Ok, so for today's episode we got No Second Prances! Now I gotta say, after last week's episode, it's kinda hard to beat it! But perhaps it is cutting it pretty close seeing the return of Trixie! Now that the episode is actually aired, I can actually say my opinion of this episode.

So we got Princess Celestia appearing yet again. Didn't this episode, like, take place right after Gauntlet of Fire? Couldn't the princesses have the get together with Starlight during the meet with Twilight? I know the dragon thing went in the way, but still, I'm sure Twilight would've told Celestia about Starlight's progress. I had the feeling this episode was a Twilight episode, but we spent alot more time with Starlight than Twilight herself. I guess it's safe to say Starlight's going to have episodes on her own, and the next Twilight episode is... I dunno when. So Starlight is making alot of friends this season. She going to make her own group containing Sunburst, Spike, Trixie, and some others, and then it'll all come together in the finale or something? I dunno, Starlight has been interacting with others more than the Mane Five, so I dunno how to believe that Starlight's going to become a member of the Mane Six in the end like most others think. It was nice to see Starlight interacting with some of the side characters like Big Mac and Mrs. Cake, and it didn't go along that well, but what I don't like that's been happening lately is that Mrs. Cake has been appearing and Mr. Cake hasn't. I know it's cheaper to have Tabitha St. Germain just voicing two characters than brining in Brian Drummond for one scene, but still, what's been Mr. Cake doing with Mrs. Cake running the counter? Same goes with Lotus Blossom appearing more than Aloe, but at least that didn't happen this episode since Aloe appeared at the last second. Even before the babies this happened. I loved Big Mac's scene! Peter New has a really good British accent! Sounded a bit like Dr. Hooves for that one scene!

Now how about Trixie? Most of us knew she was coming back. Alot of us are happy (like me), and alot of us are not so happy, but Trixie was not a villian in here. Whenever an antagonist got reformed, they stay reformed, except Discord, but we never had a reformed villian and then turn back into a villian for more than just one episode. It was really nice having Trixie back and have her interacting with Starlight, so that's two bingo slots filled! This episode wasn't as much the same as What About Discord? as most people thought, but I was right about Trixie wanting to get back at Twilight for something, but also serious about Starlight's friendship at the same time. She's still jealous of Twilight, at least revenage isn't her prim objective anymore. I know Trixie thinks about herself being great and powerful, but she's willing to risk her own life just to enterain others. I can strongly relate to that actually! Trixie hasn't been speaking in her third-person that much, which makes this episode make her seem a little more OOC. All-in-all, it was great having Trixie back after three seasons! With her friends with Starlight, does this mean we'll see her again soon? If my finale theory is correct, then she definitaly will!

It was cool seeing DJ Pon-3 and Derpy play a focused role in the episode, but while everyone else was excited to see them, I was excited to see Cranky Doodle Donkey! I like him! I see he still has Steven Magnet's stache as his wig. The funniest part of the episode was Cranky asking Celestia how she does her hair like that, and he was probably the best character to ask that question! Celestia seemed to be pretty bored in this episode, which was pretty different from her, but still nice to see! Angel now has a crush on Starlight! Stargel new OTP! ;)

I just realized Apple Cobbler had Merry May's cutie mark which is the reason why she didn't appear out of all the BG ponies that did appear! Congatulations Apple Cobbler, you have become the worst BG pony in my book! I hope you're happy! >:c

So anyways, I'm glad Nick took the Hearthbreakers route in making a fantastic episode instead of Party Pooped! As much as I loved this episode, I'm more excited for the next one! :D

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