What? You think it ended there? Noooo! We got another episode at the exact same day! How rad is that? :D

So we got another Starlight episode, and she's really bonding with Trixie in here! Shows that even their friendship has issues, but it can be played out! The thing with Trixie learning these new spells, I dunno... Trixie is a magician. Now she's really starting to know actual magic! I'm proud of her no doubt, but it doesn't seem to be completely her. It just makes it look like any unicorn can be powerful like this, and we're not seeing many powerful earth ponies or pegasi (outside the Wonderbolts). It just makes unicorns look completely OP. I'm sure I'm just over-exaggerating, but it just feels weird. I'm still proud of Trixie though for developing this much! Trixie was pretty much owned the episode! The tea-cup thing especially! XD So is Trixie gonna be appearing every Starlight episode now? This episode really got touching in the end, but Trixie was hilarious in here! The pretzel thing got me really good! XD

The Mane Six's Friendship Retreat looked really interesting, and the song was pretty catchy as well! The songs were even teased in here! XD However, this seemed like two episodes crammed into one. The Friendship Retreat could've been a little longer, but I guess it played out pretty well! It was really nice seeing Granny Smith and Bulk Biceps appear in here and have bigger roles! Seeing how it played out with them inhaling Starlight's stress and turning into that was just very interesting! I liked the overall moral, and it is nice to let out your emotions sometimes! Now Spike could've done a little more in this episode other than sit around and read comics. He could've been with Starlight and Trixie at the times. It would've been nice for him to expand his horizons again! Luckily, the season ain't over yet!

This episode was a typical slice of life story, and it was kind of a nice way to re-introduce Twilight's friendship with the Mane Six, as well as Starlight's friendship with Trixie! But a half-hour can only do so much. This season is starting off really good so far! I really hope to get at least some of my wishes to come true in here! No bingo slots for this one though. But we're still off to a great start! :D

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