FANMADE MLP-Season5bingomega

This here is the bingo I made for things that I most hope for to appear in season 5. Here's how this bingo is going to work:

Number 1 - Babs Seed: Babs has to appear in at least one episode this season. Background appearance counts.

Number 2 - Apple Bloom crying: I've seen almost every character cry, but I never seen Apple Bloom cry. She was sad many times and she did whine, but there wasn't any crying. It's a weird request, I know. Just tearing up counts.

Number 3 - Spike real musical number: Spike hasn't sang much in this series and at most times he did, it didn't count as a real musical number. I want Spike to have his own song (other ponies can sing in it too) and it has to count as an actual musical number, not a gag song.

Number 4 - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon fight: Not physically fight, I mean argue with each other and put their friendship at risk. Silver Spoon seems like a side-kick to Diamond and I'm wondering if she knows that and can't take it anymore. One argument should count.

Number 5 - Zecora's backstory: We don't know much about Zecora's home country and how she grew up and I wish to know about it. It doesn't have to be a full episode, she just has to say at least one thing about her past.

Number 6 - Mareami mentioned: The ponified Miami. I've been wanting this city referenced since season 3. Just mentioning this city once is close enough for me.

Number 7 - Rarity and Pinkie Pie episode: These two NEED their own episode together! I'm pretty sure it'll be hilarious! They haven't had a full episode together yet.

Number 8 - Side character saves the day: A side character has to be in help in saving Equestria from certain disaster, whether it being the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Big Mac, Cheerilee, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Zecora, Mayor Mare, Bulk Biceps, The Wonderbolts, Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Twist, or any supporting character that appears in the Character appearances list. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance don't count because they already saved the day at least once.

Number 9 - Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy episode: Unless you count Swarm of the Century, these two haven't had an episode together yet.

Number 10 - Spike episode with a character that's not Twilight or Rarity: I'm tired of seeing episodes starring both Spike and Twilight, or Spike and Rarity. I wanna see Spike have an episode with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I know Applejack and Spike had an episode together already but if they had another episode together, I'll count that too.

Number 11 - Cheese Sandwich: I liked him! I want him to have another episode! Background appearance counts too, I guess.

Number 12 - Main character leaves for some of the season: Like something pops up and a character would have to leave Ponyville for a very long time but return before the season is over, or leave town between seasons, either or, it'll teach a lesson about letting friends go. I wanna see this happen at least once, more specifically, I wanna see that happen to either Twilight or Applejack since they had the most appearances in the show; most likely Twilight.

Number 13 - FREE HUGS! <3: That's our free-space. :3

Number 14 - Merry May dialogue: Merry May is my favorite background pony and she never spoke once on the show yet. I wanna see her talk just one time. Talking while a crowd is talking doesn't count, we HAVE TO hear her voice.

Number 15 - Swing musical number: I like swinging music, so I wanna hear somepony sing one swing song at least once in the season. Swing is child-friendly, even though most kids may not know what it is. XD

Number 16 - Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's child: Soooooo, when are these two going to have a kid? Hasbro released a Princess Skyla toy and yet her character wasn't released on the show yet. It doesn't have to be Skyla, but I Want these two to have a foal finally.

Number 17 - Someone comments on random singing: Like in Rarity Takes Manehattan when Rainbow commented about somepony singing at a random time. I want somepony to comment about random musical numbers again. More specifically, I want somepony to comment about a crowd singing along with them and following them around, but it doesn't have to be that.

Number 18 - Background pony references: Whether it being Winnie the Pooh, the Big Bang Theory, or even Team Fortress 2, I want a background pony to reference either a celebrity or character(s) from a movie, TV show, or game. But to make things a little more difficult, references that the show already made in the past such as Doctor Who doesn't count. Mwah ha ha ha! >:D

Number 19 - An episode that teaches me a good friendship lesson: Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 really taught me a lesson, and some other episodes of the show did as well. This season, I want another friendship lesson that really teaches me a very helpful lesson in life or friendship. Let's hope the show this season doesn't repeat any morals from an episode they already did, or teach a lesson that's SOOOOOO obvious. :P

Number 20 - Princess Celestia learns a lesson: I wanna see that Celestia isn't perfect. I wanna see her mess up on something and learn a lesson. Luna already learned a friendship lesson, and I'm pretty sure Cadance did as well, but I wanna see Celestia learn something.

Number 21 - Ponies with an Italian accent: I've heard Scottish, South-Western, even New York accents. I'm Italian and I wanna hear somepony use an Italian accent.

Number 22 - Two or more side characters meeting: Some side characters have socialized with each other in the past but some haven't. I wanna see more side-characters socialize with each other.

Number 23 - Two recurring antagonists (or former antagonists) meeting: It has to be two antagonists (or reformed antagonists) that appeared in a past episode. A recurring antagonist and a new antagonist does not count. One reformed antagonist and one antagonist that's still an antagonist counts.

Number 24 - Snips and Snails being helpful: These two have been dorky for so long, I want these two to help out in a situation just once without a character being mad at them.

Number 25 - Twist having dialogue: Twist hasn't spoken since season 2. Are her and Apple Bloom still friends? Apple Bloom can't just abandon her old friend to make new friends without reason.

Well this is pretty much it. Obviously not ALL of them would be checked, and I know some of these are unlikely and some of them are almost certain. I need to five in a row to win. If I win, I'm going to reward myself something special! Maybe you can join me on this bingo, or you can make your own! It's a fun game! I made one some past seasons but I didn't bother finishing it. This time I'm going to! Any questions?