Alright, everyone! That's right I said "everyone", not "everypony"! I may be a part of this fandom, but not so much to change my sentences, and it's not because I sometimes accidently say it in real life! :P I mean that'd be embarrassing, wouldn't it? ;) Alright, so who's up for a review of Non-Compete Clause?

Anyways, it's been a while since we had a Applejack and Rainbow Dash episode with just them! I mean Buckball Season was pretty close to their episode, only with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy there too! Speaking of Flutters, she got teacher of the month 6 months in a row! Wait, hold on a second... we're at episode 9, and the School of Friendship was already opened for SIX... I repeat SIX months?! Time moves fast in this show! We had the season premiere six episodes ago! What? An episode takes place one month after the other? I swear, if Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are still foals! Then again, maybe chronologically, this episode takes place later in the season. Now how about the overall episode?

So AJ and Rainbow are still competing against eachother since they both really want the teacher of the month award. Now I gotta say, that sounds like them! Yeah more like them from a few seasons back! Still those old edges, huh? Pinkie has a point when they say pretty much anypony could be a better choice than them! She even thinks Spike and a flower plant are better at teamwork! Still makes me wonder why Spike doesn't have his own class; he has learned alot and has some lessons to share with the students! But then again, the students seem to be really gifted when it comes to friendship! They knew exactly what to do and when to do it! This was like Triple Threat, where the main character(s) start the friendship problem, and it pretty much solves itself! In both scenerios, it did work out pretty good! When Twilight was giving AJ and Rainbow the teaching job, at first, I thought she knew this was gonna be a friendship lesson for them, as well as the students, but it looked like she didn't see the competitiveness coming in the middle of the episode.

But in all things considered, as much as it was cringeworthy to see AJ and Rainbow being so competitive towards eachother in this regard, I say they did their part, and this worked out pretty nicely! I would call this a successful episode! I didn't think I was gonna like it by looking at the synopsis, but it turned out to be pretty good! Just like in the beginning of the season, the students really have an amazing amount of chemistry and humor (especially after Gallus made that "yak" smell comment, and Yona agreed)! Smolder and Gallus are still as sarcastic as ever, Silverstream was less cringeworthy this time, and Ocellus seems more likable as well! Yona is starting to make her way up towards my favorite of the students! Sandbar... yeah he's there too! :3 So this was a good episode! Not my favorite, but I'll give it a 5 rating anyway because this was a pretty good moral, and I liked how it was executed! The only thing that I didn't like that much was AJ and Rainbow really seemed to get carried away with their competitiveness. It wasn't funny, it was just... sad. But it worked, so I'll give it that! ;)

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