Time for the third and final part of the Magic Trilogy! Juniper Montage has returned already, and she's eager to stop thinking about the Mane 7! Ain't so easy, is it? Looks like she now found a new job as an usher. Poor girl. I feel sorry for her. Also the premiere of the Daring Do movie is out ALREADY?! That's too soon! Movies need to take time through editing processes and all that! Should take about a year for it to officially be done after recording, so this seems way too soon for that. How did they do that? Magic! *snort snort* Oh, and look at that! Dave Polsky is back! Or is he? Did they get these episodes done way ahead of time?

The main reason this episode is so good is Starlight Glimmer having her official EG debut! She looks pretty cool as a human, very hipster! I like that! She meets Sunset Shimmer for the first time, and they instantly hit it off it seems! The two of them, plus Twilight really have alot of in common, and now we're including Juniper in the bunch! In all things considered, Juniper seems to be the victim here, and the real villain is Canter Zoom! Pretty much the hidden villain who created the villain, much like Filthy Rich in Legends of Everfree! I feel bad for her, and all the Mane Six were doing was bothering her. They didn't have to talk to her, and she wouldn't have flipped out. But then again, it all did turn out for the best in the end, right? Tet another reformed villain! Also she ended up tall and everyone was afraid of her? Wow these people are quick to judge! Who's the real villain here?

Now it was really nice to see Starlight in here! Is she gonna start appearing regularly in EG now? Doubt it! Sunset seems to be the Starlight in the EG universe, while Starlight is the Sunset in Equestria! Starlight pretty much uses the same tactic over and over! Didn't work for Queen Chrysalis, but it did work for Juniper! I think I might have the feeling what Starlight's destiny might be: reforming villains since she can relate to them as she keeps saying! Let's see that actually happen on the show!

So, I dunno which of the specials is my favorite! All 3 of them were good! Dance Magic had more of a twist, Movie Magic had all those references and use of every main character, and Mirror Magic had the most action! However, using the same tactic over and over to turn a girl into a demon, then reforming her in the end, EG needs to be a little more fresh! It worked again this time, but it's not gonna stay that way forever.

Hopefully in EG5, or some future EG, we can finally have a dog Ember and cat Thorax finally show up like I've been wanting to see! It's too bad we're going back to the movie EGs, because this series worked much better as specials! They should keep doing it!