Sorry it took so long to make this. I was busy with other stuff. Anyways, here are my opinions for the episode Appleoosa's Most Wanted. Now first off, it's been a while since we been there! I mean yeah the town had some cameos on other episodes, but this is the first episode where the town plays a major role since season 1! That long ago, huh? And a CMC episode no doubt!

Now to be honest, I thought there was gonna be more characters appearing in this episode, not just AppleJack. Is DHX still trying to prove that AppleJack isn't a background pony by giving her solo episodes? I'm quite surprised Big Mac and Granny Smith didn't appear either! But it was great to see Braeburn and Sheriff Silverstar have dialogue again! The CMCs' parts were pretty decent in here. I mean, we did have a CMC episode two episodes ago, but then again, it was mainly an Apple Bloom episode more than Sweetie's or Scoots', so this is pretty much the first CMC episode where all three CMCs have equal roles.

I knew Trouble Shoes wasn't actually the bad guy everypony claims to be. I knew he'd be just mis-understood; although, I didn't really know how he'd be mis-understood. Little did I know it had something to do with rodeos. And everypony thought he was a bandit just by making a few flawless mistakes! I don't think knocking stuff over is against the law. But then again, he nearly killed some ponies by his clumsiness, so I guess I understand why ponies want him arrested. I'm also pretty shocked that Trouble Shoes is actually an actual horse, not a pony! I mean everyone claims that he's a pony, but his size and looks, he has to be a regular horse, like those Saddle Arabian ponies. Perhaps that's where he's from, or at least where his ancestors are from. His Eeyore personality was very fitting in the situations he was in! Even though Cranky was an Eeyore before him in this series. :3 Trouble Shoes was a pretty interesting character, and Big Jim did an awesome job on him! Never thought the voice of an evil, abusive king would be the voice of a character somepony as clumsy as Trouble Shoes, but then again, look at Pinkie and Flutters. XD

I thought there was gonna be a song in this episode to be honest, but I'm quite surprised there wasn't. The CMCs haven't sang this season yet. Oh well, let's give 'em a chance. Anyways, this episode was pretty cool! I mean I still liked Tanks for the Memories better, but I enjoyed it! The CMCs actually broke a "criminal" out of prison, and there was a couple of laws they broke. Little fillies gone bad! Woooo! Season 5 is really getting somewhere, I'll tell you that much! I don't really understand though why it was raining in the desert, and why there was a swamp in the desert either. I mean, I'm not an expert on deserts, but those things rarely happen as far as I'm aware of.

One thing I'm getting concerned over is lately that random things in the background become memes. Like the picture of Sweetie Belle on Scootaloo's back. C'mon, fandom! Be more clever than that! :P

Anyways, good episode! Not the best one in the season though, but it was quite entertaining. No bingo slots were made for this episode. I could mark the side-character saving the day one, but the CMCs only saved one pony. I'm only counting it if a side character saves Equestria itself.

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