The first CMC episode this season, and I loved it! I actually thought I wasn't going to like it that much because it has something to do with Apple Bloom worrying about her CM, but it turned out that she is afraid of getting now! What a nice turn of events! Even though the story was pretty expecting, I don't really care about that. I mean, it is a kid's show after all! Everyone knew Luna was going to be in it! I just thought the voice Apple Bloom was speaking to was actually Luna herself, but nope! AB was pretty paranoid in this episode after all the trippy stuff that's been happening in the background! Big Mac speaking in full sentences must of been the most paranoid part for AB. It must've been a flashback for her during Ponyville Confidential, and AppleJack saying 'eeyup'. You know when something like this happens, poop gets real!

I'm glad Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara had a new tease for Apple Bloom that doesn't involve her being a blank flank. I mean, they're still annoying bullies that can't think of more clever insults, but hey, this was different. I got excited when Babs was mentioned in this episode, and her CM being scissors was pretty unexpecting, but hey, I don't even think she's an "Apple". I think she comes from Aunt Orange's side of the family. That's my theory on Babs. Also Babs appears in one of the photos of Apple Family Reunion, which means I can finally cross out a bingo slot! :D Babs appeared this season! I didn't see how she could appear, so this counts! I still think Babs might appear later this season, but it won't affect my bingo in any way because that slot was already placed.

Apple Bloom's fears of having her cutie mark makes this episode really amazing! It gives Apple Bloom some more character, and a reason for Luna to enter her dreams! That's all of the CMCs that Luna had visited dreams in. Who's next? Spike, perhaps? I hope so. Who else could she visit? The only thing a little off about this episode is that a few parts, Apple Bloom sounded different. Hey, she's becoming older, that's why. :P Apple Bloom's hitting puberty! Now how about those Twittermites? They got their name because every time we post on Twitter, it destroys Ponyville. So we must stop Twitter!

Amazing episode, Josh! Good job for your second season with MLP! It was an amazing episode! Well done! :D And so, that's one mark for my bingo! I really expected Apple Bloom to cry in this episode. Why doesn't she ever cry? Is she too embarrassed? I mean she did say she doesn't like it when ponies think of her as a baby. Maybe they'll make an episode about that someday, but in the mean time, UPDATED BINGO! :D

Oh and that's right! I almost forgot! The two or more side characters meeting slot is filled in too! Mayor Mare and Apple Bloom never talked to eachother before, so that counts! :D So I marked two bingo slots in this episode! Great job ol me!

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