Wait who's pooping? This party is pooping! Time to review Party Pooped and only one day to spare until the next episode! So yaks are visiting Ponyville to form an alliance with the Equestrians, and of course things go wrong pretty quick. The yaks smash everything like the Hulk. Why bother forming an alliance with them then? Kick them out? I'm sure Celestia could use her strong alicorn magic to solve the war problem. :P I mean these yaks are just rude, and ponies in Equestria are too nice. I mean they're friendly ponies but they're not suckers. Are they that desperate?

So the Mane Six take the yaks around Ponyville to help them feel at home, and I like how the amount of characters appeared in this episode! I like it when alot of side-characters appear! Plus the amount of locations! Dodge Junction and Cherry Jubilee, I sure missed them! Then a glimpse of Manehatten, then the Crystal Empire (sorta). Didn't know there was any countries any more north of the EQA. Any Mareami yet? No of course not, that's down south. Let's wait for a south episode.

I liked the story, and I liked the moral! Don't make a place feel like home, make it feel like at home with something different! I also liked the humor! Pinkie going right back to where she started after almost finishing! I did not see that coming! XD Plus the quesadilla part was so random! Twilight likes red balloons, huh? How many red balloons? :3 I bet Pinkie makes Twilight 100 for her birthday, but then one pops.

I'm pretty sure we ALL expected a song in this episode. Hey I expected Cheese Sandwich in this episode, but nope. Not even a song. Haven't had a song since Tanks for the Memories, what gives? Bet the crew is saving the songs for later when they're needed most. Pinkie having a party lair was pretty radical, it sure explained alot! I thought Spike could play the piano? Didn't he play it in Over a Barrel? Unless that piano was an automatic one too, or Spike just didn't know the yak theme song. No idea. You'll never expect what my favorite part of the episode was! It sounds crazy, and I bet you won't hear this from anyone else! But there was a short clip of Merry May talking to Orange Swirl, and Apple Fritter was in view too walking passed the camera, so basically, Merry May and Apple Fritter are in one clip! That is pretty amazing if you ask me! Don't ask me why, my point of view of what should be in the show is different from the fandom's! :D I love Merry May and Apple Fritter!

So this was a pretty awesome episode! I liked it! Good first episode, Nick! Can't wait for your Hearth's Warming special! I expected other things from this Pinkie episode, but who cares? I loved this episode! Awesome job! :D No bingo slots for this episode though, but whateves.

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