Have any of you ever heard of that awesome machinima on YouTube called Scanner-Life? If you haven't, where have you been?! You can't know Mega Sean 45 if you don't know Scanner-Life! That's the series that started it all! It was the very first project I made, and it's still going on after 7 1/2 years! But all good things must come to a temporary end, because life. So I have to make one more episode.

Now there's a couple of problems. I need some help with certain things in the episode. Now this place isn't probably the best place to ask this, but perhaps you might know of people who might know. I need someone who knows how to make cool music for an end credits song, I need someone who knows how to remodel ragdolls in source engine, and I need someone who knows how to take vocals out of songs. I'd use Audacity, but it's not working for this particular song.

So yeah, I really need some help with these. I'd be willing to pay for the people that can help me do these things, and if you can give me the names of the people that help me, I'll add you to the end credits for special thanks! I really need this! I need this more than anything Spike-related on the show!