Here we the next MLP episode this season: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone! Time to see where the map takes us next? This time it's only Rainbow and Pinkie going somewhere. It makes it seem more obvious that Gilda would appear because Pinkie and Rainbow is who she socialized with the most. It was nice seeing Gilda again, even though I also expected Gustave le Grand to appear, but then again, he's a different type of griffon. He's more black furred while the griffons in this episode were brown, so probably two different races of griffons from two different locations. Besides, if Gustave was there, perhaps Gilda wouldn't have such a cooking problem.

Now this episode wasn't as I expected! I expected Pinkie and Rainbow to find the treasure, and even though Rainbow did, they solved the problem the ol fashion way! Figures that Gilda would turn good in this episode, I mean Trixie and Discord's second appearances had them reformed, so makes sense, right? In here, it seemed Gilda was more grouchy, while in the last episode she was featured in, she was just a delinquent, which is two different things. So Gilda seemed a little OOC for a bit. She wants to make friends, but she doesn't really know how to. I think Gilda's attitude and style from Griffon the Brush Off comes from the greed and anger from her hometown.

Pinkie's humor was really good in here! AK Rogers really does a great job with her! I love her work! Can't wait to see her next three episodes this season! Gilda's flashback was adorable! I never thought we'd see those Boy Bullies again, really! I thought they were forgotten about! Gilda seemed too much like Fluttershy in the past though. The griffons made me laugh a bit too, over their greed. It's like everyone was a Mr. Krabs. :3

Anyways, I really don't have much more to say about this episode. Pinkie and Rainbow really didn't do anything over there other than turn Gilda good, but if the map is confident that Gilda would get the job done, then it wouldn've sent Rainbow and Pinkie there. Anyways, I got another bingo slot filled in: someone comments on random singing! I'm getting alot of these bingo slots done! I'm hoping Merry May having dialogue is next for the next episode! :D

FANMADE MLP Season 5 Bingomega