My neck's been hurting alot this week. I'm not sure why. It's either my office chair or my bed. Either or, that's not gonna stop me from writing another review! Hey who's up for Rainforest Cafe after this? :D

So three episodes in a row where the Cutie Mark Crusaders play a major role, and for the first time this season, Big Mac! Though the CMCs and Big Mac do have a various number of episodes they've interacted already. They haven't shared any episodes with Pinkie, Spike, or Starlight yet; and come to think of it, they haven't interacted with Starlight at all in the series yet! I really expected her to appear in here, but all we got was a couple of mentions. But what's this? Big Mac's got a new crush on Sugar Belle? What happened to Cheerilee- right, love potion. Well there goes that ship. In all honesty though, I thought Big Mac and Sugar Belle's interactions and shipping was pretty cute! I actually support this ship! However, there are a few flaws about it that I should mention.

The CMCs helping a pony they know find love once again, huh? Well the CMCs are no love experts, but I'm glad they remembered their past experience and know not to do that again, but there were some issues I had in here. I guess this episode is more for the little girls than the adults in here, because this episode felt pretty cliche. I'm not saying it's a bad episode, but I didn't like it that much of how it was executed. The CMCs think following the fairy tales was the way to go? I'm sure saving Sugar Belle after getting in trouble was a pretty understandable thing, but kissing her while she sleeps? Big Mac should've known better than that! The Battle for Sugar Belle song though? I'll get to that in a little bit. Now Feather Bangs... wow did I not like him at all! He seems too much like Justin Bieber. But I guess that was the point, counting all the admirers he has. Felt pretty nodding to the fandom to have Vincent Tong voice him though, counting on how much of a waifu stealer he is! XD I really coulda sworn Feather Bangs would be a pegasus! He's good at juggling though, but his pickup lines were just cringeworthy! Now let's talk about the song. It started off okay with Big Mac singing, but when Feather Bangs got in there, it started going downhill. Big Mac then started singing pretty bad in the middle of it. I mean it wasn't terrible - it was kinda catchy, but the lyrics were pretty bad, and too much autotuning.

Now the episode wasn't all that bad! Some of the sight gags and lines the CMCs and Big Mac used were pretty funny though! How it all worked out in the end, it was just sweet! Also Feather Bangs asking the CMCs for help winning the hearts of admirers (even though he already has) was pretty ironic! So after a second watch, the episode wasn't as bad, but it's definitely the weakest in the season so far. Not that anything is wrong with the episode. It's just not my taste. I'm sure the younger or female fans might like it a little more! So all in all, nice seeing Starlight's village again, and we got some cameos of Night Glider, Double Diamond, and Party Favor while we're at it!

So the writers actually came through with Big Mac having a canon special somepony now! Won't be long till Spike finds a new crush! XD So, again, who's up for Rainforest Cafe? :D

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