Ooooooh the pain and sorrow of being MLP episodeless! I thought I wasn't going to survive! I thought I was done for! D: But we did survive another hiatus! Next weekend, we're right back on track! :D

So... what was about this hiatus that made it so special? Well I did make "What if I was Gordon Freeman?", "What if I was Jack from Bioshock?", "What if I was Matthew Kane?", and of course "San Andreas Highlights"! My YouTube channel as been very active lately! I'm right now in development with "What if I was Subject Delta?"! I'm giving my bedroom a new look, everything is going well in Spanish class, so yeah, it's been a productive hiatus for me!

Got the good word of two awesome Rainbow Dash episodes coming, a fantastic CMC episode, and two jaw-dropping Spike episodes! So I'm pretty confident of part 2! Spike's gonna get a song, hopefully it's really good! I'm hoping for Lightning Dust and Wind Rider for the Top Bolt episode, and I'm also hoping for Babs Seed, and I'm really hoping for more Spike and Starlight Glimmer moments, hopefully we'll see her with Trixie too, so there's alot to hope for in the next half of the season! We're gonna have a blast, I'm sure of it! :D Let's see what else I could predict as well, since this has been a predicting season for me! ;)

Here's another look of the bingo I got so far! Alot of slots are gonna be filled, but I'm not filling them until the episodes air! ;)

FANMADE MLP-Season6bingomega8