So we have another Holiday episode! I've been wondering when it would show up. It's nice having a nice little sequel to Pinkie Apple Pie. I actually thought it was going to be referenced alot sooner though, like Applejack saying to Maud Pie (character) <--- (Why hasn't this name been changed yet?) on her episode that they may be related. Should be referenced alot more.

So this episode really teaches us alot about tradition, and how it works. I knew the Pies were going to be really different, but rock soup? Really? The Pie family has teeth of steal! All the more reason to think the Pie family are actually decendents to crystal pony refugees before the kingdom's disappearance. Alright, I dunno if crystal ponies themselves have teeth of steal; maybe it comes from daddy's side, because the crystal pony blood I think comes from mama's side. Another reason I think the Pie family is crystal ponies: those crystal lights decorated.

Let's talk about the Pie family. We already know Maud, so it was nice seeing her again! Seeing her bond with Apple Bloom was pretty interesting. Seems those two really get along! Pinkie's parents... ummm... not sure what to say about them. They didn't talk that way back in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, but I guess it's how amish ponies really like to talk. An amish paradise it is. Sound like Yoda I do. I'm sure Princess Luna would get along with them nicely. Now Limestone Pie and Marble Pie, I kinda expected those personalities, only the other way around. I always thought of Marble to be aggressive, and Limestone to be a friendly one. Do we really need another shy character on this show? Only this time, she's even shyer than Flutters. Then instantly, Nick decides to ship Marble and Big Mac, as well as the entire fandom. Let's not forget, they may be related. ;) Like a Bubba J moment! "Ah met mah wife at the family reunion! Yelk, yelk!" :B Plus... what would Cheerilee say?

So this episode was nice! I was really glad we got to see Hearth's Warming Day without the need of seeing a play. I mean, don't get me wrong, that was adorable, and really good, but this here is the actual holiday! I've been wanting to see something like that even back then. I'm glad Nick made this a reality! The episode was pretty funny too! The Apples and the Pies seemed to be opposites, and yet they have alot in common too. It's what made them get along! Opposites attract! A particular holiday special!

Now I didn't really see anything that really bothered me much about this episode. AppleJack was actually crying on the outside, and not in the happy kind of way. It's like that joke in Tanks For the Memories didn't make sense anymore. AppleJack used to barely cry, now she cries all the time now. What happened to that strong positive pony we used to know? Something else that was pretty confusing was that Pinkie's family seemed to not enjoy AppleJack's decorations, but they seemed to enjoy Pinkie's party, which was all new to them. I guess the party doesn't take out traditions, but the Hearth's Warming decorations do. Plus, it surprised me that there wasn't a song in here.

Well... poop. We came back to no more bingo slots filled. Those were pretty good two weeks. I still would've preferred if the Halloween episode was released before this, because this is just confusing. We just saw the future by seeing this episode! None of that actually happened yet! But great having holiday cheers within us as we await the Xmas Album! ^_^

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