So now Treehouse seems to be releasing two episodes every weekend! Saturday and Sunday! Every week we're going to expect 2 episodes! Well I guess they wanna get the season outta the way to make way for the movie, so alright! But this would mean season 8 is going to take longer to come by. Whateves! I'm gonna get really busy in the future, so maybe with MLP outta the way, I won't have to be distract with this. Anyways, Fluttershy Leans Over and does something! Let's do this thang! The first early released episode outta the many we're gonna get!

Ok, now this episode I could really relate to! It doesn't have to be a badass adventure episode in order for me to be impressed! In fact, we almost had no adventure episodes at all this season yet, we only had Rock Solid Friendship as the only adventure episode so far! So Angel, the demonic little bunny that he is, accidentally broke his foot from doing all those sweet stunts! I gotta say, I'm actually pretty impressed on how well he did until the end: I'll give him a 9 for that! It's quite impressive for a little rabbit to do that! But yeah, he broke his foot, and I wish I could feel bad for him, but I can't, because sweet justice! XD I'm kidding, Angel's a good bunny! So we get to see the Ponyville vet Dr. Fauna again, only her name is different, and her voice! Plus her vet is filled with animals! Fluttershy's cottage is full of animals too and she could keep up with them! Well, I guess they're both experts in their own field! Flutters knows animal psychology, and Dr. Fauna knows animal medical studies! They would make an excellent team! At first, I actually thought Fluttershy was going to take all the animals to her cottage, and then her cottage would be the animal sanctuary. I mean, isn't her cottage already an animal sanctuary? What does Flutter do for a living, exactly? Well... since it's said that her "career" dream is to build a sanctuary, I guess she'll receive funding to keep it running. I really liked how the sanctuary turned out in the end, and of course the difficulties Flutters had to get there!

Now some of the animals themselves, they should understand that Dr. Fauna's vet is a hospital, not a hotel. Especially that BEAR has to realize that, since he was super rude to that Toys R Us-looking giraffe! Harry should teach that bear some manners! He's a good bear! He's a teddy bear! This first bear in the episode is a jerk! So now Flutters wants to build a nice place for the animals to rest and recover, and she asks the Mane Six for help! To be honest, I don't know why the Mane Six didn't help her out in the first place. I guess then there wouldn't be a conflict if she didn't have those other so-called "expert ponies" to help her. This is what I'm afraid of when I start working on projects with a team. Now I WANT to work as a team with people; I really do! Working together, we can make anything happen! It gets lonely at the top by yourself, doesn't it? But there are always those few people who would selfishly change things up the way THEY like it. Flutters isn't building the sanctuary the way she likes it, she wants to make how it turned out in her head because that's how she knows the animals would love it! That's how I am with my projects! I wanna make my movies and shows the way both me and the viewers enjoy it! I want me and my team to enjoy making them just as much as the viewers would enjoy them! I ain't in it for just the money, unlike certain movies I've been seeing. This is why I really enjoyed this episode, because I can completely relate to Fluttershy's problem, and I've learned alot from it; so in any case, I fill in the bingo slot for learning an important friendship lesson this season! It's okay to listen to other's suggestions, but if you're confident of what your decisions are for your project, then just keep doing, and if they don't like it, they can find another project that might require their special talents!

So this isn't a very big episode, it's a typical slice of life episode, but it's REALLY good for a slice of life episode! I got to learn important friendship morals that will definitely come in handy for my future in particular, and it was nice seeing the main cast, the important supporting characters, and even Big Daddy McColt! I did not expect him to show up! Even though I wasn't a big fan of The Hooffields and McColts, and I did enjoy him returning, and he was really useful in Fluttershy's project! Excellent lesson, Fluttershy! Excellent vision! This is truly an inspiring episode! Thank you, GM Berrow! :D Best episode you've written so far! Can't wait till your next one this season! Fluttershy's development streak is still continuing from season 6, and I filled in a bingo slot! Successful watch in my book! :D

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