Sorry it took me so long to post this, I was out today. Let's get this over with: The Fault in Our Cutie Marks!

So I actually saw the leaked version, since I really couldn't help myself, and I didn't really understand it that much without the English subtitles. However, that didn't ruin the English version for me because I really loved this episode! It has to be the best Cutie Mark Crusaders episode in the entire season! Let's start off with, I saw this episode coming from 10 miles away! Well the story. I actually thought at first it would be Spike asking the CMCs for a cutie mark to make him feel more blended in, but that idea got dropped after I had the suspicions of Spike doing major stuff in this season, and probably the finale! This story is actually much better with Gabby!

Now Gabby, she became a very addicting character, and she's my new favorite griffon in the series! I didn't even have a favorite griffon actually before Gabby! I mean I guess I could say Gilda was, but I was excited to see a slight cameo from her in here! Gabby pretty much knew her task of getting a cutie mark was impossible, but she couldn't believe it, and she really wanted to get one. I'm sure we were all waiting for an episode like this for a long time! A character that's not a pony wanting a cutie mark. That's a really interesting story! Also how the story played out was awesome too! Gabby really didn't want to give up, and I admired her enthusiasm! Her being good at everything though, I mean everything, seemed a little odd. Nobody can be good at everything, even though she did admit she's not good at lying. Heh, lyin' lion, or at least lyin' part-lion! XD That was a dumb pun. Anyways, I really want to see Gabby again! I wanna see Babs Seed again even more though, but Gabby is definitely someone on my list of characters I'd like to see before the series ends!

Now what really impressed me in here was Scootaloo's relations with Gabby's problem! This episode really gave Scoots some character development! So if each CMC episode has to have one protagonist, I would say this is kind of a Scootaloo episode, even though it's not though really. I really enjoyed the song too, in both English and Polish! Erin Mathews did an amazing job as Gabby! Even though it would've been nice to see her play Little Strongheart again, having her voice back is certainly nice to hear, and as a completely different character! We had some cameos with characters like Bulk Biceps, Gilda, Tender Taps, Cheerilee, and even Zecora! I really thought Zecora was gonna talk in here. I mean it's nice to see her, but it's pretty odd that Zecora's VA hasn't had one voice role yet in this season. She usually gets two episodes per season, at least. We're still missing one more episode from Diamond Tiara's VA. She just did Spoiled Rich in Applejack's "Day" Off, and she needs to do one more episode, or at least I think she does. As humor goes in this episode, most of my laughter came from Twilight's adorkableness, and the first pirate scene! :D

So all in all, this definitely makes my Top 10 episodes this season, and we'll see about Top 5! I'll let you know when the season ends! Got a slight cameo from Merry May in here which makes me happy! I'm pretty hyped for most of the next episodes this season! I do hope we see all the CMCs do something again in this season before it ends - hopefully Where the Apple Lies.

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