Alright... alright... ehem... hmm... ok... what?! Ok, let me be honest with you for a minute. When I saw the summary of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, I thought it was just going to be a random CMC with them trying to help Pipsqueak become prez, and then Diamond Tiara just becomes the bully again trying to cheat her way into being prez, but after seeing this episode, I completely freaked out. Well... freaked out internally. Seeing as the episode turned out to be DT's reforming episode and the CMCs getting their CMs was unexpecting. Bet I wish you had a dollar every time you heard that. ;) Look, I knew the CMCs were going to have them sooner or later. Like I expected them to have them this season, but in the finale, not in the middle of the season.

Let's start from the beginning. I figured the CMCs would have a musical number in this episode, but I didn't think it was going to be right in the beginning. When I watched this episode with my mom, she said "Don't they mean give up, not give in?" and then I said, "It could mean they don't have a complete meltdown." Am I right? Is that correct? During the voting song and how long it was, I was sure this was going to turn into a musical episode. It was nice seeing characters sing who haven't sang before, like Silver Spoon and the other students, even though amongst them wasn't Spike. Seeing as Diamond Tiara was just thinking of herself during debate, how in any way was she going to be voted? Until I found out she started blackmailing. I mean really, is DT going to cheat her way to the top? I wouldn't be surprised if she did. When she said to that orange pony she knew he had a secret, I knew for sure it was going to be that he's Flash Sentry's little brother. That would be hilarious! XD But she said she'd keep everypony's secret if they vote for her, but didn't she already say their secrets out loud in the song for everypony to hear? I can be a pony sins dude too.

Now let's see, the humor... not very much of it in this episode. Barely at all (well except DT's faces), but that doesn't affect the overall high rating of this episode at all. All the feels that were shed in this episode really made up for it. Started off thinking it was just a presidential campaign episode, until he expectingly won in the middle. I mean I knew he'd win, just not right away. All the unexpecting things happening in this episode also made up for it. Seeing DT and SS having an argument in the middle of the episode helped me fill out a bingo slot! I had an episode idea that included Silver Spoon breaking up with Diamond Tiara, but it was a different episode. Who cares though? I couldn've done better when it came to this. I just hope one day Silver Spoon has her own episode. Glad Cheerilee appeared in this episode AND was identified by name for the first time in a long time! Now the thing with Spoiled Rich, there goes the theory of Suri being DT's mum. You know I didn't think DT would act this way from her mom, but more of she doesn't get enough attention from her rich and busy family, but nope, it's her mom. Interesting, but I liked my way better. It's how most rich children are: spoiled, and not enough attention. When Spoiled said at least she didn't lose to those "blank flanks", isn't Pipsqueak one too? I mean unless that big brown spot is actually a cutie mark. What a mean lady she is, and the way she talked to the students. Cheerilee was right there! She could've said something! But then again, she's part of the school board, so I guess she's Cheerilee's supervisor. Another thing I was surprised about in this episode is that Fancy Pants and Filthy Rich appeared in the same episode. You know how much I wanted that? I'm getting those little minor things I want, but not the major ones. I guess I should act less desperate when it comes to Spike it would seem. XD

I can't stop thinking about the feels in this episode! Really! Dem feels! The songs! AK Rogers is really going out with a BANG! I thought her last episode is going to have feels in the music, and we're already getting them now. She could've released her special musical writing talent much earlier in the series. It would've made her episodes so much better! I mean not that they were ever bad in the first place, she's very talented. The writing staff I believe right now is dealing with a major blow with someone as talented as her! Disney is real lucky to have someone like her with them. So everything worked out in the end. DT was redeemed, Pip is prez, a really cool playground was made, and then the CMs came! That's the just the epicness this episode held! Little did I know this was the 5th anniversary special! Makes perfect sense now! What was weird though is when the CMCs finally got their cutie marks, they started to float and everything was flashing bright, but when everypony else gets them, it's just a not so bright light and it appears. Guess they're special. :3 This is perfect! With this episode, CMC episodes can still continue! They'll be helping other ponies find out what their destinies are. So the CMC still continues! I sense a Spike episode coming with these three! Oh, and bummer, the Mane Six appeared in this episode. I mean that's not bad, but we could've used one episode without them. But then AppleJack wouldn't say the parents thing. XD

So yeah, really good episode! Probably the episode this season maybe! I mean this season ain't over yet, but it's going to be pretty tough to beat this! Wow! Two bingo slots! DT and SS fought, and then Apple Bloom finally... got teary eyed. I'll accept that! :D Twist could've had dialogue in here, I mean she was mentioned and seen, but didn't speak. Can't fill out that slot yet. Maybe later. Let's see if AK Rogers can beat this episode in episode 24!

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