Amending Fences, the next Twilight episode! I gotta say, this one was really good! It was one of the best episodes in the whole season! It discusses a bit of Twilight's past of when she grew up in Canterlot. It's confirmed here that Celestia didn't always teach Twilight by herself, and Twilight actually went to a public class. I loved seeing Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine as major characters! This is the second episode to have background ponies play as major characters! Plus, some of their fanmade names are canon, which pretty much got a lot of bronies screaming. :3

It was nice seeing Moon Dancer for the first time in the show, but it seemed pretty odd for her to be a recolor of Twilight. Seemed kinda lazy, but I wouldn't call it negative, I found that to be pretty cool! That leaves me one question though: did Twilight get her hairstyle from Moondancer, or did Moondancer get her hairstyle from Twilight? Food for thought. Really, I'm about to have dinner right after this review! :D Mexican Chop-Chops! Delicious stuff! Anyways, back on topic. Moondancer looked different from how she looked in the comics, and her personality was different too. Moondancer seemed to be an alternate version of Twilight, for if she stayed in Canterlot instead of going to Ponyville, Twilight would end up the same way. Only difference is, she has Spike. Moondancer kinda reminds me of myself in some ways. I'm sure alot of us can relate to her!

This episode didn't teach me this moral, so I can't add that to the bingo, but I say this moral was an amazing moral! I can sense a pretty similar situation between Apple Bloom and Twist in the future. There was alot of feels in this episode, and yes, there was good humor. I never expected Pinkie to burst in and help throw the party! I knew Pinkie would be in here, but I would've thought of a different situation. The humor was alright too, but this episode didn't target humor we can all see.

This episode also had alot of cool references in here! For example: everyone should know by now Starlight Glimmer appeared in the background, but hidden pretty good behind a menu. Plus, the glasses Minuette wore looked like they were from Margaritaville! It's confirmed - Margaritaville is canon in Equestria! Who's up for a cheeseburger in paradise? :D And another cool reference was Pinkie's swinging tail, which was referenced in a couple of other places.

I actually thought this episode was going to be in Princess Spike, not in its own separate episode. It would've been cool if this episode was connected to that episode, like taking place right before, then the summit taking place right after. Twilight and Spike were the only main characters to appear in both episodes mostly, until Pinkie showed up later in this one, but other than that, no other Mane Six appeared at all.

Anyways, this was an awesome episode! One of my favorites this season! I really enjoyed it! No bingo slots though, but I'm pretty confident for the next one!

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