets a cutie mark just like that, even though there hasn't been an episode for her since Apple Family Reunion.
Tanks for the Memories5The five stages of grief! "Do I look angry?!" I'll Fly! Open Clear Skies scene! Spike has his own room! "Winter is coming!" "Applejack cries from the inside!"Rainbow destroys a factory and yet doesn't get in trouble.
Appleoosa's Most Wanted4CMCs helping another pony's innocence, plus a foreshadow of their destiny! Appleloosa returns! Braeburn! Trouble Shoes being another Eeyore-like character!Kind of a bland-feeling episode.
Make New Friends but Keep Discord5Tree Hugger! Discord interacting with the CMCs for the first time (in-show)! The Smooze! All the references! Celestia giggling at Discord's jokes (Dislestia OTP)! Discord and Fluttershy continued relationship! The gala comes back! The sockpuppet in the other dimension! "You're the simplest of jokes!"Luna STILL absent from the gala! Discord acted like a complete baby in here.
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone5Griffonstone! Griffon culture! Gilda returns and reforms! The humor! The moral!Gilda's reform felt rushed.
Slice of Life5Cranky and Matilda! Steven Magnet! Celestia and Luna arguing! BG ponies taking the leading role! The amount of side characters appeared!A little too much fanbase nods.
Princess Spike2Spike started off okay by helping ponies out knowing how Twilight would settle them!Too much Spikeabuse. Spike ends up messing up in the end (again), I thought for once he would've had the upper hand. Spike learned some of these lessons already. Cadance could've been more helpful, I mean it didn't look like she had anything better to do.
Party Pooped3Cherry Jubilee comes back! The amount of returning locations! The heartwarming ending! Twilight's fear of quesadillas! The amount of side characters that appeared!The yaks were really annoying. Pinkie's journey didn't look like it went anywhere. Pretty bland-feeling episode.
Amending Fences5BG pony leading role again! Awesome Spike role! Loose ends being tied up! Meeting Moon Dancer! Moon Dancer's character! Starlight cameo! Very heartwarming ending!Celestia's role being deleted.
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?5Luna character development! The amount of side characters that appeared and had a heroic role! Spike's part! Princess Big Mac! Scootaloo with huge wings! Big Derpy!Well now I wonder when Celestia is gonna have an episode?
Canterlot Boutique4Rarity achieving her dream! Sassy Saddles! Rules of Rarity! The cheery and goth ponies!Not a big fan of fashion episodes.
Scare Master5Fluttershy's Nightmare Night fear having more backstory to it! Spike being an awesome friend to Fluttershy! CMCs with the toilet paper! Angel has a creepy mind! The humor!A skull falling off the Granny dummy's head was a bit too much for a kids show, and even for AJ's sake!
Rarity Investigates!5Another detective episode! Another Wonderbolt episode! Spitfire's mom! Misty Fly and Blaze! Sassy Saddles comes back again! Rarity's best role! Rarity's clever way of finding out the criminal!Wind Rider being responsible for the crime felt pretty obvious.
Made in Manehattan3Coco Pommel comes back! The story and the moral! The beginning with Twilight! Connected with Brotherhooves Social! Babs BG cameo!The episode felt kinda bland. The time I started getting tired of Rarijack episodes since they interact so much. Too much Applehat abuse.
Brotherhooves Social5Connected with Made in Manehattan! Big Mac character development! Orchard Blossom! The fact that almost everypony knew it was Big Mac! Sisterhood! Apple Bloom and Big Mac interaction! The ending!Nothing! :3
Crusaders of the Lost Mark5Pipsqueak for class president! The music! Silver Spoon stands up to Diamond Tiara! Diamond Tiara backstory and reform! The crusaders getting their cutie marks! The idea of their cutie marks!Episode felt rushed, but that didn't bother me that much in here!
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows4The humor with Pinkie! Shining's mental breakdown! Shining and Cadance getting a baby! Mr. and Mrs. Cakes' role! Mayor Mare name confirmed! "We get it, Twilight! You like books!" Featherweight!The news about the baby should've been saved for the end so we would've been surprised, because it being spoiled in the beginning ruined the chance of having a suspense for the audience. Spike being left out of the foal shower.
Hearthbreakers5An episode that focuses on the actual holiday of Hearth's Warming! Continuing AJ/Pinkie family dynamic! Getting to know the Pie family! Marble Pie, and Big Mac's interactions with her! The lesson of traditions!Nothing! :3
What About Discord?3The Remane Five getting along with Discord! Zecora's return after so many episodes! Spike's part!The Remane Five should've been more supporting to Twilight. Discord wasn't that funny. The jokes were kinda stupid.
The Hooffields and McColts3Fluttershy's role! Family feud and battles! How the situation played out! Twilight/Fluttershy episode!The episode felt pretty bland and boring.
The Mane Attraction5The songs! Rara! AJ's best episode that doesn't have to do with her family! AJ backstory!Pinkieabuse. Svengallop. Episode felt a little rushed.
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 15Time travel episode! Starlight's return! Moon Dancer cameo! Alternate King Sombra timeline! Fight with Starlight! Another what if episode! Pretty dark dystonian setting!Well, I guess Spike's crush on Rarity continues, even after being absent for so long.
The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 24The amount of villain cameos! Zecora's role! More alternate timelines! I liked Starlight's backstory despite many others not! Starlight being Twilight's student! Starlight's reforming! The amount of side characters that appeared!The Remane Five had little to no role in here. Why did Spike come along with Twilight if he's not gonna do anything useful?
Overall season total4Fandom gets some nods! Best Rarity episode! Best Rainbow episode! Best songs a season has to offer! Best CMC season!Apple Bloom seemed to hog all the attention away from her friends this season. Worst season for Spike. A bit of an underwelming finale.

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Equestria Girls: Friendship Games5Sci-Twi and Dog Spike! Continuing Sunset's character development! Midnight Sparkle and how Sunset can relate to her! Puppy-eyed Spike! Yet more new side characters in human form! Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet! The best opening! Flash and human Twilight didn't click like him and pony Twilight which was interesting to see! Pony Twilight meets Human Twilight!Principal Cinch seemed to be a pretty cliché villain. Teenagers riding stunt motorcycles in a school contest. The Humane Five barely did anything in this movie, at least not productive. Rainbow getting another song when certain other main characters didn't get a chance to have their own songs yet. Could've had more Shining Armor instead of just that one scene. The rest of the Shadowbolts seemed under-developed. Dragon Spike could've came with Pony Twilight as well, would've been extra lulzy!

Season six

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
The Crystalling - Part 15The baby was cute, I don't care what anyone else had to say! Starlight's new hairstyle! Starlight and Spike's interaction! Sunburst and Starlight interactions! Sunburst isn't what I expected, and that's a sweet goatee he has! Stressed-out Shining Armor - relatable to Twilight's meltdowns!The Remane Five didn't seem to be properly re-introduced for the season. Flurry Heart does seem a bit too OP - she seems kinda like another Poof from FoP.
The Crystalling - Part 25More Starlight interaction with Sunburst and Spike! Great use of Spike too! Great giving a male character the main heroic role! Clueless crystal ponies were hilarious! Sparkle parents dialogue! Thorax cameo before we even met him!The Remane Five didn't do alot for a season premiere.
The Gift of the Maud Pie5Finally, a Pinkie and Rarity episode! And they interacted really well in here for their first duet episode together! Their interaction with Maud too! How selfless and mature everypony is! Italian mobster pony! Rarity's impression of Pinkie! Maud-sense!So many Manehattan episodes and yet no Babs and Manehattan CMC cameos; even though we did get a Suri cameo, but I ain't too flipped over her.
On Your Marks5A CMC what's next episode was perfect for them! The amount of supporting characters that appeared, especially Bulk's part! The moral of the episode and how it all impressively played out! Tender Taps' and Apple Bloom's interaction! The song!I like Apple Bloom and her episodes, but when is Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle gonna have starring episodes again?
Gauntlet of Fire5Spike's first episode where he receives the upper hand... err, claw! Princesses cameo! Dragons returning! Ember! Torch! Spike and Ember's interaction! Epic fights! Twilight and Rarity's supporting role! Garble is awful, but seeing him get a taste of his own medicine is funny! XDNothing! :3
No Second Prances5Trixie's return! Starlight/Trixie interaction and relativity!! Starlight's humor! Cranky's hair joke to Celestia! Celestia's boredom! The heartwarming moments! Big Mac's part! The first appearance of a manticore since the series premiere! Old style film!This was the episode that made Apple Cobbler my least favorite BG pony. She stole Merry May's cutie mark! Even though Twilight was too untrustworthy of Trixie, she does have a point, Starlight shouldn've missed dinner with Celestia. Trixie doing that suicidal stunt seemed a little much.
Newbie Dash4Rainbow Dash finally becomes a Wonderbolt! The amount of Wonderbolts that appeared and had dialogue! The nicknames the other bolts had! Rainbow Dash's feelings were understandable; I mean, Howard from Big Bang Theory had the same problem! So the show-boating part was understandable for Rainbow! Yes, the Wonderbolts are jerks, but that's how military organizations are. It's nice knowing that the Mane Six's heroic deeds are getting more noticed!Rainbow impersonating her friends was unneeded and cringeworthy. Alot of Spikeabuse in this episode, mostly by Pinkie, but luckily this is the only time this happens this season!
A Hearth's Warming Tail4I should've given this episode more credit! I loved the music in the episode, and the amount of supporting characters that appeared and sang! Especially Luna's song! How did she get so tall? Celestia underneath her? XD Merry May's first appearance in the season! Pinkie and Featherweight tap-dancing! Spike's humor!It's just A Christmas Carol again but with ponies; might as well just listen to the music in the episode, and it would've turned out just the same.
The Saddle Row Review5The Mane Six all played each other well! A nice little flashback and commentary episode! Very humorous! Plaid Stripes was enjoyable! Nice seeing Coco again! Vinyl Scratch! Rarity For You looks much more beautiful than her other boutiques! Too Many Pinkies reference!Nothing! :3
Applejack's "Day" Off3The amount of supporting character cameos! The moral of the episode! Rainbow Dash's part!The episode was mostly just walking around and montages; for an awesome moral, the way they went through with it was pretty boring. Twilight and Spike's part could've been shown a little more. Twilight volunteers Spike to help her with Applejack's chores - repeated problem from Castle Sweet Castle. Spoiled Rich. Another Rarijack episode?
Flutter Brutter5Meeting Fluttershy's family! Zephyr Breeze is a very understandable pony with very understandable problems! Yes, he is unlikable, but that's the point, just like what Big Jim said! And I'm proud of him! If a loser like him can accomplish stuff, anyone can! :3 The song was okay! Zephyr's crush on Rainbow! XD Fluttershy's best episode since Keep Calm and Flutter On!Nothing! :3
Spice Up Your Life5Yay! Cutie map episodes are back! It's nice seeing Pinkie and Rarity work together again, even though it doesn't beat Gift of Maud Pie! The nice Indian culture, as well as a new genre song for the show, and the fact Pinkie and Rarity had a duo in it is awesome! Starlight cameo!Does Starlight's past have to be brought up in every episode? Zesty Gourmand.
Stranger Than Fan Fiction5Daring Do comes back! This episode really references fandoms and critics very well, and Quibble Pants was annoyingly hilarious! I like Caballeron better than Ahuizotl as a villain so it's nice seeing him again! Patrick completely nailed Quibble! Hilarious end credits! XDRainbow says "You'll never get away this".
The Cart Before the Ponies4The amount of supporting characters that appeared and had dialogue, like Snips, Snails, and Cheerilee! Rarity, AJ, and Rainbow's interference in the race and the building process was understandable, and it looks like they're going through a quarter-life crisis to relive a childhood! The song! The CMCs' interaction with their sisters! Cheerileader!Physics does seem a little extreme for these foals; how old are they anyway? Whoever designed that derby road should be fired, the roads shouldn't intertwine like that. These carts are this racing seems unsafe for schoolage ponies and should have more safety restrictions. A half-day to finish working cars with engines? Not even us hue-mans can do that!
28 Pranks Later3The amount of supporting character cameos! Some of the pranks Rainbow did were funny, especially the sewing cake one! "Cookies!" It was sweet to see Pinkie bring the whole town together on the prank, despite how unrealistic it seems!Some of Rainbow's pranks were too harsh, especially after Mr. Cake could've broke his jaw with that brick sandwich. Rainbow was way too OOC in this episode. Too many Rainbow Dash episodes together. Where was Starlight?
The Times They Are A Changeling5Spike's best episode yet! Changelings return! Spike and Changeling friendship! Shining and Cadance's understandable opinion towards Thorax. Spike song! I don't care if Starlight and Sunburst didn't do much; I'm glad they appeared! If the events of this episode didn't happen, the finale would've turned out much different!How can Thorax be automatically different from the other changelings in birth? Maybe if he learned friendship during the Canterlot battle, it would make more sense. Cadance trusts strangers too much with her baby.
Dungeons and Discords5Discord/Spike/Big Mac interaction! We barely see these three interact, and now we have an episode dedicated to them! Question answered about what Spike and Big Mac do while the Mane Six are out of town! The nerdy side of these characters! The humor, especially Discord's entrance! Spike gives Discord a chance to hang out, so he's doing better than Twilight so far, cause she hasn't seen giving him any chances yet! Opposite Fluttershy!Discord was kinda too full of himself in the episode, and was too big of a baby on certain parts. "Shamarity?" Really? Also where was Starlight?
Buckball Season5Andrea and Ashleigh pretty much talked to themselves throughout most of the episode! XD Snails was awesome! Thanks for giving him the spotlight, Jennifer! Hopefully we can get Snips too one day! Rainbow giving up her spot for the sake of the team, that's character development there! The moral of the episode, and the way it played!I'm not really into sports, so this episode didn't appeal to me that much, but I still really liked it! We got three episodes Rainbow Dash plays a major role, then a break with some Spike episodes, and now we're already back to Rainbow Dash again? Don't worry, that's production order problem, not the episode's problem! ;) Little Strongheart was promised, and yet she didn't appear, but I won't really count that since it was just a false rumor by someone else.
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks5New griffon character, and she is very lovable! Scootaloo relating to Gabby so she can help her! Twilight Dorkle! Past episode references like Tender Taps! The song! The moral and the way it all played out!This is the last time the CMCs appear this season (other than Apple Bloom), and the last song of the season.
Viva Las Pegasus5An awesome new AJ/Fluttershy duet episode that really shows how well they are together, and beats Bats! by a longshot! Still nice seeing the Mane Six getting more noticed around Equestria! Love the unique pony models this season has to offer, and the tons of new BG ponies! The moral of the episode and how it played out! Nice seeing the Flimflam Bros again, and how they took over the resort! Not many times we got new locations in this season, Las Pegasus is amazing! I'm glad Flim and Flam didn't reform! Nice Elvis pony!Didn't the Flimflam Bros already fight constantly in a comic? First time they didn't sing. They might've sounded pretty cool having an argument song between the two! :3
Every Little Thing She Does5A chance for Starlight to interact with the Remane Five, even though they were brainwashed most of the time! Spike and Starlight's interaction! Starlight's friendship with Trixie mentioned! A nice moral and a nice way of going with it!Out of all the times the castle appears this season, and the amount of castle that was shown in this episode, Owlowiscious could've had a cameo.
PPOV4The interaction between AJ, Pinkie, and Rarity, and their stories! Pirate Applejack! Rarity's constant 'darling'! Spike's humor and voice of the audience! A nice chance for Twilight to do something great without Starlight being around! The pet cameos! New location!The ending felt rushed and the solution came out of nowhere. Spike's crush on Rarity is still going on?
Where the Apple Lies5Apple backstory! Filthy Rich's role, and how nice of a character he is compared to his human counterpart! Big Mac talking! The amount of references at the hospital! The broom closet! Big McIntosh called by his full name for the first time in a long time!No Apple parents? "Spoiled Milk?" Really?
Top Bolt5Another Wonderbolt episode! The humor! Twilight and Rainbow were at their best in this episode! Sky Stinger was full of himself at first, but he became more likable in the end! Vapor Trail is a cutie! :3 Angel Wings is pretty cute too! Starlight cameo, even though she's taking over the finale! XD The moral and how it played out! Nice lesson on confidence!None! :3
To Where and Back Again - Part 15Return of the Changelings! Luna and Starlight bonding! Starlight and Trixie bonding! Trixie really cares for Starlight and trusts her! Thorax returns! Discord returns! Our Town ponies return! Trixie's peanut butter crackers joke comes back! Discord breaking the fourth wall by saying "secondary characters"!Seems like everyone that got captured seems to have gotten captured too easily.
To Where and Back Again - Part 25Secondary characters get to be the heroes! Discord's will to save Fluttershy! Thorax becoming new Changeling leader! Starlight's heroic role! Trixie and Discord's interactions! "Klutzy Draconequus!"I don't mind the changelings' new looks or them being reformed, but all of them decide to be reformed? Some should've disagreed. A very underwhelming amount of the main cast for a finale. Starlight saying "you'll never get away with this", and it gets worse when Chrysalis says "I already have". Such cringeworhty phrases, and some of the phrases were kinda corny.
Overall season total5Much better Cutie Map episodes than season 5! Starlight became my second favorite character! Best season for Spike, as he finally got to sing, and started the path between Equestria and two different kingdoms! Fluttershy's family! Changeling Kingdom! Trixie comes back and is awesome! Best season for Big Mac! Pinkie and Fluttershy were at their best this season! Rainbow Dash becomes Wonderbolt! New locations! A new perspective from dragons, changelings, and griffons!A little overwhelming amount of Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash, and too underwhelming amount of Pinkie and Fluttershy. Pinkie didn't get a single solo episode this season. The finale was good, but didn't feel like a finale. A character introduced like Sunburst should've appeared more. An underwhelming amount of cameos from my favorite BG pony Merry May.

Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree5New location in the EG world! Flash and Sunset bonding! The Humane Five's new abilities are much better than the new abilities in Friendship Games! Dog Spike had much more character growth, and had some bonding with Fluttershy and Sunset! Bulk Biceps dialogue and Derpy dialogue! Embrace the Magic being the best EG song! Enjoyed most of the songs in here! Human Filthy Rich! Timber seemed to be a better choice for Sci-Twi than Flash; they seemed like they had more in common! Twilight being more relatable to Sunset!No human Zecora. No CMCs. The Midnight in Me felt like it came out of nowhere. Gloriosa Daisy sounded like she was hiding something from the start, and she sounded quite annoying.

Season seven

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Celestial Advice5Celestia major role! A nice "what's next" scenario for Starlight! Celestia and Twilight relatable moments! Thorax and Ember appearances! Hilariousness from Spike, Discord, and that one changeling who yelled "ATTACK"! Spike's voice of reason! Starlight sticking around more! Henrey cameo in the end!Thorax and Spike didn't interact. Another premiere with the Mane Six being underused.
All Bottled Up4Starlight and Trixie moments! Supporting role from Granny and Bulk! Yet-another song joke! Mane Six moments!Didn't really care for the song itself since it seems like every Mane Six song these days have the same words. Spike could've done more than just be there.
A Flurry of Emotions5An episode focused on Twilight and Flurry! Spearhead! Shining and Cadance moments! Spike's voice of reason again, and ending! Grogar mention! It was different from Baby Cakes! Cheerilee and Nurse Redheart! Pretty hilarious!Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?
Rock Solid Friendship5Nick Confalone episode! Maud graduates college and moves to Ponyville! Maud befriends Starlight and their chemistry seems awesome! "Shredding guitar" joke! Pie family cameo! Derpy and pizza! Tank cameo, he's still alive! The cave!Pinkie learns the same lesson from A Friend in Deed.
Fluttershy Leans In5Most relatable episode to my future career! Fluttershy having a dream! Returning one-time characters like Dr. Fauna and Big Daddy McColt! The way the Mane Six, CMCs, Spike, Starlight, and Big Mac are used to help Fluttershy with her sanctuary! The little and expecting conflict in this episode didn't bother me!Wasn't a big fan of those characters who helped Fluttershy out - one looked like an AJ clone, and the other is just a construction worker, but the male Rarity was kinda interesting!
Forever Filly5Sweetie Belle episode and great way to develop her! Rarity/Sweetie's dynamic! Return of Sassy Saddles and Zipporwhill! The pictures on the wall in the CMC clubhouse! The way the A-plot connects with the B-plot!With Zipporwhill's dog growing up, it still makes me wonder why the Cake twins are STILL babies!
Parental Glideance5Rainbow's parents and her relationship with them! Scoots' part in the episode! The podium flashback! Lightning Dust cameo! Scoots backstory referencing her relationship with her parents!None that I can think of!
Hard to Say Anything3Big Mac and Sugar Belle make a cute couple! The CMCs' role in here! Recapping Hearts and Hooves Day episode! Returning to Equal Town! Feather Bangs, only in the end.Didn't really enjoy the song. Some of Big Mac's methods to win Sugar Belle over, like the kissing while she's asleep part seems like something he should've known better about. Feather Bangs everywhere but the end.
Honest Apple2Rarity's shredding guitar! Photo Finish and Hoity Toity's return! The three different contestants to Rarity's show showing their different unique styles!ANOTHER Rarijack episode? AJ seemed too mean in here despite her honesty. This episode should've been earlier in the series. AJ just letting them all win in the end seemed too cheesy.
A Royal Problem5Well-needed Celestia/Luna episode and development of the two characters! Nightmare Moon vs. Daybreaker! Starlight's role in the episode and Starlight getting called by the map! The way Celestia and Luna play-off eachother!Twilight seemed to be too nosy in the episode with her popping out of nowhere trying to help Starlight.
Not Asking for Trouble4Pinkie's role in the episode! Learning more about yak culture! The yaks were less annoying in here than Party Pooped. Gummy being along for the ride! The humor!The episode got boring in the second half with the overused moral and snoozing dialogue.
Discordant Harmony5Discord/Fluttershy's relationship! Discord being completely selfless in here which is new for him! Learning Discord's weakness! Overall fun actions and dialogue episodes! Heartwarming ending!Nothing! :3
The Perfect Pear5Learning about the Apple parents and seeing their relationship! The Romeo and Juliet-type of story made it really heartwarming! You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song! Probably the most heartwarming episode in the entire series! Learning more about Mrs. Cake! Goldie Delicious' return! Mare in the Moon cameo! Grand Pear's part in present day of how he knew Apple Bloom and her siblings! The ending with the tree!The way Bright Mac and Pear Butter talked as babies made them sound like adults, it felt weird, like Rara in filly form sounding like an adult back in Mane Attraction.
Fame and Misfortune3The return of the friendship journal! Two G3 characters and their part in the episode! Flawless! Most of the meta-content in the episode! The not-so-perfect ending! Foreshadowing!AJ and Rarity's point of view from their fans seemed reverse than how the bronies view them because it seems more like AJ is the hated one and Rarity is the popular one. Starlight completely replaced Spike in the episode and it really bothered me.
Triple Threat5Spike becoming ambassador! Spike developing his friendship with Ember and Thorax! Spike getting called by the map! Ember messing with Derpy's muffin and how she viewed Twilight and Starlight! Ember and Thorax's interactions! Foreshadowing!Nothing! :3
Campfire Tales4The legends' stories, especially Mistmane's! Sister campout! Torch and probably Ember's mom cameo!The episode felt too rushed, the three legend stories should've been 3 separate episodes.
To Change a Changeling5More Starlight/Trixie moments! Thorax/Pharynx moments! The Changeling hive's fate after S6 finale! The overall moral of the episode! Funny parts!Wasted opportunity to show renegade changelings. Doesn't seem to make sense how Thorax and Pharynx are brothers but not the rest of the hive.
Daring Done5Pinkie and Rainbow played off eachother well in here! One of the best friendship morals of the season! Somnambula's legend story is my favorite! Dr. Caballeron's villainous plan!Rainbow seemed to be too aggressive towards AK in here. I could see Caballeron's face in that prophet robe, why didn't Rainbow see it?
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You4Zecora returns after being absent for so long! The number of character cameos! Merry May finally speaks! Even though it's an obvious moral episode, the way they handled it was pretty cool!Since when was creating manes with magic difficult? A pretty slow-paced episode.
A Health of Information5A second Zecora episode and this time someone helps her! Getting to know the relationship between Zecora and Flutters! Mage Meadowbrooks' backstory! Knowing that there is a lethal disease in Equestria! Great new use of Fluttershy's character! The stare! OwOThere were so many errors with the flashbees that make them too different from regular bees, like when they sting they don't die, and the queen bee makes way for another queen bee.
Marks and Recreation5Great use of Thunderlane and Rumble! Vincent Tong NAILED Rumble and the song! Awesome new cutie mark story! The circle girl!I didn't get to watch this episode sooner! :3
Once Upon a Zeppelin3Got to know Twilight's parents! Iron Will's unpredictable return! Awesome moral! Cruuuuuuuise!Spike offering to stay behind really did a number on my opinion for the episode. It's not like he knew his own family to begin with, now the writers make him not bond with his adoptive family.
Secrets and Pies4Humorous episode, and well-needed moral! Character cameos!Should've been done in an earlier season. Why was Rainbow feeding her pies to Tank?
Uncommon Bond4Development on Starlight and Sunburst's friendship! Well-needed moral! Trixie and Maud's part! Direct prequel to the finale!Execution of the episode felt kinda boring. Starlight turning herself and Sunburst into foals creeped me out too!
Shadow Play - Part 15Awesome use of all the Mane Six, Starlight, Spike, and Sunburst! Equestria development! Star Swirl's physical debut! Pony of Shadows! Return of Cattail, Daring Do, and Garble! Spike/Rainbow Dash's dynamic! Interesting twist at the end!Nothing! :3
Shadow Play - Part 25The Pillars' return! Star Swirl's interactions with Twilight, and each Pillars' interactions with the Mane Six! The story of Stygian and his relationship with the Pillars! Awesome moral! Great final battle! Return of the Elements!No song, but that doesn't really bother me that much.
Overall total4.5Apple family parents! Every main character had a great episode this season! Starlight sticks around for new reasons! The Mane Six finally had a finale again with them as the heroes! Return of awesome character interactions, including some new cool ones! Rainbow parents! Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had starring roles! Merry May vocal role! Zecora returns after being absent last season! Backstory on Mrs. Cake! Ember and Thorax return! Twilight's family! Big Mac/Sugar Belle relationship!Rainbow Dash didn't have a single solo episode this season, outshined by Scootaloo and Pinkie respectably. This season really cheated on potential Spike roles in episodes such as Fame and Misfortune, Once Upon a Zeppelin, and Uncommon Bond; and only had one episode. This season kinda cheated on Applejack as well for less roles than usual. Less songs than usual and I only enjoyed two of them.

Equestria Girls - Magic Trilogy

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Dance Magic4Rarity-centered EG-related thing! Shadlowbolts return (minis Indigo Zap), plus more exploration with their characters! Opalescence in EG world! Interesting twist in the end with both parties having a mutual problem! Good recycled use of an unused song! AJ and Pinkie's suggestions on music videos hilarious! XDWasn't a big fan of Pinkie's rapping in Dance Magic. The Shadowbolts' use of their money doesn't seem excusable. Come to think of it, it is too Rarity Takes Manehattan-relatable.
Movie Magic4Daring Do The Movie! Power Ponies! Chestnut Magnifico's intentions were unexpecting and interesting! Nice interactions when the main cast split-up! A nice nod to Scooby Doo! Return of the necklaces!The one responsible felt too obvious. Canter Zoom seemed a little too harsh to his niece despite just being a teenager who didn't know better.
Mirror Magic4Starlight Glimmer in the EG world! Love Starlight's hipster look! Starlight's interactions with Sunset Shimmer, and the way they both had a hard time getting used to their alternate environments! Sunset returning to Equestria! Starlight seems to use the same tactic to defeat the villain over and over - but at least it worked this time, unlike last time! Best comedy out of the trilogy! How Starlight, Sunset, Sci-Twi, and Juniper relate to eachother!Missed opportunities for Sunset's reason for returning to Equestria. The Humane 6 didn't have to bother Juniper Montage, they could've let her alone. Everybody seemed to judge Juniper's new look pretty harshly. The climax felt rushed.
Overall total4It was a nice experiment, and I'd like to see them do these 22-minute episodes again! Certain other members of the Humane Seven that's not Sci-Twi or Sunset got a chance to shine! Return of the Shadowbolts! Starlight's debut in the EG series! Discord's best episode!There weren't any new EG versions of Equestria characters; the most we got was a mention of AK Yearling. Juniper Montage was a weak-motivated villain, and people seemed too harsh to her, and her reformation was rushed - I hope she doesn't stick around.

The Movie

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
The Movie5Really had a SpongeBob Movie feeling when I watched this, a very nostalgic feeling of watching an awesome show on the big screen! The amazing songs! The cool new characters (Capper especially)! The awesome humor from Pinkie, Spike, Storm King, Grubber, and others! Twilight, Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity, and Spike all had a major part in being the heroes! The character interactions! The amount of character cameos! The new locations! Tempest is such a relatable and understandable villain! It had the classic FIM feeling! Derpy's role! The awesome animation, and the new look to Canterlot and the throne room! Finally Luna has a throne!Certain scenes seem to feel rushed, like we don't get to know some of the new characters enough. The Storm King seems alot like Snoke from Star Wars, not enough backstory. Applejack and Fluttershy barely got to do anything. The ponies are allied with dragons, yaks, changelings, and the spirit of chaos himself, and yet Celestia relied hope on the hippogriffs?

44 Minute Specials (more incoming)

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
Forgotten Friendship5The awesome humor! Sunset returning to Equestria and reuniting with Celestia! Twilight's bookgasm! Awesome use of Trixie! An amazing story for Sunset that really felt needed for the series! Wallflower Blush is an awesome and understandable villain!They put a drone in the series! :P
Rollercoaster of Friendship1The Flutters/Rainbow rollercoaster part! Twilight and Sunset at the ringtoss! The white room part was quite unexpecting and clever!Just another typical EG story with the same story happening again. Too much corny comments about "friendship" when really this was a Rarijack love story! :P Didn't care for the song. Hated the villain. Really just wanted this special to end - such a waste of the writer's talents.

Season eight (under construction)

Episode name Rating Pros Cons
School Daze - Part 15The School of Friendship concept! Cool song! The new student characters! Spike interacts with Ember and Thorax, at least for a second! Direct continuation from the Movie! Maurice LaMarche!!!This first part felt a bit rushed.
School Daze - Part 25The interactions between the leaders! The bond between the students! The song! Castle of the Two Sisters! The awesome and realistic moral! Chancellor Neighsayer is an awesome villain, without being magically powerful, and is more realistic! Awesome use of Starlight's councillor job!How are the Mane Six going to teach when they have respectable jobs to do?
The Maud Couple4They put Sheldon Cooper on the show! XD Continuing Starlight and Maud's friendship! The standup comedy part! Limestone and Marble vocal appearances! The party at the end and how Maud, Mudbriar, and Pinkie were on the hill which makes Maud more comfee, and yet the party still goes on! The hallucination part (I never learned to read)! XDThe second act felt really slow and somewhat boring.
Fake It 'Til You Make It4Return of Rarity's Manehattan Boutique! The character cameos! Very humorous episode, especially with Flutters' multiple personalities! Sweet Flutters/Rarity moments! A spectacular performance by Andrea Libman!There were certain parts that felt rushed and certain parts that dragged. Absence of Coco Pommel and Plaid Stripes. Rarity considered everypony else before considering Spike (even considered the CMCs).
Grannies Gone Wild5Apple family Grannies vacation along with RD in Las Pegasus! The Grannies were hilarious! RD is put in an understandable conflict situation. Flim and Flam really changed up Gladmane's! "Sugar Booger"! Trixie's dad! The character cameos! The interactions between RD and the Grannies, and the Grannies with pretty much everypony else! XDMade me wanna go on vacation! XD
Surf and or Turf5CMCs getting called by the map! The song! The awesome and well-needed moral! Returning to Mount Aris and Seaquestria again! The different opinions between Sweetie and Scoots were really understandable!Scoots having a new singing VA. Apple Bloom barely got to do anything.
Horse Play5Celestia continuing to have an awesome amount of development! The humor! The play itself! The clever storytelling! Learning a bit about Celestia's past! Twilight's motives were understandable and relatable! The solution! Twilight treating Celestia like an equal!The Mane Six just throwing Spike under the bus like that. Overused obvious moral.
The Parent Map5Starlight and Sunburst get called on a mission; also the development between them! Starlight and Sunburst home life! The humor (Welcome to Sire's Hallow)! The overall moral! Starlight's emo stage! The twist of this being a personal friendship mission!What happened to Starlight's mom and Sunburst's dad? The story kinda repeats Parental Glideance.
Non-Compete Clause4AJ/Rainbow episode! More of the students, their interactions, and their part in the episode! AJ and Rainbow's competitive nature worked out pretty well here! Pinkie roasting AJ and Rainbow saying that anyone (including a flower plot) would be a better team leader!The arguing between AJ and Rainbow were too annoying at times.
The Break Up Break Down5Continuing Big Mac and Sugar Belle's relationship development, and the friendship between Big Mac, Spike, and Discord! Spike and Discord's interactions! The CMC subplot! The amount of BG couple cameos! The humor! The inspiring and well-needed moral! Spike's first starring role without Twilight appearing!Nothing! :3
Molt Down5A huge amount of Spike development, including alot of physical development! Spike/Smolder interacting! Spike/Zecora interacting! Peewee's return! An episode about puberty!Nothing! :3
Marks for Effort5Great new use of the CMCs! Cozy Glow is such a suspicious character, I don't trust her! >-> <-< Great use for Starlight! Robin Williams reference!Twilight was a bit harsh on the CMCs, because Twilight should know them better than that. The CMCs get to be tutors in the school, and yet all Spike is still doing is assisting is Twilight. I'm starting to feel bad for Cheerilee and I hope she doesn't become another rejected character.
The Mean 63Fluttersass! AJ's lies! Chrysalis' return and not noticed by the Mane Six! Anti-Twilight's plan of betraying Chrysalis! Chrysalis not being reformed yet, and is planned to return!Since when did Chrysalis have a grudge on the Mane Six? I didn't think Starlight was that close to the Mane Six to join one of their retreats. The overall episode felt boring to me. Shouldn't the Mane Six have known by now if one another is not acting right?

Season nine (to be made)

Episode name Rating Pros Cons