Alriiiiight! Alright, alright, alriiiiight! We're back for another 13 episodes, and one spin-off movie! We return to the season with a Rarity episode! So it would seem Rarity has expanded her business - a Canterlot Boutique. Did you know my OC had the expanding shop idea first? Well, that don't matter. This is all about the pony everypony should... probably know. It depends. I mean I guess everypony would know since in half the episodes she stars in, a new celebrity character gets introduced. Except this one didn't have much of an appearance on here.

So anyways, the story was pretty expecting to me, but we gotta remember, it is a kid's show. I know of an awesome job AK Rogers does on her projects. Unfortunately, she still has two more episodes to go, and then she's gone, and it disappoints me. I loved her work on here. Oh well, easy come, easy go. I'm hoping to work along side her in the future. I too am becoming a writer, so if I'm lucky, we may work on the same show together! Oh right, opinion on episode. XD But after seeing this, it kinda supported my original theory of what this episode was going to be. The only way Rarity could operate her expansion was to hire somepony to watch over it. Her first full-time employee. So, quite frankly, I foreshadowed this episode. I was right! The only thing I was wrong about was Coco Pommel wasn't her employee. At first, I thought this was going to be the Coco episode, but nope, that's two episodes later. ;) So after all, the story was good, but the moral was... kinda repeated. Wasn't the moral of following the Rules of Rarity already used in Suited For Success? I mean, Sassy Saddles wanted Rarity to make the dress everyone else wanted, which is what the Mane Six did in Suited for Success - they made Rarity make the dress they wanted, and Rarity knows best when it comes to this. I was surprised Rarity didn't fire her on the spot since she was being bossy. Sassy is the manager, yes, but Rarity is still the owner. The big boss!

It's about time we had another song in here, even though it was another Rarity song, but that didn't bother me too much. We also got TWO reprises for the price of one! That's new! I wonder if each Rarity episode is going to have her having her own song? It was nice seeing Fleur Dis Lee appear without Fancy Pants for a change, and seeing Jet Set and Upper Crust again. But now that those two are more favorable towards Rarity, they haven't had any dialogue since their debut episode. Now unlike certain other episodes this season, this one didn't worry me too much when it came to Spike other than I didn't want him to act affectionate towards her again. That was a sweet relief. I'm really hoping he'd get tired of her soon. Well... you know, still like her, but Rarity wouldn't like... "control" him anymore or use him. That's what I'm aiming for. The only time Spike acted affectionate towards Rarity was in the third episode, and it was only because she provoked him. I really think Spike can break free of this curse. Also this episode was pretty humorous at times! I did not expect the ending with the big pony coming in! XD Say... didn't we see her before? ;) Seriously though, I haven't noticed it at first until someone showed it.

So yeah, this was a pretty good episode! I'll give it a 8/10! There was no hype, but I wasn't disappointed at all in this episode. It was a typical AK Rogers episode, and I like those kind of episodes. We don't need special action or stories all the time. Sometimes we need episodes to remind us that this is a kid's show. Even though this episode wasn't too favorable for me when it came to the bingo.

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