What is up mah cranky crew? :D It's been a while since I last posted a review for an episode, but that's because I had it out on MLP for a while, and I still kinda do, but I might as well get some of these done while I'm in the mood, and I barely have been, so might as well! :3 Time for the episode we've all been waiting for: A Royal Pain in the Batokus!

So this is the Princess Celestia and Princess Luna episode everyone's been wanting! We had that Celestia episode first in Celestial Advice, and now we have a royal sisters episode! However, we have Starlight Glimmer added to the bunch! When this info first got released, alot of people were pissed because, "Hey! You got your Starlight Glimmer in my Royal Sisters episode!" and "Hey! You got your Royal Sisters episode in my Starlight Glimmer!", yunno what I mean? Of course the uber Starlight fans really excited! Me, I didn't care either way! I'm just glad people are happy that they got their royal sisters episode! I was pretty excited! I mean, I wasn't AS hyped as everyone else since most of my opinions on the show resolve around what's happening with Spike, but I'm glad we got some royal sister starring moments in here! I'm also glad the writers gave Starlight a chance to be the one to do everything! We got alot of character development coming from our three starring casts!

So Starlight getting called by the map, huh? It's weird considering that Starlight doesn't have an Element of Harmony, and I coulda sworn only the Elements of Harmony were able to get called by the map to a random location around Equestria, but now the map is going outside the box! Starlight! I'm proud of her! Before we know it, we'll have Trixie getting called by the map, and Discord, and Spike, and even the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Even though some of them don't have cutie marks, I'm sure the map will find a way! It's not just that though, Starlight has been called to Canterlot - hasn't that city been used already in Spice Up Your Life? I suppose the castle and Canterlot are two different locations since back in season 6 it took place specifically on the streets of Canterlot, while this episode it took place exclusively at the royal castle and Canterlot itself only appeared a couple of times. Now when it comes to Celestia and Luna, this seems alot like some of the comics, and I'm glad they're adding some of it into the show! Celestia and Luna aren't just the perfect princesses they turn out to be all the time, cause they're also sisters, they're family! You can see they're trying to do good things for one another, but they don't really understand each other fully since they're complete opposites. You see alot of personality within them! Luna's personality is common, but Celestia, do you ever see her get mad? Barely at someone who's not evil! I got the feeling the only time she got mad at somepony who's not evil is Twilight in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1! So you see alot of emotion within Celestia, and we realize she's not perfect! That's what exactly the show needed for her! I know she ain't perfect, I mean there are times she becomes helpless at just the wrong times like in certain 2-parters. Here we see Celestia at her best! She's a goddess and a normal pony like everypony else, and Starlight seems to see that! I mean she looks at them as friends of hers and not monarchs which is why she wanted to confront them cause she thinks that would help them. She's gotta be careful when it comes to that!

Now of course this overall storyline and moral was used many times in the past, but there's only so much stories you can use. The Lady Writers were able to keep it fresh! They knew that a royal sisters episode was needed, and what better storyline to use than try to be in each other's shoes? I dunno, their hoof sizes are different, so I don't think that's going to work out! :P I'm kidding! So of course the story turned out as it was, it was hard for Luna to do Celestia's job and Celestia had a hard time with Luna's job too, of course it was gonna end like that, that's obvious! What wasn't obvious though is all the little details in the middle, and these are the interesting parts! Before I get into that though, I wanna get into Starlight's decision to switch their cutie marks. Now I disagree with the "going what my gut says" thing sometimes, because Starlight just used magic on the leaders of Equestria. Now of course the princesses are completely understanding, but that's not always the case when it comes to real life, so Starlight has to be careful! If she did that trick to the wrong leader, it would be off with her head! I applaud Starlight's idea, it was a good one and it worked! But she just has to be careful and control her magic more - that's Starlight's main problem. She doesn't have many friendship issues anymore, but she still does have magic issues, so at least that gives Starlight a flaw! Every character needs them! Starlight did show alot of character in here too where she was having that nightmare... that awesome nightmare! So we finally see what Celestia would look like if she had an evil alter-ego - Daybreaker! She looks pretty badass! :D Turns out Celestia and Luna became closer than ever after this, and now they do understand each other! But there's something about Daybreaker I don't get. Celestia said right before she defeated her, "You will never exist again." She never existed in the first place! Or did she? Holy Wizard of Feelings this show is raising more questions than answering them! XD

Now of course what didn't help was Twilight meddling in Starlight's affairs! She was EXTREMELY annoying in this episode! I like that about Twilight! It really fits her character with all these freak-outs! Of course Starlight wouldn't have a problem if it weren't for Twilight, but that's what causes a conflict, right? Conflict is needed to make the show interesting! But of course Twilight was hilarious on certain times, like when she became a music box! Don't stop playing, Twilight, or else the Puppet will come! Tara Twilight shows her Timmy Turner alot in here! XD Twilight's reactions are priceless! She was really funny in the end too when she wanted to hear all about the story of what happened, and also give Starlight her toothbrush that she left behi- wait, hold on a second!

Twilight Sparkle gives Starlight her toothbrush S7E10

That toothbrush strangely looks alot like Spike.

So what, did Twilight get the wrong toothbrush? Or did Spike give her a toothbrush as a present from their first visit to the Crystal Empire while reuniting with Sunburst? Or did Twilight turn Spike into a toothbrush? :O Uh oh!

So that can be checked off the list! Celestia got her episode, and the Royal Sisters got their episode together so that's two things off the list of the brony wishlist! Was this on my wishlist too? Well... it wasn't vital. I was too focused on hoping Babs Seed would come back that I let everyone else wish for Celestia episodes! :3 So it was a GREAT episode! Is it my favorite? I don't know, this and Parental Glideance are pretty close to the first place slot!

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