Well that's it then. This is the season 5 finale! I gotta say, this was an awesome season! But to be honest, I kinda liked season 4 better, but that don't mean this one was bad. Every season was good in their own way! This season obviously had it's share for the fandom! Well... the other fandom, not so much as my own. I'll ramble about that later. I'll make a separate blog post later about the overall season. I'm going to watch all the season 5 episodes again and I'll give a smaller summary for each of them and rate which ones I liked best and all that. So let's get started with our final review post until next season!

Now I had several different theories going in my head about what this episode was about after seeing the sketch sneak-peek. You see, I actually thought this was going to be the episode the Cutie Mark Crusaders were going to get their cutie marks. Starlight Glimmer would take over Ponyville and all the ponies with cutie marks are fallen under her spell. This would get the CMCs to save the day, and then finally earn their CMs. That was before I knew this episode was about time travel, as hinted from Friendship Games. Twilight Sparkle and Spike were the only ones not affected by the paradoxes, so it was up to them to save the day. Or more like, it was up to just Twilight. That was what I was afraid of in this episode. Spike would only be around for the ride. It would've been much better if he had the chance to really help out in a big way. I mean he did a little bit. He was the one that touched the paper then sent the duo back in time, and he stopped Twilight from rescuing Fluttershy because he knew. He did ok though. But is there ever a time when he could do well without being an assistant? He did provide ok humor in this episode though. Most of his good humor was in the beginning. Oh look! It's Moon Dancer! Oh look, Spike's been to Mareami! Hopefully it's Mareami. It can't be any of the canon Equestrian cities. Well... I guess Los Pegasus is an exception. That part Pinkie appeared in with the cake made me laugh hard! XD I mean it was just out of nowhere!

Now what really gave this 2-part finale its absolute charm was the different possibilities of the changed timelines. Having to think about what would've happened if Rainbow Dash didn't perform the rainbomm was a genius idea! I actually did a similar story in the past: what would happen if Luna never became Nightmare Moon? Things would be different. Not sure if good or bad. Now the paradoxes. Wow! They were really interesting! It started off with King Sombra in war with Equestria, then Queen Chrysalis already took over stealing everyone's love I guess, then Nightmare Moon, and then Lord Tirek, and then Discord, and then Flim and Flam, and then... nothing. I dunno why Twilight said it got worse every time because Discord's didn't seem too bad, but Sombra's timeline seems to be the worst for me other than the wasteland in the end. Sombra's really seemed to be dark. It had a very depressing atmosphere. The wasteland had the most depressing atmosphere though, but y'know. But to be quite honest, this didn't really make any sense to me. There were so many things wrong with this. In the Changeling timeline I saw Pinkie Pie with her floofy hair and balloons cutie mark. That didn't happen because Rainbow Dash never performed the Rainboom. Also Applejack is back at the farm. I guess when the war broke loose she realized her family needed her. But I don't know why she still had the accent. She should've had a Manehattan accent by then. Did she somehow find her way back to Ponyville before the war?

But the biggest thing that didn't make sense to me in this episode was why did these paradoxes happen at separate times? They should've happened all at once. After the third time change, that's when Nightmare Moon took over, but that should've happened, like, a long time ago! That should've happened in the very beginning! Why was it daytime in all the other timelines? Also why was Luna back when Discord took over? She should've been Nightmare Moon the whole time because who else could've stopped her? Celestia couldn't. Some of the other users did say that Discord might have not been summoned without the CMCs, so I guess that would explain why Discord wasn't there in some of those timelines. Chrysalis taking over, she took over in one timeline, but not in Sombra's. I don't get how Flim and Flam would've taken over; unless the Apple family didn't have the strength to defeat them, therefore they takeover Sweet Apple Acres and start expanding. Tirek shows up, but it was still daytime then. So... to be honest... the only timeline that made sense to me was the wasteland one. It wasn't daytime, and Tirek already destroyed everything. The end. So I guess these paradoxes happened this way just to get the episodes to last longer. I watch Doctor Who, I know how time works, and this way wasn't correct. Oh yeah, also should've Twilight and Spike see so many past versions of themselves? But then again it would turn into a Family Guy or SpongeBob scenario and that ain't gonna end well. XD

Ok I've been ranting the faults about these episodes, how about the positives? All our favorite villains came back! Great to see Sombra and Chrysalis again! Great to hear Kathleen Barr in this series again! I haven't heard from her in a while! And Zecora! Well this episode definitely made up for her lack of appearances this season! Zecora vs. Chrysalis! What could be cooler than that? I know alot of people were disappointed when Starlight was reformed, but I actually like it. It'll bring so many different opportunities for the show! I have the feeling Starlight's going to be the main hero next season. She's gonna be next season what Discord was last season! ;)

Thank you so much MLP Crew and Cast for all you've done to make this show possible! This was my third favorite season! It's number 3 behind season 4 being the first and 2 being second, and then seasons 3 and 1 afterwards. I know you're working super hard to make sure this season stays on top, and I know it will! :D Well... I didn't get to finish the bingo. I was so close! Maybe if I arranged the bingo differently, I would've gotten it. XD Next season will be better, I know it!

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