Now that I'm done with PPOV, it's time to review for the fourth Equestria Girls movie: Legends of Awesomeness! :D I started watching it from my Living Room while eating a sub sandwich I got, but Netflix was lagging so much, so I had to move to the bedroom and start over. Wasn't anything to do on EG's part though. But not to worry about that, onto the review!

Now, Camp Everfree, so they brought the Everfree Forest to the human world! I was wondering when they'd do that! It's nice to be away from Canterlot High for a movie and focus on a new outdoor environment! Everyone had a change of clothes as well, even Spike with his cute little hat! The overall story of Camp Everfree is not very original, but like I say, oldie but goodie! I really enjoyed it! Gloriosa Daisy, yeah when I first heard her voice, I knew there was something strange about her. That enthusiasm is so fake! When I realized she was a villain, I knew it wasn't intentional though because of Filthy Rich's part of the story. He wants to buy out the camp to make way for a resort. I gotta say, this Filthy Rich isn't the nice guy we all knew from Equestria. He's like from the actual big companies that relies on mostly greed and power. Him stressing out Gloriosa is what makes him the main antagonist in the movie, not Gloriosa. Her going out of her way to make sure everyone has the best camp ever is very understandable, and Timber Spruce is such a good bro-bro to her to help her out with her problems, even though he really wants to leave the camp and have a life. Why doesn't he leave though? He could, but try to find somebody else to help Gloriosa run the camp! It would be an excuse to see Timber again! Much like Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi, the demons within them overpower her, which doesn't make Gloriosa really a villain. She's a victim of magic, just like Sci-Twi with Midnight Sparkle which was a really interesting addition to the movie! Twilight is in this movie like how Sunset was in Rainbow Rocks - trying to get over their her past, and Sunset has been really helpful in helping Twilight out with that! She's a really good friend, and an awesome Mane Seventh! Also the rest of the Humane Six in this story were really helpful, which makes up for the lack of Mane Six heroic roles in season six of the main series. I also loved how the Humane Seven now have their own little Elements of Harmony! Can't wait to see how they work in the fifth movie!

Now Flash Sentry, once again, wasn't convenient to the plot like the first movie, but at least he bonded with someone other than Twilight! Flash had some development with Sunset Shimmer, and it looks like they might go back together! That would kinda be nice to see! He wasn't jealous of Sci-Twi's interaction with Timber, and actually got over it pretty quick! Doesn't seem very realistic, but I'm proud of Flash! He realizes Sci-Twi isn't the Twilight he knows, and that's interesting to see, as this makes Sci-Twi much more different than Princess Twilight! It's just like dog Spike doesn't have a crush on human Rarity like dragon Spike does, and he normally sticks with human Fluttershy more, which is nice to see alot of interaction between them! Some of these characters are really different from their Equestria counterparts. Rainbow Dash for example, she really likes to correct people constantly. pony Rainbow Dash isn't really like that, but her leadership skills really make up for it! The comment she made of Rarity's story was among her best! XD human Applejack isn't that different when it comes to hard work and stuff, but she does like to start arguments, and pony Applejack mostly tries to stop arguments. So it's the little details that make these characters different from Equestria's version for them. One more example: human Pinkie's randomness is a little different than pony Pinkie's randomness. I dunno how to explain that really, but it just feels that way. But then again, the two Pinkies do switch places from time to time, so we see more of human Pinkie than we think! ;)

Now for the songs! The first song, The Legend of Everfree was pretty much my favorite! I just loved the jolly ol campfire tune! It reminded me a bit of Apples to the Core, which I really loved! The Midnight in Me was an alright song, but it just came out of nowhere with any music starting up the moment, and it felt like it was forced in there, but it was still a good song to tell the plot! Just wasn't that memorable of a song though, so I kinda liked What More Is Out There? better. Sunset's song was much better! Embrace the Magic was really catchy and memorable! But I gotta say, she didn't sound like Sunset when she sang. But she was really good! It sounded like a better version of Can I Do It On My Own! We Will Stand For Everfree is also an amazing song, but Gaia really overdid it with the giant thorns, didn't she? What was she hoping to accomplish there? Kelly Meltzer did an amazing job singing for her, but if Kelly was voicing in here, wouldn't hurt to have Spitfire appear as a camp chaperone! Legend You Were Meant To Be is the second best song in the movie, and it really fit the moment!

Now there are a few minor details that seem to be a little odd but it doesn't really bother me about the movie. First off, I don't know how Sunset and Twilight were able to communicate using their phones on the mountains - the wilderness has terrible reception usually. Second, if this is Everfree, why didn't Zecora appear? I know she's hard to have dialogue with, but it wouldn't hurt to have her. I mean, I guess Gloriosa might've been the replace for Zecora in this universe, and Timber might've replaced the Timberwolves (hinting with his name). Oh no! Twilight has fallen in love with a Timberwolf! What has science dooooooone!? D: But those aren't really problems for me. I do like the amount of characters that appeared in here and talked! Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna did have their share of dialogue, but they're pretty much just there to start up and explain events, not really much, but still something! We got to see and hear Snails and Snips, we got Trixie having her share of dialogue, Derpy for the first time in the EG universe, and for the first time we have human Bulk Biceps talk, even though he didn't yell "YEAH!" at all. Has anyone else noticed that he was driving the bus? I have no idea if he's a student or a staff of the school. If he's a staff, he's probably the coach, but I'm not sure. It was a bit odd to not see the human CMCs in here at all though, but we did see Snips and Snails. I thought they would've been in the same grade? Another thing weird in the movie is the amount of time Sunset reads people's minds. She was holding onto Gloriosa for a long time and didn't let go after a second. Hope Shines Eternal was also good too! Not much to say there.

So all in all, this was an awesome movie! I guess I'll call it my second-favorite! Gaia-Everfree was an interesting story, Spike played his part well in here, the new characters are awesome, I do like Timber better than Flash, the amount of characters that appeared, the nice of use human Filthy Rich... I really enjoyed it! :D With Equestria magic leaking out of the portal, I sense something big is gonna happen in Equestria Girls 5!