Yunno what I learned these past few months? Whenever we share ideas, they only have a 2 of 10 chance of happening. However, the less I share my ideas, the more I see them happening in the show. I kinda knew Triple Threat had something to do with Thorax and Ember, but I NEVER shared that before the synopsis released! So yeah, we all got our great ideas that we think should happen on the show, but the show staff sometimes visit these websites, and when we mention these things, it makes them think, "Oh, these people already know this kind of thing, so we might as well not use that."

So, I'm no longer sharing my episode ideas on any MLP media site! I might share the ideas with some friends via PM, but that's about it. Maybe on Discord chat if anyone's interested, but at least the staff can't see that. But I don't think I'm sharing them there either. I'm just gonna keep these ideas to myself from now on, and if I see a headcanon coming true on the show, I'll mention that! ;)

But hey, this might be good practice for Harmony Brahs! I got a new animated series in stock for the future that's going to completely pwn MLP big time! >:D And might as well practice keeping things to myself before that time comes, because hey, I ain't sharing episode ideas for THAT! I wanna surprise y'all for when y'all become fans of that show! :D Plus, the more I focus on my own work, the less I care what happens on this show - and that includes Spike! The entertaining things my team has in store is gonna be 10x better than anything the MLP team can throw at us! :D Know why? Cause it ain't a toy commercial, and we actually CARE about ALL characters, not just a chosen few! ;)

But yeah, I made my point. It's best for you brahs not to share your ideas for MLP either, so they'll more likely happen! :D

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel when ya get a chance! ;)