Now this episode I've been hyped for a loooooooong time! Flutter Brutter - the episode we finally meet Fluttershy's family! I gotta say, I am very impressed with this episode! This episode is number four on my list right now for favorite episodes this season so far! :D

Now at first I expected Fluttershy's bro-bro to be a little younger than that, like school-age, like the Cutie Mark Crusaders' age, and acts more like Bart Simpson; also thought he was Pop Fly from the Xmas album. Nope, Pop Fly is someone else. Not sure who though. We got Zephyr Breeze instead - still younger than Flutters, so I'm glad we got the older sis, younger bro thing down in this series finally! Even though he doesn't seem that much younger than Fluttershy. As she might be in her later 20s, Zeph might be, 20-22.

Now seeing a pony who doesn't enjoy failing, and in fact, gives up because he doesn't want to, it makes a very awesome moral! Even though I already know it, I think this might be the best moral of the season so far! It might really inspire people not to give up, and keep trying! Look at me! I fail like a dozen times, and I still haven't given up! Cause I know for a fact that I can be the best a little bit at a time! I don't have a job though, but I am in college, and I'm writing a novel right now, so that's something, right? I'm not one to work at boring ol fast food restaurant or super-markets, cause I just don't want. I know what I want to do, and I'm good at it. So regardless that he is kinda obnoxious, and he's not very liked by half the fandom, I like him! I mean... he's not as bad as Discord! I hope those two meet one day. Probably later this season or next season. :3

Fluttershy's parents are pretty cool too! Her dad kinda reminded me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, and her mom kinda looked like Vilma from Scooby Doo. It sure does explain how Fluttershy got her personality from, but Zeph is so different (he was adopted ;) ). I still wonder what makes Angel so special to Fluttershy though more than any other animal. I would've thought it was her bro-bro, that was my first theory, and now I just don't know. Why Angel her favorite? But that's a question for another time. Angel was pretty funny in here, reacting to Zeph's bunny gnome! XD

I really liked Pinkie Pie mentioning some of the characters from the past, like Cheese Sandwich and Ms. Harshwhinny, and I did see Iron Will and Moon Dancer on that photo album! Since when did Pinkie become friends with half those characters anyway? XD Seeing Zeph flirt with Rainbow Dash was pretty funny too! Zeph really provided alot of humor in this episode! I liked the song too! It's not a Top 10 favorite though, but I liked it! It shown a really good message! The magic of this particular song is the lyrics, but not so much of the melody. I ain't a music expert though like Danny so I don't wanna judge that. :P In the second half of the season I'm hoping for a really good song! Something really catchy and different!

So yeah, awesome episode! Can't wait to see more Zeph in the future, and I really hope Fluttershy does a lot more this season! I'd like her to be the lucky Mane Six pony this season to have a fourth episode! There's always one or two Mane Six ponies each season with a lucky number four! Rarely a number 5, Applejack was the only one to accomplish that (other than Twilight but I won't count her).

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