I've been waiting for this episode since the promo at Comic-Con! I heard the very amazing song, and it gave me more feels than Let It Go! Well, Danny and Amy did pass that challenge! I should've made that a bingo. Oh well.

So onward to the episode: at first, I thought this episode was going to be a CMC episode after seeing the storyboard promo. I thought this episode was going to be about an adult blank flank, and the CMCs would try to help her get her CM, and to not give up, and then she'd get her cutie mark on stage while performing The Magic Inside. To be honest, I think that would've been a much more interesting episode. Oh! Not that this episode was bad! It wasn't! It was amazing! It really gave Applejack alot of new character! This is how Spike episodes should be. This episode really gives example on how humble AppleJack is as a friend. Anyone could be friends with someone like AppleJack! Just treat her kindly and honestly, and she'll love ya! Who wouldn't want a friend like her? ♫ Never had a friend like her! ♫ But maybe to be quite honest, how is her sense of humor? Well, it's quite awesome to have an AppleJack episode this season, with just AppleJack. Did you know Amy started off with an AppleJack episode, Applebuck Season? She starts off with an AppleJack episode and she ends with one! ^_^

Now how could this be an AK Rogers episode without there being alot of clever Pinkie Pie humor? ;) Pinkie was seen alot in this episode! I liked her humor in here, especially with the Fernando straw! XD Seemed a little much after they all stepped on Pinkie after she fainted, but then she squeaked like a toy, so... if I was an illogical pony, I'd probably be the same way. :3 She also seemed to take the manager's insults lightly. It's the kind of leet pony that Pinkie is! Now that manager, ugh! Are you sure it's Countess Coloratura's demands for those requests, or is it the manager? He seems to be the antagonist here. Such a stubborn brat, much like how Diamond Tiara used to be. I swear, the pop music after hearing The Spectacle, it was wasting Rara's talent! Much like the music of today! These pop artists are wasting their talent making garbage songs! After hearing The Music Inside, it made me relieved that one pop artist has finally realized what true music is! Really gave me alot of feels. Not to mention her look. When she had that Sonata Dusk-like look with those Pizza Hut eyebrows and black see-through thing on her face, it was really releaving to see her newer more classic look, and that face thing moved to her flank.

Now before the promo, I had NO idea who Lena Hall was! After seeing her in today's episode, it made me wonder why I haven't noticed her before! She is the most amazing singer I've ever heard in this show! Sorry Weird Al. c: Before hearing her use the name Coloratura, or Rara, I actually thought her name was going to be Pop Fly as I saw from the Xmas Album. I would've thought she'd be singing the song, but it turned out to be a kid (most likely Fluttershy's bro). After seeing this episode, it makes me want Lena to perform for the show again! I mean she did say she wants to, and Weird Al did too. How about they both appear in an episode together? :D Nah, I don't think that's going to happen. I mean, I'm pretty sure they're going to return, but I'm almost sure not together.

Thank you so much AK Rogers! You've given us the greatest experience MLP has to offer! You made the first episode of MLP that I watched: Applebuck Season, and you made The Last Roundup with Derpy's first vocal appearance, and you made hilarious episodes such as MMMystery on the Friendship Express and A Friend in Deed, you made a fairy tale going horribly wrong such as The Best Night Ever, and best of all, you made Weird Al's appearance on MLP in Pinkie Pride, and let's not forget you teaching me the best moral in the show like in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, and you made the crusaders have their CMs finally in Crusaders of the Lost Mark! You've given us the best episodes in the show, and you will be terribly missed. MLP: FiM will never be the same without you. But you do not need to worry! It will survive! The apple of the MLP crew did get bitten, but it won't go rotten. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! We should all check out her future stuff!

Y'know? Well, that was The Mane Attraction! No bingo, but I don't care! It was still an awesome episode! A great way to say goodbye! :D The finale is next week! Let us get prepared for it! :D

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