Sup brahs? Real talk, alright? I'm having a huge problem here on the wiki, and it's affecting the friendships I made here, and I wanna talk it out. Now I love helping people out. I do it on my stories, I do it on my YouTube videos. I help make people laugh, so they could feel good, and not feel bad if they had a bad day or somethin'. Here, I like to help out in any way I can, but sometimes no matter what I do, somebody always has to edit over the hard work or easy work I do to keep everything running smoothly here. I make so many compromises here for people. You may not have any idea, but I do. I hold my tongue when I get upset that somebody says something about the show that I don't want to hear, and sometimes when people edit over my stuff, I just don't bother fighting it out with them, because hey... it's just a wiki. It's no big deal. But sometimes I do forget that, and whenever I feel like my appreciation is being taken for granted... I ain't always the funny and friendly guy you all know and love.

Yes, I let stuff go a little too personally for me, and do I blame any of you for it? No, I don't. I just let my emotions get the best of me whenever I feel like I'm being taken for granted. I work hard to make this wiki good, and it seems like, you always edit my stuff. Now, I do make mistakes, yeah, grammar's not perfect. I admit that. However, it seems like every time I edit, it's just not good enough for you, I get so upset with myself because it seems like my work is just never good enough for these dudes, no matter how much I try, or don't even try, and that really upsets me.

I sometimes feel like some people around here think their way is always the right away, and I admit, I get that too. But to me, as long as it's readable and useful, I put it down. Then I pat myself on the back on a job well done! I contributed, and we're all working together as a team to make this community happen! But then... sometimes, some people think their way is the correct way, and they think their edits rise above all else's - or at least that's what I think. Nobody is more superior around here. Nobody's the boss, except for the rules.

Not only thing, but alot of the users around here seem like perfectionsts: like always using the full name of a character, always start off a summary with "in this episode", but I can overlook those... but something that really bothers me: one little misspell, one little mess up, and somebody has to correct somebody. This isn't a page I'm talking about, this is the comments section or the stats page. Like for example, on the stats page, I said on Viva Las Pegasus, that this is the sixth appearance of them after all these episodes, and then I say "The Case for the Bass", then somebody corrects me and says "A Case for the Bass". Ok, one little missword like that isn't going to hurt anybody. If I say something wrong and say a completely different title, then correction would be necessary, but if I want to save time and say "Fault in our CMs", I'll be pretty annoyed to see someone say "Don't you mean 'The Fault in Our Cutie Marks'?" No... just... no.

Let's not let our work around here rise above the friendships I made with all of you around here! Yes, I mean all of you. It's friendship above all else. Isn't that what this show is all about? I feel like my work is being taken for granted, and I want to fix it. No I can't just ignore it; I can't just let it go. I am not Elsa. I also don't want to leave because... I can't drive. No seriously, I can't leave this house. My friends are always too busy to hang out, or I'm too busy with college work or YouTube videos. There are alot of other places I would rather be right now. But here I am, stuck on my computer. I do want to drive, but nobody's training me, I'm stuck with a permit. I do want to get a job but nobody is taking me to get an application done!

So yeah, I'm stuck here. I'm not always in the mood for YouTube videos or writing my story, so I gotta come here to get what I desire and help people out, plus hang out with people who like me, and I can't even be happy here because I work gets taken for granted, I don't have enough people commenting on my videos, and it's really difficult for me, yunno?

So yeah, sorry it was such a long blog post, but I just wanted to get that off my chest. So yeah, I'm not happy about my work here being taken for granted, and I want to fix it. I want all of us to be happy. Not just me, not just you, all of us!

Don't ignore this! Talking this out is probably the best chance for me not for me to let things be so personal, and then we both do things we both are going to regret.