So we got a Spike episode this season! Cool! It's also known as Princess Spike, so I wonder what's going to happen on here? Hmm, to make sure nothing disturbs Twilight, Spike has to make sure nothing bothers her. Ok so it's a Spike and Twilight episode. Not something to fill out in the bingo slot, because I said Spike and another pony that's NOT Twilight or Rarity. Well you know what? I prefer a Twilight and Spike episode than a Rarity and Spike episode to be honest.

Now at first, it was a cool episode. I was thinking Spike could be the reasonable one once again for a change. It would be nice to have an episode when Spike fixes something without messing anything up, like helping someone out. It started off like that, but it turns into that later. You know, Spike didn't even think about abusing Twilight's title until Cadance reminded him, so it wasn't completely his fault. Plus, a bunch of other ponies were looking to Twilight for guidance, when there are THREE other princesses in Canterlot they could've went over to. But nope it's all about Twilight now. The new princess is obviously the best! :3

Now for a Spike episode, I usually like them, but this one I wasn't too flipped over than the other ones. Number one: he didn't sing, we missed a great chance to add a musical number. I know he's a comic relief character, so give him a comic relief musical number then! Makes sense, right? And it wouldn't hurt to have him be a reasonable one for a change. Have him grow up a bit; getting tired of Rarity will help. Hey, am I worried about this? No of course not! There's still 16 more episodes this season! There's always at least one more Spike episode near the end of the season, so he'll have a chance to have an episode that everyone will like! Not "everyone" but you know what I mean. An episode that gives Spike a good point of view. The later Spike episode usually is the better episode than the first (except for season 2).

Nice having Cadance play a major role in the episode, but it would've been nice to see more Celestia and Luna. I mean the episode wasn't bad. I liked the humor in here, it was really good! I also liked the fact that only Spike and Twilight were the only main characters to appear, so we have our first Spike episode when most main characters didn't appear in! :D I liked seeing Fluffy Clouds again, and a bunch of ponies with different accents. We finally have a pony with an Italian accent which means... I get to fill out a bingo slot! With a pizza cutie mark no-less! He's my pony! So there we go! No harm done! I didn't get the bingo slots I wanted filled in, but I did get one, and that's an important thing! It was also great seeing Fancypants again with a supportive role! I missed that pony! Even though he's so full of himself, and I don't like that, I like his humor though. He's easily impressed, but he's stubborn though. Chainsaws are also canon now so praise the Pinkamana fans. >:3

I have confidence that Spike will indeed have a better episode soon this season! He's going to have an episode soon that will rip everybrony's socks off! I also have confidence in this new writer! Good job! Don't worry, Neal, you made a good overall episode! I just expected a better SPIKE episode, that's all! If we used a different character to lead, then I'd like it better! :D

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