First there was the Sisterhooves Social, now the... umm... whatever the other one's called. Just like Just for Sidekicks and Games Ponies Play, this episode along with Made in Manehattan has meanwhile scenarios. It's nice seeing this scenario again. I'd like to see it more often! Sooooo... Big... Mac's got more screentime! I'm always interested in seeing a Big Mac episode, but the amount of character he is given throughout the episode was completely unexpecting. We got to see a whole 'nother side to Big Mac that we never seen before. Showed how sensitive he could be, and how much talkative he could be when he thinks it's best to talk, and the way he says "eeyup" which depends on his mood.

Now this episode had alot of feels, including in the beginning. I love how they used this episode to show in detail the relationship between Apple Bloom and Big Mac. Just seeing AB blabber on how Applejack is awesome right in front of Big Mac, well I'd feel a little jealous too if I was him. AppleJack is great and all, but does that make her the best Apple? There is no best Apple. There are great group of Apples, and not so great group of Apples; probably what Granny Smith would say. Oh and yay, Granny Smith's back! It's been a while! Some other feels in this episode included Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash competing in the social together. They've really gained a bond since the events in Sleepless in Ponyville. I didn't think how that would work, but when Granny Smith says if there's a technical sister-like bond between two ponies, you're in. I kinda like that policy. Makes me wonder if brothers could compete. I mean, I didn't see any brothers in this social other than Big Mac, but it seems it's still possible. I guess this policy explains why Lyra and Bonnie were there together.

Not only did this episode have feels, it was also very humorous! Just how AB reacted when she saw the toy Big Mac showed her, like she didn't care all that much. In fact, alot of the humor in this episode was either Apple Bloom's reactions, Big Mac's girly ways (or the fact that he references what Pinkie did in Rainbow Rocks with the veggies; wait veggies for breakfast?), or the fact that one stallion didn't see through the disguise and had a crush on Orchard Blossom. Hey, buddy, it's a trap! ;) It's funny that he was the only one that fell for it. Everypony else saw right through him. I expected everyone to fall for it, but everyone was smart. Good! It's a little more realistic that way, plus compared to other cartoons, this is a first! Cartoon logic, even though it wasn't fully like that in this episode, there were still a bit. I completely lost it when Big Mac was in a dress. XD He seemed alot more talkative as Orchard Blossom too it was seem. Also the way he talks, with his fancy math, he is a very smart pony as seen in his detailed debut in Applebuck Season. Peter New's got a great singing voice, so it was nice to hear him sing as Big Mac again, even in a high pitched voice which probably hurt his throat.

So yeah, this was a very funny and adorable episode! I mean alot of the fandom was a bit weirded out by the fact that we cross-dressed, but a brother who would crossdress for his sister takes alot of guts! It's adorable and brave, and he really wanted to help his sister win, even if he unintentionally cheated. It was a nice little moment they had together. Awesome episode!

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