And now the hiatus has officially ended! This is the first episode since A Flurry of Emotions that I watched on time, and not an early release! This episode pretty much reminds us about the nostalgia of certain past episodes, and it really gives big nods to the fandom! Ladies and gentlemen (no I'm not using pony puns), this is Fame and Misfortune! :D

So welcome back Friendship Journal! Haven't seen you since the season 4 finale! Your story arc was abandoned completely, but now you're back! First the friendship letters were mentioned in Celestial Advice, now you're back! See, I'm glad old story arcs are coming back for proper conclusions! However, there are still alot of unfinished / abandoned story arcs that needs finishing, so Hasbro, don't end the show anytime soon! There's like, two seasons worth of unfinished content that needs finishing! But enough of that, let's focus on this episode! Twilight decides to publish the friendship journal! Good idea, huh brah? Well, to some of us it is; to others, dude, not so much; and she got the idea from the two fillies from G3 MLP! Trust me, I wouldn've known if other people didn't bring it up! Who woulda known they were the key to the moral of the episode? Also, how do you "win" hop-scotch? I mean unless, it's one of those hop-scotches when other people shoot those toy arrow thingies at you. What were they called again? Hold let me search up Markiplier's video. Nah, forget it, too lazy.

But the main purpose Twilight put out those books was to influence the friendship on other ponies, but sometimes people seem to think about the other things instead, and it starts to affect the Mane Six. Rarity is worst pony to them, they take advantage of Applejack, they non-stop laugh at Pinkie Pie, they complain about Fluttershy's assertiveness to her, and they think Rainbow Dash is best pony. Huh... no one mentioned Spike's journal entries at all. Come to think of it, where was he? Out of town to visit the dragons or changeling? I got the feeling he was supposed to be where Starlight Glimmer was in here. But I guess they wanted Starlight since she needed to defend the Mane Six's honor, and she was a really good friend to them! It seemed to really make up for Every Little Thing She Does! Really an honorable friend, and the voice of reason! I'm glad she played part in here! Also, the Cutie Mark Crusaders now have that camping idea ready for Marks and Recreation it seems!

Some of how the fans think of the characters are a little irrelevant though. AJ is mostly unpopular with the fandom, call her a BG pony and all that, and Rarity is actually a little more popular. Iunno really for sure - you have to be really part of the fandom to get it, but maybe I'm getting the wrong idea or whatever, and the ponies of Equestria are really putting what's in the book out of proportion. It stresses Twilight so much that she and the Mane Six sing about it! When Twilight melts down, she sings? Well I'd do that if I could remember lyrics at all! I know this episode was pretty much a nod to the fandom, but I don't consider it an insult at all! Sometimes I get mad when Spike isn't treated fairly, or why hasn't the Manehattan CMCs ever been seen yet? Yunno what I mean? My personal problems weren't addressed, but I get what they mean. The whole reason of the show is trying to give us influence on what makes us better people, and I agree with that completely! That's what the song meant! It was the 2nd best song of the season so far! Sorry, but the The Perfect Pear song was better! ;) But I did get the message, and I read it loud and clear! :)

This episode really had a unique story, and such a unique ending where the problem wasn't really resolved, but the Mane Six are content, and that's so rare! We get a happy ending without finding a solution to the conflict! There's sometimes no changing a fandom. It's like religion and politics, no matter what, people stick to their beliefs, and it's baggage that they carry for the rest of their lives. It would really take alot for them to let go of it. As long as our favorite characters are happy, I'm happy too! :D

Merry May has REALLY been getting absent alot lately. Forget the dialogue! I just want her to appear again! Hey, at least she ain't the only one. There hasn't been any Candy Mane or Canterlot ponies either. So at least she ain't alone.

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