Well, our awesome Spike episode weeks has ended, and now it's time for the rest of the Mane Six to shine again! Who's up for some sports? Not me! I don't like sports! But regardless, here's Buckball Season!

So we finally have a Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy episode! So that's a bingo slot! Although I was hoping for it to be mostly just them, but it turns out they shared the episode with Rainbow Dash and Applejack. So it's basically an episode full of Andrea Libman and Ashleigh Ball talking to themselves. :3 So it turns out Pinkie and Flutters are probably better at the game than AJ and Rainbow, so it's not a type of episode about AJ and Rainbow being afraid that Pinkie and Flutters are better than them, which is nice to see AJ and Rainbow having confidence in their friends who aren't that big when it comes to sports! However, this episode turned out how I thought it was - Rainbow and AJ showing discipline towards Pinkie and Flutters... yunno what? I'm tired of calling them by their names because it involves too much typing, just like what I'm doing now, so I'm just gonna say Andreas and Ashleighs.

So when Ashleighs were pushing Andreas too hard, I thought it was going to be more like Andreas becoming too tired to play the game, causing the Ashleighs to feel super bad. Much like The Great Snail Race from SpongeBob, when SpongeBob was pushing Gary too hard and caused him to become too tired and stressed to finish the race. In here, it's basically just Andreas stress of thinking they would fail everypony who's counting on them, and it's a very relatable situation I get when people are counting on me. So this moral is really spot-on in this episode! Plus, it really brings Andreas and Ashleighs friendships to the test among the four of them!

Now the game buckball itself is a pretty creative game that combines a bit of basketball and hockey to the mix, and even involving one of all three types of ponies that are needed to play, and that really brings the pony races closer together! In the rarest of occasions, the unicorn is not Rarity for once! It was actually none other than Snails! Who woulda thought? Not me! Did you? Oh pfft, yeah right! Don't lie! :P The fandom really liked him in this episode, and he was super funny and super awesome! He may be slow in the brain, but he's not stupid. Maybe he just has autism, like me. I'm slow, but I'm not stu... yeah, I'm stupid. XD But still, seeing Snails get this love was really nice to see! Now if only Snips got that love too. Perhaps next season! Yunno, I just found out he sounds alot like Grover from Sesame Street. Doesn't he? Great seeing Braeburn again too! Humor-wise, the beginning was my favorite part when AJ was about to do something super awesome... then Rainbow ruins it! XD Good timing, Rainbow! Gooooood timing!

Now there was really only one thing I didn't like about this episode: Snails appeared without Snips. It just felt a little off. It's like all the times Mrs. Cake has appeared without her husband. Mr. Cake never appeared without Mrs. Cake, and Snips never appeared without Snails, but it's not vice-versa, and I'm like "wat"? Another thing bothered me, but it's not the show's fault: Little Strongheart was promised to appear, and then... what? What happened? See, it's just like when the MLP Facebook page posted that Babs picture. It made me hyped that they were gonna appear, and it turns out to be false advertisement, which I don't like. I was excited to see Babs and Strongheart this season, and now it just makes me want them even more next season. Probably wouldn't have bothered me if they weren't brought up at all.

So yeah, I wouldn't make it an eventful episode though. I'll say it's tied with The Cart Before the Ponies. Not eventful, but there was some cool returning characters, and a cool sports event, and an interesting moral! Not a Top 10 favorite, but I can guarantee it won't touch the bottom! ;)

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