Behold! Our first Discord episode of the season! What took so long? Oh! He's sharing this episode with Spike and Big Mac? What an unexpected surprise that I just found out just now this second at this time at this very moment! Dungeons & Discords! Wow... does every Discord episode have to have his name on the title all the time? XD

Now to first start off, I never expected an episode to star this trio! A guy only episode sounds pretty awesome, and it was nice to see how it all played out! These three either rarely socialized with each other, or never at all in this series, and it was a nice change! That's what made me most interested in this episode! It was just missing Shining Armor, but since the new baby, guess time's been hectic for him. I'd complain about Thorax's lack of appearance, but this is literately one episode after his debut, so Nick probably didn't know about Thorax yet. The lack of Starlight Glimmer didn't at all bother me either, I mean mainly cause she probably wouldn't do anything that important in this episode. Plus, this episode might've taken place before Starlight moved into the castle, which is what I say about some of the episodes she doesn't appear in. Same with Newbie Dash for example.

Now the humor of this episode was spot-on! Everyone had their moments! Discord really made me laugh in this episode, especially during his grand entrance where mini-him ran in to introduce him! Opposite Fluttershy really got me good during the sneak peek! Pretty much burned Opposite Discord! Discord was also really roasting Celestia on this episode! XD This episode had an interesting moral too, and some nice development for the trio. Spike and Big Mac really feel about Discord being alone, and I guess they know how it feels. Spike being left out of some of the Mane Six's adventures, and Big Mac just does chores on the farm without some fun every once in a while. I guess that's why Spike and Big Mac hang out from time to time to avoid being lonely, and they feel for Discord too. Perhaps this D&D thing might become a regular thing between the three of them! I mean not in the series so much, but... yunno.

The only things I would criticize about this episode is... why is the throne room on the first floor? Unless, there are multiple throne rooms, or multiple paths to it. Also, the ending felt a bit rushed. Could've shortened the bar scene a bit to make the ending a little bigger. Spike's crush on Rarity still seems to continue, I guess, unless I'm right about this taking place before the season 5 finale; or maybe it's just not as strong as it used to be.

So not a very eventful episode like The Times They Are A Changeling, but it was an awesome slice of life episode! Pretty much the first good uneventful Spike episode! Nick did an amazing job on this episode, and the season all together! I really want him to come back next season! I wanna see him do a CMC episode! I mean all the writers should have a chance to write an episode for each of the main cast! Nick did an alright Pinkie Pie episode (Pinkie herself was good in Party Pooped nether-the-less), he did a good Pinkie-Applejack episode, he did a good Starlight episode, a good Rarity episode, and now a good Spike-Discord episode! All his season 6 episodes were truly amazing! Please don't let this be your last season, Nick! Do some season 7 episodes! :D

Oh yeah, and bingo slot! Spike had a duo episode this season that he doesn't share with Rarity or Twilight! Spike and Discord! Interesting combo! :D

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