Well since we're nearly done with the hiatus, I thought I should give you my opinion on it as if it were an actual episode. :3

Let's start from the beginning from when the hiatus ended: I immediately made a season six bingo hoping for certain stuff to happen next season. I think during this time, I was still making The Friendship Detection Agency story, hoping I could finish that, and then finish up Book 3 of FiE, which didn't happen, because I cancelled that story so I can start writing Magical Harmonies, even though I don't think I wanna call it that anymore, I'm now thinking of Harmony Brahs, since I dunno how much magic is gonna happen on there, and they are 'brahs'. I haven't started writing it yet though.

I don't remember completely about what games I played during the hiatus. Right now I'm playing Bioshock and Doom 3, so I can prepare myself for the upcoming Doom game. I probably played alot of Half-Life mods and recorded them. Oh right, and I played through the Halos in chronological order! Starting with Halo Wars, then Reach, and during Combat Evolved I made a brand new series on my YouTube channel called What if I was Master Chief? which is basically me playing through Halo but talking through it as if I was Markiplier or Jacksepteye. After that I played through Halo 2 and created What if I was Master Chief Again?, and then I played through ODST, and now I'm currently playing through Halo 3, which I'm having some trouble on. I'm playing on legendary, and one of the save points was actually right on top of a Brute landmine, which aggravated me, and I don't wanna play through that stupid highway level again!

Sometime after I finished What if I was Master Chief, I was thinking how long the MLP hiatus was, and I had the feeling it was gonna be as long as before season five, so I made my own season six fanfic, little did I know season six was coming out earlier than I thought. Even though I predicted so many things already in season six and it hasn't even started yet, that doesn't mean I know everything about the new season. I was just lucky to have thought of it. A couple of predictions were obvious though, but there were some predictions I had no idea would come true.

So recently I've been watching through season five again so I can get ready for the new season. I just finished Crusaders of the Lost Mark not too long ago, and I'm thinking of skipping The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows and The Cutie Re-Mark until right before the premiere day of season six, since those episodes are actually pretty important to those episodes, and since I already watched Hearthbreakers early so I can work on the Holder's Boulder chapter on my story, all I have left is What About Discord?, The Hooffields and McColts, and The Mane Attraction, which I'm planning on watching on next Tuesday I guess, and I'm gonna watch Friendship Games on Thursday, because I haven't made an opinion blog about that yet, and I need to.

Anyways, it's been a fast hiatus! I'm pretty hyped about the new season! You'll be expecting review blogs sometime after each episode just like last season! Also a new bingo to come with it! Just to be funny, I made a bingo for the hiatus (most of them were about fans pissing off Big Jim), but I seemed to have misplaced the bingo, and I don't wanna make a new one, so there.